A little of Eternal Conflict’s Beauty

Pictures by: Ҡąɾą-Lҽιɠԋ Bαƈԋɱαɳ ߣɑςκвµяи

High Heavens


The ground iced with the glow of an angels power, steps leading to areas of embrace. A shiny statue towers above the foggy aura. The brightness blinds demons and empowers the angels with light.


A fire blazes the depths and crevices that lie below. Buildings shadowed in the background of a rocky and deep hole, buried into the ground. Pillars tower above the demons below. The fire rages the demons more, making them strive for mortal souls.

Hangout Area

Kara walks the streets of the hang out area. Her feet feel the grass squishing below her heals. Gleaming upon a cascade of demons and angels filling the space. This is neutral, a place of no conflict. A Guardian looks upon the land constantly scanning for conflict, and resolving it with a might blow. The trees shimmer in the light of the warm sun, as the bushes hide all that’s conflict, and bring peace and alliance between the species.

The Prime Evil’s Throne

A lone throne sits beside itself in a cold dark temple. A statue surrounds the throne giving the room an even colder embrace. The bricks covers in a dinge and grime. Meditation Cocoons of flesh dangle from the cathedral like ceiling above. This is where the demons come to meditate and collect the inner workings of their evil. Giving them time to think about the dismay and destruction that they will soon invoke upon the world.

High Heavens-2

Golden Bridges Line a path of enlightenment and embrace. Shimmering streets pave the clouds in an angelic skyline. Erg crystals light the land with their power. Serene and peaceful, Heaven is the place of the richious. A palace paved in gold, and filled with light

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