The Hunter vs The Hunted

One of the reasons why I enjoy A&D so much is because there’s never a dull moment, especially when you are hunting or fighting. This game is so unpredictable it can get your heartrate going at any time as you never know who you may run into. If the enemy is nearby my first thought is, is this going to be an easy kill or are they going to put up a fight and do I have the time? Whichever it is, just know when you think you are about to kill your target, there may be another one (or two, or three) lurking in the back waiting for you to get a little bit closer. This is when the heartrate speeds up and the game is on.

Some may not feel the same as I do but I enjoy these moments because that’s when I am having the most fun. The special times are when we’re together as a group laughing and enjoying each other’s company and getting along with one another. For my friends and I, it’s those moments when we are in call coordinating fights and working together as a team. Yes, those are the best of times for many. However, the one experience I’d like to recall is the first time I went hunting when I was just a “baby” angel. When we refer to the term baby this is when a new angel or demon has been born because you are at your most vulnerability within the game. The older angels (mentors) and demons (overlords) look out for their new members and show them the way. They teach them how to survive and be safe, how to feed, skill, fight, and earn achievements. And, when the inexperienced fighters get attacked by the opposite species, such as myself nonetheless, you better be ready to defend yourself. Read more...

How to apply for a safe zone

Are you tired of your orb not working and getting faded or banished?! Tired of having the other
side come to take you out of this realm? Or are you tired of having combat 24/7 on your home
sim or place of work?

Well, good news! We have just the thing for that and it’s called a Safe Zone!! In this blog post,
you will learn all the steps you need to take to request your area be under the Sator’s Safe Zone

Before will go over the steps please note the information below first as it is important to your
application process.

The Fine Print
● The Sators have the final say if your place of rest or work gets approved, so please
make sure you realize that if you are not within good standing with them there is a slim
chance they will pass it for your protection.
● The safe zones are given out are not a necessity but rather a gratuitous gift from the
creators of the game for us to have the ability to take a time out whether it’s to work or to
relax at home with a nice cup of hot lava or some sugar and spice cookies.
● Give the Sators and Inspectors time to process your request! Rome wasn’t built in a day
and sometimes it can take a month or more depending on schedules to get a sim or
parcel Safe Zoned 100%. Do not ever inquire on the ticket or in SL by being rude or
demanding it is answered asap.
● You must be 31 days or older within the A&D system to apply for a ticket.
● If the person that requested the safe zone attacks the inspector in any system while they
are inspecting their land they will get the system banned from the system. If some other
random A&D player attacks the inspector in A&D it depends as they might not know they
are currently doing an inspection. If they attack the inspector and the inspector tells them
they are doing an inspection and they continue to attack them then they will get
punished with a Sator Kill for a period of time.
● You must be on the SIM you are applying for with their Main HUD attached, dates and
time YOU are available in SL for inspection; if it is a SIM you are working on should
include how often they work there (example: 2 days a week for 4 hours).
● There is a maximum of 2 safe zones per person. Also, the Sators generally don’t safe
zone more than one home (unless it’s parceled on the same SIM) or more than one
● You must allow the inspector access to your sim or parcel. This means either adding
them to the orb or adding them on the list of access. If the inspectors cannot get on to
the parcel/sim they will not be able to complete the application process.
● Know that the inspectors will respect you and not attack you in any system as they are
an official staff member for the Sators.