A little of Eternal Conflict’s Beauty

Pictures by: Ҡąɾą-Lҽιɠԋ Bαƈԋɱαɳ ߣɑςκвµяи

High Heavens


The ground iced with the glow of an angels power, steps leading to areas of embrace. A shiny statue towers above the foggy aura. The brightness blinds demons and empowers the angels with light.


A fire blazes the depths and crevices that lie below. Buildings shadowed in the background of a rocky and deep hole, buried into the ground. Pillars tower above the demons below. The fire rages the demons more, making them strive for mortal souls.

Hangout Area

Kara walks the streets of the hang out area. Her feet feel the grass squishing below her heals. Gleaming upon a cascade of demons and angels filling the space. This is neutral, a place of no conflict. A Guardian looks upon the land constantly scanning for conflict, and resolving it with a might blow. The trees shimmer in the light of the warm sun, as the bushes hide all that’s conflict, and bring peace and alliance between the species. Read more...

Blacksmithing Profession

Photo taken by .: Aяεɭi Լợυ :.

“Slowly, painstakingly – strike by strike – the hammer rings out. Echoing it’s decent, shaping it’s creation, turning the ore into a item unique and unlike another. Beat after beat, the sparks fly – as the tools of war are forged.”

Blacksmithing is a key element to making armor and weapons. The ore that was mined, has been smelted down into a ingot, and from that ingot we pound away creating weapons, and armor. Leggings, gauntlets, chest-pieces, boots, and shoulder guards. All come from this one skills – but that same ingot also turns metal into jewelry. So throw down the gauntlet, and take up your sword – after all this is a Eternal Conflict.

Domain of Wisdom – Getting to know you feature.

Presenting: The Domain of Wisdom.

Led by Arch Cαѕѕαηđrα Ɗ. ℳ. Crίѕtoℓє (casandralynne.rae)

Angels of the Apocalypse – Ɲiccօ ƓαвιƖσηɗσ (Nicco Gabilondo)
Sinners Redemption – тღρɑẕ ƒιяєяσѕє ( drewsmommy06 )
Unity of Hope – Ɗuкє Șuяiєl ƊαякŦoяgє ( GrdAngelDuke )

The Empyrean Celestial, growing weary from earths ever expanding populace, called together a meeting of her children, the five Archangels. A circle was formed, and the angels began to sing. A melody of light, love and purity, and those souls in heaven that were the purest, the most faithful, could hear it. Beckoning those souls to them. Within the circle, the Arches opened their wings. Their shared sorrows overtaking them, each cried, pouring their all into their heavenly song. Their shoulders shuddered, sending Celestial feathers into the breeze. Twirling and spiraling within the heavens. These tiny pieces, shed from the Wings of the Seraphim, floated on a current pulled toward those purest of souls, and as each feather caressed the soul, the soul in turn would reach out and become stuck. Like daisies in the wind, the feathers and souls would coalesce as they descended to the earth. Slowly merging and birthing new angels to aid in their mission. Read more...

Arena Champions “Darkest Tide”

Pandemonium Battle Jan. 19th 2017

Photo taken by .: Aяεɭi Լợυ :. (lidyall)

The dust settles, as the world stays timeless, the hushed silence echoes loudly in the heartbeats of those gathered around. The audience holds their breath with anticipation, as first one match begins. Angels and Demons in battle, dueling to find who is stronger, who is more adapt, and find what new strategies to use in war. … While this is not war, but arranged competition, the fate is still the same – one will win and the other will fade.

As we salute both the valiant and the fallen in this last battle challenge, the cries of the audience deafening as their favorites stand or fall. Both sides have fought well, and each should be proud that they stood their ground. Now that the last battle has ended, the winners have taken their claim on the leadership board. Standing forth with pride, as well they should, congratulations go to: Stгydєя Čorνϊηυs (strdir), Lisa Cydaea Ṁιѕтωооȡ (lisatgirl), BRNR, Juℓiα ℜ. A. S.ߣɑςκвµяи нαчєş (juliasalvatore19), and Vєrgil Sιиιѕтєя (fuel6996). Read more...

Icarus’ Transcendence

Artwork by ιςαяυѕ αιℓσяσυѕ (melmel.moonwing)

The boy looks to the piercing sunlight as he ascends to what may be something worse than death. His mind was clouded, much like the skies around him, the pain, the bullet deep inside of his chest seems to dissolve into ..something, strength. For he was damned to this fate. He need not to part ways with those he loved below, however, his new life, as a being of something beyond, would be best kept to himself, and among those in heaven.

An Interview with a role-player

I had a chance to sit down with one of the many role-players in A&D who uses the Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons IC and Main Group Chat to role-play. It was very nice talking with her and learning about what she thinks of the role-play and what it means to her. This is the interview I had with her and I hope it might shed some light on Sin Nightshadow, Cardinal of Vigilum in Porta, the Angel; and her take on role-playing in A&D.

Raysomona: Thank you, Sin Nightshadow, for talking with me today. I have seen you in the IC chat of A&D a few times and wanted to ask you a few questions about roleplaying in A&D. Shall we get started?

Sin: Of course, it is a pleasure …

Raysomona: So the type of angel you play in your role, what I mean is; do you play an aggressive angel, one that is logical, or maybe even something else?

Sin: Hmm, wow… I know I am aggressive in a lot of things that I do, but not a fly by the seat of my pants type. I am very calculating with everything I do. I would say driven, and fiercely protective. Read more...

Legion of Hatred – Getting to know you feature.

Presenting: The Legion of Hatred.

Led by Arch ๖ۣۜѦиίϮа ๖ۣۜႠȼиȼβŗǣ Нєᴌᴄаяаxё ( Anita Verlack )

LatinCor Tenebrae – ๖ۣۜĐαмȼຮђ ๖ۣۜႠȼиȼβŗǣ ( DaMesh )
Phoenix Rising – – ̗̀TⱭTƖ TȻℕȻβRⱭȻ ƤℍʘȻƝƖX ̖́- ( Tatidoll )
Profane Hatred – JoJo Oceanlane-Skizm ( JoJo Oceanlane )

The Prime Evil, wounded in a fierce battle bled onto the ground. From this blood; seething with anger, the Legion of Hatred was born.

Anita imbued with the most rage of Any of Prime Evils’ demons was recruited to lead the Armies of Hatred to exact revenge upon the Armies of Light. She went to the depths of Hell looking for the most spiteful, aggressive, and hate filled souls

Anita The Arch of Hatred dropped three drops of her blood on to the ground creating the leaders for her three hordes to rise up from the ashes of hell.
So, the three born of her blood could lead the armies made of the worst souls that existed amongst the mortals, forged in the fires of eternal punishment, and tasked to carry out their revenge Read more...