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An interview with the Artist

There are many talents that lurk beneath the shadows of the Eternal Conflict realm. Whether it be a writer like myself, a photographer, perhaps a builder in world or even an artist outside of Second Life, sometimes one forgets the true depth and personalities of the Angels and Demons we play with every day. Yes, this goes out to all of you, young and first born alike; there is much more to every one of us than how quick we can hit keys or click a hud to defeat one another in battle. We have built families, we have built life-time friendships, and most of all, we have bonded on a deeper level than most outsiders would deem ridiculous for a “game”.

I myself am honored to say that I get to be one of the first to conduct an interview for the Eternal Conflict blog, and even blessed to be given the chance to interview one of our very own artists, Icarus Ailorous (melmel.moonwing).

Arch Treasure by ιςαяυѕ αιℓσяσυѕ (melmel.moonwing)

Jackson: I would just like to start off, Icarus, by saying that the artwork you did of our ArchAngel Treasure is stunning.

What inspired you to do this amazing piece of art?

Icarus: Well, Arch Treasure in general was what inspired me.. She was one of the first angels I met, always makes me feel welcome, and I’ve always wanted to repay that kindness, I’m just better at saying it through my drawings rather than with words.

Jackson: That I can completely understand. I have had my own interactions with Arch Treasure, and I can definitely agree that she is a very amazing Lady, made me feel just as welcome when I was sent to her for one of my tasks, so I can see exactly why you would want to pay her back for her kindness and hospitality in this game. I too, am an artist in real life, so I also understand the expression through art versus words

What style would you say your piece is set in for those who aren’t exactly privy to different art forms?

Icarus: Oh, really? That’s cool.. And I suppose it could just be set as Manga Art.. It’s what I’ve been going for most of my life, but in all honesty I like to let it be itself rather than categorized.

Jackson: Very interesting, so if anything, Manga inspires your style, but you wouldn’t give it a definitive category?

Icarus: Yeah, that sounds about right.

Jackson: Nice

Through the years as you put it, would you say you taught yourself what you know, or did you have any outside influence such as school or tutorials to broaden your talents as an artist?

Icarus: Aaa actually, I’m completely self taught. As for influences it was definitely a combination of video games and anime. The things that I appreciated the most was the animation and style of it all. I’ve just always yearned to be able to do things like they can.

Jackson: I feel that you and I have a few things in common on that front, however, manga or anime is not really my type of art, I am more so one for real person type portraits, but I was also self taught. It’s nice to meet a fellow artist

How old were you when you started to get into the drawing?

Icarus: Ahh that’s so cool. Heh. It is nice– and I can’t actually answer that, because I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing..

Jackson: So it really is a passion of yours, that is amazing. You can always tell when an artist is passionate about their work and when it is forced. The composition, lack of negative space, line art and coloring in which you chose shows that you definitely have passion in what you do.

Is there anything else you would like to add about the art you did of Arch Treasure that I may have missed asking?

Icarus: Can’t argue there.. Especially when I release my emotions into my art, if it feels dead, yeah it’s pretty noticeable.. And well… The only thing I can think of is that I hope it inspires people… I hope that it gives me a voice to be able to speak with each and every angel and demon with…

Jackson: I love that. I personally feel that art is an amazing way to get your thoughts and emotions out.

Do you take commissions? And if so, how would someone go about getting one from you?

Icarus: Yeah, but it can be a bit of a struggle sometimes… And actually, I do, I take paypal, and I take points on deviantART. I’m sure there will be links thrown in here later..

Jackson: Very nice. I will definitely include a link to your dA account and or Flickr or any other social links you have you would like to share for the article.

For my last question, is there any advice you would want to give to any other aspiring artists out there to help them express what they want through art?

Icarus: Do what you love, and always love what you do.

Jackson: I completely agree. Thank you so much for your time, Icarus. If you wouldn’t mind sending me any links you would like to be published on this article, I will make sure to get them in.

Icarus: Yeah, of course.

Icarus’s deviantART
Icarus’s deviantArt Commission Page 

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