Seraphim Duke

 Drawn by ιςαяυѕ αιℓσяσυѕ

Thin strokes, short and long, perfectly designed to portray an evil-Link-like character as Duke drawn by none other than Icarus. But who is this winged warrior whom stares into your soul as you admire such work? Some call him friend and others foe; nevertheless, the name he is called upon was well-earned. A being of a few words, with a sketch that captures such fierce timidness. Perhaps he isn’t shy, and rather just plotting the demise of his enemies. Regardless of the lack of speech, his mighty sword delivers the message.

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Gemcutting Profession

Photo taken by .: Aяεɭi Լợυ :.

With time, and concentration the raw gems are carefully crafted, forged into the shining beauties that decorate our jewelry. Each angel measured, each movement defined and slowly made. From the frustration of the shattered, to the possibilities of the flawed – come the normal. Then finally one appears, that perfect piece, sparkling and wonderful to behold. The light reflects into your eyes, as they shine outward lending their protection and skill to those who adorn them.

Gemcutting is a skill that is both needed and helpful. It makes the gems gained from Chiseling into beautiful crystals that adorn the rings, pendants, and bracelets the are created. From the fire of the Citrine, to the Ruby, Onxy, and finally the heart of the Diamond; these gems make those accessories come to life. Although rare, the perfect ones are a masterpiece that all seek. The culmination of hard work achieved, especially when a perfect diamond is placed into a lunar ring. Read more...