How to RP

There are many times in life where we don’t understand how to do something. Especially in this day and age, where things are constantly changing and new technology is coming out! Well, if you haven’t learned how to roleplay, today is your day! This guide is to help you get started on that journey!

First off, we will need you to think of a character and a character story. That is your first step in A&D surprisingly. Task A is to write your character back-story. A character without a back-story sometimes can become bland because it doesn’t allow the character to build and become better down the road!

Now, you got that, what is next? Well, let’s think about it. Nothing. You can jump into roleplay but wait! There are certain rules and ideas you need to know about! First off, you need to know in character (IC) and out of character (OOC). In character means you are playing your character and Out of Character (OOC) means being yourself. The biggest thing I can stress here is leave things that happen IC in IC and don’t take them OOC. It causes unneeded drama! Also, learning the difference between meta-gaming and god-modding and power-gaming. Meta-gaming is using Out of Character (OOC) information for in character (IC) gain. God-modding is taking over a character without prior permission from the opposite player via RP or via IMs. Power-gaming is having super powers that isn’t realistic. Yes, we do have super powers since we are Angels and Demons, but you still need to be realistic about it. Read more...


The Sators

Drawn by 工ᴋᴀяᴜs کpιres Нєᴌᴄаяаxё ひкιуσ 

Sator Lhino and Sator Tasha …. One protects the realm of the angels while the other protects the demons.
The Prime Evil, with black wings of cold, piercing through the night sky like a raven darting to its nest, a nest of demons prepared to ravage everything in sight. He is strong as he is quick-whitted. The wicked children of Hell bow their heads before him as he spreads his dark wings wide.

The Empyrean Reaper, with a determination to protect her angels and the heavens at any cost. She would strike down any demon who came near, for she may be wise and kind, but her wrath is unforgiving. The angels and choirs sing for her in the heavens of her domain, as she stands tall, and proud, for those she protects.

But behind the roleplay aspects of the system lies a team of creative minds who put together this game for us and allowed us to endulge in this creativity. For one to appreciate the muse, one must also respect the one behind the character. They play not just an incredible part in the roleplay aspect, but as strong capable leaders. Read more...


Overachiever: ​Đaɲgér ŃøøđĪє Séмριtéяɲαl (yaumii)

It was a cold and rainy evening even in the realms of heaven we could still see the weather in its own unique aspect day in day out. I had finally managed to secure interviews with certain angels with a pass to the higher heavens and to certain elite members of the realms who had become known as overachievers.

But it was a gloomy day on the horizon and as my nephilim wings fluttered to the landing point, I arrived a little before my first interview as I went into the unique crystal chambers to take a seat, my sodden wet hood came down and I shook the excess water off my clothing, I had a few moments before I would be meeting with the first Angel, I had heard how much this angel had done in terms of skilling and I had admired her from afar, I was keen to know the inner depths.

Angel Species – ​Đaɲgér ŃøøđĪє Séмριtéяɲαl (yaumii)

The crystal chamber’s glass doors opened, I could hear the patter of small hooves as they came close to the room I was located in, I had set up my recorder and smiled warmly as I watched Noodle come closer, but the smile faltered as I noticed her expression to me. It was an expression of seething annoyance and inconvenience etched into her beautiful youthful face as she didn’t bother shaking off the water from her black angelic wings or hair and dropped the pick axe down on the table near my recorder with a sudden loud clang and nearly breaking the glass table I coughed to clear the air and moved the recorder out of the way. Read more...


Blog Event #3

Hey there! A&D has been around for quite a while now, We are interested to know how you guys heard about A&D and how you joined.  I thought we could do a simple Blog Event. How this will work is everyone that replies and answers the question will have a chance to be selected to receive the reward.

For this specific event I would like you all to answer the following question.  Make sure that your answer is one that would be appropriate and also that it answers the specific question that is asked.
Q: How did you hear about A&D and how did you end up joining the system?

In order to participate simply leave a comment under this Blog Post. Make sure that when you are leaving a comment you fill out your name as what your SL username is. If you do not fill in your name  I won’t know who you are.

Also, all comments must be approved by me or one of the Blog Editors so if you do not see your comment post right a way just give it some time until we approve it. Read more...


Not Just Another Guy

It is no doubt that by now you have heard of the newest ArchAngel, Guy Ketori (GuyGarrulous), if not well let me
have the pleasure of giving you the inside scoop to who this “Guy” is. Having the honor of interviewing Arch Guy and getting to know this gently “Guy” a bit more. His normal day to day appearance on the EC Sims he is almost always in casual wear, Jeans and a T-shirt. Seems befitting for just your average “guy” appearance, but what you might not know is that he is one of the newest selected to rise in the ranks within the Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons Family.

Now the new Arch has the learning curve of being a good Arch as well as a mentor, leader, friend, and role model to
inspire new players with his daily interactions. More often than not you can find him hanging out on the EC Sims, it was
there a very long time ago I saw him pop in and make the apparently not so unique joke “Hey there Guy!” His humor and the ability to turn even the darkest cloud into a bright star makes even me have hope. Read more...


EC Blog Re-opening!

Greetings Conflicters!

After a long hiatus we have returned. We are excited to be back with fresh new content. A lot of new developments happened while we were away. The Sators have been busy behind the scenes ensuring that our experience within A&D remains the absolute best that SL has to offer. Some of our newer Conflicters might not be aware that our skills in the following: Blacksmithing, Alchemy, Magery, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Gemcutting decreased nightly by .01 % for everyone.  This was referred by us old-timers as “drops” or even “dailies”. If you heard someone say those terms, you knew they needed to top off their skills from the nightly drop. Now, once you get them to 100, you no longer need to worry. This was a welcome change for all of us. We have had a few new Horde/Choir leveling additions; the latest being the addition of  Level 10. This allows those Hordes/Choirs who have reached this level to have an additional shield bonus. There have been some new donatable items implemented which can be contributed to achieve this goal. Your leaders have the note cards of what is able to be contributed and what each component is worth in experience. Read more...


Domain of Valor – Getting to know you feature

Presenting: The Domain of Valor.

Led by Arch Ϯяєαѕυяє Н.ß. λɨɭσ۲σʊʂ (losttreasure)

Antebellum – Rɑɥȿσɱσɲɑ Nιɠɧȶωιɲɠ Ŝуℓνεr (raysomona.batz)
Determinatae – 工ςαяυѕ Λιℓσяσυѕ Ἐяєςнтнєισи (melmel.moonwing)
Sola Fide – Ğαвяιєℓ βℓυєŞţοям (gabrielbluestorm)
Tenebris – Rσƈƙ Vєℳø ƊαяκhєαяϮ (rockharding)
Vigilum In Porta – Tαη Κєrєş Нєᴌᴄаяаxё ߣɑςκвµяи (tantrickama)

She awoke with an awareness of life, catching her first breath in the blinding light that surrounded her. A light from a dying star, that with its last burst of energy gave birth to her – a new angel.
“Who am I?” She calls out somehow knowing she would be heard even though she saw no other being. “Please answer,” in a soft warm tone “for I am lost.”

The answer came from within her, from around her, every atom seemed to speak to her at once. “You are not lost child you are a great treasure I have created to serve the light.”
The power of the voice and the pure love and acceptance filled her body as she discovered her wings. She opened them wide amazed at the beauty of each feather, perfect as the light she came from. The knowledge of a great past and future filled her, and she accepted with all she is to serve, for she was certain there was no greater joy than to serve the light who created her. She also knew she had a choice and she silently wept for them that chose not to serve. Read more...


Seraphim Duke

 Drawn by ιςαяυѕ αιℓσяσυѕ

Thin strokes, short and long, perfectly designed to portray an evil-Link-like character as Duke drawn by none other than Icarus. But who is this winged warrior whom stares into your soul as you admire such work? Some call him friend and others foe; nevertheless, the name he is called upon was well-earned. A being of a few words, with a sketch that captures such fierce timidness. Perhaps he isn’t shy, and rather just plotting the demise of his enemies. Regardless of the lack of speech, his mighty sword delivers the message.

DeviantART ||


Gemcutting Profession

Photo taken by .: Aяεɭi Լợυ :.

With time, and concentration the raw gems are carefully crafted, forged into the shining beauties that decorate our jewelry. Each angel measured, each movement defined and slowly made. From the frustration of the shattered, to the possibilities of the flawed – come the normal. Then finally one appears, that perfect piece, sparkling and wonderful to behold. The light reflects into your eyes, as they shine outward lending their protection and skill to those who adorn them.

Gemcutting is a skill that is both needed and helpful. It makes the gems gained from Chiseling into beautiful crystals that adorn the rings, pendants, and bracelets the are created. From the fire of the Citrine, to the Ruby, Onxy, and finally the heart of the Diamond; these gems make those accessories come to life. Although rare, the perfect ones are a masterpiece that all seek. The culmination of hard work achieved, especially when a perfect diamond is placed into a lunar ring. Read more...