Blog Event #2

Hey there! Since we will be releasing the Quest System within the next month or so,  I thought we could do a simple Blog Event. How this will work is everyone that replies and answers to the question will have a chance to be selected to receive the reward. We will give rewards to the Best 3 Quest Suggestions that we end up using for the Quest System. Therefore, try to imagine if they would work within the limitations of SL and match A&D.

For this specific event I would like you all to answer the following question.  Make sure that your answer is one that would be appropriate and also that it answers the specific question that is asked.
Q: What  sort of specific Quests would you like to see added to the upcoming Quest System? 

(Note: We already plan to put quests that cover gathering resources such as logs, ores, reagents, crystals, and etc. Make sure that your suggestion is something different than those.) Read more...

Chiseling Profession

Photo taken by .: Aяεɭi Լợυ :.

With hammer in hand, a chink here and a chink there, chiseling away the uncut gems from the rock. Intense is the concentration, as tightly held, with steel control they slowly and with pain staking control focus on pulling as much precious stone from the heart of the mine.      Chiseling is a new core skill, that both Angel and Demons work long and hard on. They work to pull raw gems from the rock, so that these gems – Citrine, Ruby, Onxy, and Diamond – can all be cut and made ready to grace the jewelry that helps us all gain little bonus’s as we work and fight hard in our Choirs and Hordes.