The Interview: Arch Bunnie

Night is coming on as I make my way to interview the new Archdemoness of Destruction, ҍմղղíҽ ɑԵɾɑ ԵҽʍρҽsԵɑs (bunniefrancis). Feeling slightly apprehensive, for I don’t yet know Arch Bunnie very well, I arrive at her new chambers where I find her already seated at her desk. As she invites me to take the seat across from her, I take out my Quill, a parchment and some ink, and begin our interview.

“Greetings, Arch Bunnie. First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on becoming an Archdemoness! Did you have any idea that this was going to happen?”

Bunnie chuckles at the familiar question, “So often you hear stories about how one day the new Arch was just randomly messaged from The Sators? That’s how it happened to me, it was a normal day greeting mortals, tainting souls, chopping wood, you know the ‘normal’ type of day anyone has. Well that ended about twenty minutes into my shift when *boom* Sator Tasha sends me a parchment requesting my attention before her and Prime Evil.” Read more...

The Interview: Arch Shugs

Sunlight streams through the floor to ceiling windows, falling upon the newly appointed Archangel of Justice, ṠḧṳḠṠ (shugaaa.rhapsody). Standing by the window, appearing lost in her thoughts, she doesn’t notice me at first. An Archangel would easily notice a stray Demon in the vicinity, but I imagine this one has a lot on her mind. Dressed all in white and with long white hair cascading down her back, the Archangel looks every bit the part. Knowing she must have a busy day ahead and grateful to have the opportunity to interview her, I clear my throat and smile as she turns to face me.

“Greetings, Arch Shugs. Would now be a convenient time to interview you for the blog?” I blurt out. “I’ve been excited to finally get to speak with you; I remember you the day you transcended and thought you’d go far.”

Shugs laughs, “Ahhh yes I remember too, when Kassie asked you to transcend me and you refused. Who knew the idea was so bad that you felt you needed to run away and become demon to avoid it ” Read more...