Overachiever:  ๖Trαƈŷ ℒєɪ Ƈιиєrє (tracy.warrhol)

Cardinal of Ortus Cinere
Photographed by: Nσνα Hυηţsмαη Mσяяιɢυ ƘιƖƖαмαя (vidiasyryndethly)

A familiar smile began to spread on my lips. Whenever I had seen this angel around the heavens, she always stood out. Her attire was always in black, something she would refer to as being dressed for a funeral whenever she hit the battlefield for the demons and saving the mortals. If anything, this angel was my mentor and guide a long time ago and to have the chance to interview her for the Sators was something I was glad to do.

“Tracy!” my lips spoke as I admired the black outfit, a different choice to what I would wear myself. I had just placed my familiar swords down by my side as my wings had been tucked away, and I took to a seat in the comfort of a heavenly meditation pod.

I watched as Tracy joined me and with my thinking cap on for those few moments I managed to grab some parchment and ink, ready for any notes I needed to take. I didn’t hesitate to launch right into the interview. It was only then I started hearing the familiar song of a mortal Disney film in whistling format, “hi ho hi ho, it’s off to work we go…” The tune was catchy and already ringing in my ears as I waited for Tracy to sit. Once I noticed her chisel and hammer placed down beside her, I launched into my questions and picked her brain for my own curiosity. Read more...