Have you…?

~Message from Silver Eidolon~

Psstt! Hey! Yeah, you.
Forget about that entire special spiritual remnants thing I told you about last time. I have something far more exciting to tell you!!
But first I have something to ask you.

Have you been keeping up with your skills? You know like… “Dig, dig, dig heigh-ho heigh-ho” or my own personal favorite “I’m ‘making’ paper. Look at me now”
Ahem, anyways  back to my important point. Sometime in the future…


Oh crap, I have to go. I will tell you more later, I promise!

Arena Champions “Wrath of Heaven”

Pictured and written by .: Aяεɭi Լợυ :.

They are the Champions from the “Wrath of Heaven” Pandemoium Arena Battle held on February 9th, 2017 by Kody Summers (kodysummers).

BRNR demon of Destruction with 441 days old, Chieftain of Mors Torta Disciples Of Xaphan Horde. “I’m not a bragger but I like to win” he said about his fight and also added “fought well against an equal adversary” referring to the defeated angel. And with this victory, adds another one making a total of 4.

Cøявıи Løχełч ѕуℓνєя (corbin.kamachi) angel of Death with 726 days old, from Dark Requiem Choir won his first fight in this new Arena Battle Mode. “As one of older fighters from when the game started, I have done the Arena many times, failed to win many times. It’s exhilarating fighting in arena. My opponent put up good fight, it was so exciting to be the victor.” he said about this experience. Read more...