Not Just Another Guy

It is no doubt that by now you have heard of the newest ArchAngel, Guy Ketori (GuyGarrulous), if not well let me
have the pleasure of giving you the inside scoop to who this “Guy” is. Having the honor of interviewing Arch Guy and getting to know this gently “Guy” a bit more. His normal day to day appearance on the EC Sims he is almost always in casual wear, Jeans and a T-shirt. Seems befitting for just your average “guy” appearance, but what you might not know is that he is one of the newest selected to rise in the ranks within the Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons Family.

Now the new Arch has the learning curve of being a good Arch as well as a mentor, leader, friend, and role model to
inspire new players with his daily interactions. More often than not you can find him hanging out on the EC Sims, it was
there a very long time ago I saw him pop in and make the apparently not so unique joke “Hey there Guy!” His humor and the ability to turn even the darkest cloud into a bright star makes even me have hope. Read more...

EC Blog Re-opening!

Greetings Conflicters!

After a long hiatus we have returned. We are excited to be back with fresh new content. A lot of new developments happened while we were away. The Sators have been busy behind the scenes ensuring that our experience within A&D remains the absolute best that SL has to offer. Some of our newer Conflicters might not be aware that our skills in the following: Blacksmithing, Alchemy, Magery, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Gemcutting decreased nightly by .01 % for everyone.  This was referred by us old-timers as “drops” or even “dailies”. If you heard someone say those terms, you knew they needed to top off their skills from the nightly drop. Now, once you get them to 100, you no longer need to worry. This was a welcome change for all of us. We have had a few new Horde/Choir leveling additions; the latest being the addition of  Level 10. This allows those Hordes/Choirs who have reached this level to have an additional shield bonus. There have been some new donatable items implemented which can be contributed to achieve this goal. Your leaders have the note cards of what is able to be contributed and what each component is worth in experience. Read more...