Zero to a Hundred Flamestrikes: Real Quick

The War of Sacrilege is now over and what did you do to prepare? Let’s go back to the time when the war was just around the corner…

Everyone is anxiously working and patiently waiting (some not so much) for the war of the year! Whether you are an angel or a demon, your role differs from the creature pounding the mining rock beside you, but with the same goal. To win! Seeing that the sims have been filled with beings slaving away for countless hours (new and old), it’s hard not to wonder what their motives and contributions are. So, I asked around, both species, what their aspirations, expectations, and thoughts were on the upcoming war. And this is what they had to say:

After days upon days of mindless clicking, I took the advantage of the task at hand and wandered through the Hangout Area to pick brains, rather than for ores for a change. In the past few weeks, I have noticed a curious set of crosshairs aimed at my head (or my goodies), so I proceeded to confront him about it in the most succubus way possible. Fellow demons: Know thy enemy. After a little small talk, I congratulated him on his most recent promotion as Herald and proceeded to inquire about his Choir’s level status. Taking into consideration that he would need all the mana he could acquire. Read more...

Inscription Profession

Photo taken by .: Aяεɭi Լợυ :.

“With written word, and thoughts to bind – I cast this spell that one shall find – whether friend or foe, for me to know, the intent of this spell shall it protect or shall it kill. For hours we sit and labor, writing spell after spell – to use in battle, and for skill.”

Inscription is the culmination of the parchments made from Lumberjacking, and the ink made from Alchemy. This is where we create the spells that go into our book, to cast on on friend or foe. These spells once written open the door to another for the next skill of Magery. They can make or break a battle – whether in land domination or in the arena.

Blog Event #1

Hey there! Now that the War is officially over. I thought we could do a simple Blog Event. How this will work is everyone that replies and answers to the question will be entered into a raffle to win a prize.

For this specific event I would like you all to answer the following question.  Make sure that your answer is one that would be appropriate and also that it answers the specific question that is asked.
Q: What is your favorite and also least favorite things about the Wars we have in A&D?

In order to participate simply leave a comment under this Blog Post. Make sure that when you are leaving a comment you fill out your name as what your SL username is, so that I will know who you are.


Participation: 10 Relics
3 Randomly selected winners: 1 Age, 1 Stat Point, 20 Relics, 10 Golden Keys

I will be using a randomizer to select the 3 winners.  The first 3 names on the randomizer will be the 3 winners.

Ends: April 22nd @ Noon SLT


Rewards have been given 4/27/17

The War of Sacrilege Results


96 Angels
116 Demons

Winning Species
Obelisk Capture Time: 131h 31m 25s

Rewards: 2 Age, 2 Stat Point, 10 Relics
Effect Backstory

Species Most Time on War Sim

Rewards: 1 Age, 1 Stat Point, 10 Relics

Role-play Participation (Actively Rping)

 10 Relics,
5 Golden Keys


 1 Age, 1 Stat Point,
20 Relics, 10 Golden Keys


Rewards: 4 Age, 4 Stat Points,
30 Relics, 20 Golden Keys


** Special Unknown Rewards **

War of Sacrilege: Daily Update Day 3

On Day 3 of the War of Sacrilege the Demons have managed to maintain control of the Village of Eskiyurt. The Angels  gained some forces and marched to take the obelisk. They were close in their attempt and managed to take the obelisk out of  Demon control and to 61% Neutral. The Demons at risk of completely losing the obelisk sent a massive group of Demons as reinforcement in the War. They then began to take back control of the obelisk.
The Angels have yet to take full control of the obelisk.
Let us see what is to come of the War in the upcoming days…

War of Sacrilege: Daily Update Day 2

On Day 2 on the War of Sacrilege the Demons have continued to dominate the Village of Eskiyurt. The Angels planned several onslaughts to the demons and managed to get the obelisk down from 100% to 11% demon control but the demons brought in reinforcements and managed to take full control back of the obelisk.
The Angels have yet to take full control of the obelisk.

War of Sacrilege: Daily Update Day 1

On Day 1 on the War of Sacrilege the Demons have dominated the Village of Eskiyurt.
They have maintained control over the Obelisk since the start of the war, the Angels have yet to take control of the obelisk.
Will the tides of the War turn? Will the Angels come to Eskiyurt and take the control of the obelisk from the the Demons? We shall see as the war progresses.

(Note: that the winning species will only be determined by the species that controls the obelisk the longest. Kills will not have any effect on deciding the winning species, though there are still many high rewards that involve kills, the War Hero title being one of them)