Mining Profession

Photo taken by .: Aяεɭi Լợυ :.

“The sound rings out across the land – steel against rock – searching digging for that precious ore. Angel or Demon it does not matter, as both grasp hold of the work worn handle – swinging it with ease. Muscles taunt, sweat glistening on the brow as they continue without yield, to break these precious chunks form their rocky home. At the end of the day, the dust settles, the packs are full – but always the need for more consumes. As they will return to mine yet another day.”

Mining is one of the primary professions in A&D, with the help of the Core Object turned into a pickaxe, you can dig the mining rock and get ores of different minerals depending on your skill level that you can later convert into ingots.

Interview with a Sator

It was on wobbly legs that i found myself standing in the round office of the Prime Evil. Sator Lhino sitting atop his platform in his throne peering down to me from beneath his cloak. Immediately I knelt before my Lord in hopes of showing the creator the respect that he rightfully deserves. Gazing up I became lost as I realized what an honor was bestowed upon me to be within his presence. I took a quick look around the setting of the office and was in awe of the books in the shelves as high as the eyes can see. Undoubtedly a primary source of the knowledge of the Prime Evil’s. After a proper greeting was made and nerves settled; the interview began.

I wanted to use this interview to not only gain information for the reader about the future of EC; but to allow a glimpse into the life of the Prime Evil himself. I would be kidding not only you but myself as well if I did not detail the mysterious feeling that was felt at this time. Imagine a dark sanctuary of the most powerful demon to exist; now couple together the mysterious appearance of said demon. Cloak hood drawn down hiding the upper face, if not for the little light highlighting his lips; would have been complete darkness. Read more...

Backpack HUD Tutorial Video

Are you lost and confused when you attach your backpack? Not quite sure where everything is located in your backpack? Have a bad case of forgetting where your glasses are, then finding out they are right where they should be… on your face? Are you curious as to if this video might contain any new Teasers? (Just kidding.. there are new Teasers in this video.. I think) Anyways, if you answered yes to any of these questions you should watch this video! If you answered no to any of these questions you should still watch this video because… well because you just should!

Why do I love A&D?

Hello – my first blog and I am so excited! I want to share this enthusiasm with everyone. A good place to start, is why do I love A&D? Why do I get excited to log online and go into my Angel role? What benefits have I found playing it?

For me, personally when I get into a RP session, I love bringing my character to life. Diving into the moment, and leaving my real life aside as I become, Angel fully. The skills I find relaxing, it is a light task to focus on. The personal challenge of getting 100% is something I thrive for, even if I do stop and chew out one of the objects along the way. It is only recently that I started to discover how fun fighting can be. The part that I really love more than anything is my A&D family – which spreads far beyond my choir and embraces quite a few demons. I have found some great individuals, a few friends, and a wonderful family. These make the time and work in A&D worth it. Read more...

A&D – Upcoming HUD Update Teaser (New Sounds & Unknown Ability)

 – Here is a Teaser showing a small preview on what to expect on the upcoming HUD update. There will also be a new ability coming with this update, though we will not reveal to you what it is. There will also be other new additions to the upcoming HUD update but that is for a discussion of another time. Read the message from Silver Eidolon below –

 Videos by Таѕна Ѕтая Нєᴌᴄаяаxё  (tashaelove)
~Message from Silver Eidolon~

Hey there! Remember me? Why, of course you do! I bet you are wondering why I am messaging you again so soon. Well, the answer to that is clear. I have something new to reveal to you. At this point you might be saying to yourself “But what about the Artifact?” Let us forget about that for now (The truth is I have yet to find out more information on it, but once I do I will be sure to inform you!) As for my new discovery, I am more than eager to share it with you.

While wandering around different planes of existence I have come to gain a lot of knowledge unknown to many. Recently, I have discovered that Angels and Demons will be evolving. Soon you will feel it in your very core. Your powers will be heightened like they never were before. Your sight and hearing will be sharper than they ever were. Now, I cannot reveal to you every detail but trust me and believe me you will not regret it. Read more...


Photo taken by ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ̸ŁɪNㄈØŁN ǤΛßЯɪΣŁ ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ̸ (lincolngabriel)

The ground begins to rumble and move beneath my feet. First thought that came to my mortal mind was that an earthquake was taking place; oh how wrong I was. The sky cracked open and began raining down fire and brimstone. Through the shrieks of my neighbors I began making way out of the path of what is to be the most certain disaster. It was when i rounded the corner that I had the greatest misfortune of my life. I was watching a fowl beast take his final step from a pit that had opened up into the street.

With every step this monster took the pavement melted at his feet and nothing behind him but decay and death. What would turn this godless beast and his destruction amongst the quiet and religious of my home of Rio De Janeiro. An area that stood god fearing and obedient above all else, was now being tested of their faith. This man like creature; this demon; made his way through the streets of our city killing with just a stare. Collecting souls of those who would stand against his kind. Read more...

A True Treasure

An interview with the Artist

There are many talents that lurk beneath the shadows of the Eternal Conflict realm. Whether it be a writer like myself, a photographer, perhaps a builder in world or even an artist outside of Second Life, sometimes one forgets the true depth and personalities of the Angels and Demons we play with every day. Yes, this goes out to all of you, young and first born alike; there is much more to every one of us than how quick we can hit keys or click a hud to defeat one another in battle. We have built families, we have built life-time friendships, and most of all, we have bonded on a deeper level than most outsiders would deem ridiculous for a “game”.

I myself am honored to say that I get to be one of the first to conduct an interview for the Eternal Conflict blog, and even blessed to be given the chance to interview one of our very own artists, Icarus Ailorous (melmel.moonwing).

Arch Treasure by ιςαяυѕ αιℓσяσυѕ (melmel.moonwing)

Jackson: I would just like to start off, Icarus, by saying that the artwork you did of our ArchAngel Treasure is stunning. Read more...

A&D Raid Boss Teaser

Video by Таѕна Ѕтая Нєᴌᴄаяаxё  (tashaelove)
~Message from Silver Eidolon~

If you are reading this message, I, Silver Eidolon am grateful someone has found my message (…I must admit I spread many of these all around the place hoping people would find them). My identity is unknown to you, I would like to keep it that way. This might seem paradoxical to what you will read shortly but the mystery of my identity must never become unraveled. You may try, but it is unwise to bite the hand that will reveal to you many secrets in the future…

Displeased, looking down at the land, the Light released an Artifact into Miriach. This was no Artifact that would be treasured. This artifact would be a danger to all that stayed within Miriach. Indestructible, untouchable, and relentless, the artifact would cause mayhem to all in Miriach.

This was the precise moment that the Angels and Demons came to know of the existence of the Artifact. The Great War of Miriach ended rather suddenly, no one knew exactly what had happened to the Land of Miriach nor the fate of the Artifact. They say as time passes mysteries become unraveled at the folds…they were right. Read more...