Arena Champions “Darkest Tide”

Pandemonium Battle Jan. 19th 2017

Photo taken by .: Aяεɭi Լợυ :. (lidyall)

The dust settles, as the world stays timeless, the hushed silence echoes loudly in the heartbeats of those gathered around. The audience holds their breath with anticipation, as first one match begins. Angels and Demons in battle, dueling to find who is stronger, who is more adapt, and find what new strategies to use in war. … While this is not war, but arranged competition, the fate is still the same – one will win and the other will fade.

As we salute both the valiant and the fallen in this last battle challenge, the cries of the audience deafening as their favorites stand or fall. Both sides have fought well, and each should be proud that they stood their ground. Now that the last battle has ended, the winners have taken their claim on the leadership board. Standing forth with pride, as well they should, congratulations go to: Stгydєя Čorνϊηυs (strdir), Lisa Cydaea Ṁιѕтωооȡ (lisatgirl), BRNR, Juℓiα ℜ. A. S.ߣɑςκвµяи нαчєş (juliasalvatore19), and Vєrgil Sιиιѕтєя (fuel6996).

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