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Prior to the war on Eskiyurt, I had envisioned a piece regarding the players among the system. As the war unraveled, it was clear that it was meant to be written. As a gamer who enjoys Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons, I wanted to know about what kind of players I interact with on a daily basis on the sim.

See, even though the title gives the impression of never-ending battles, it’s more than just that. And we see this in the most common of areas, the Hangout Area. Here, not only do players get to work of their professions, vow to one another, or ready themselves to face a boss, gamers get a chance to interact with each other in a friendly manner regardless of their species. Of course, the role-play can get a little too intense, which leads to the occasional taunts. But in the end, it’s all fun and games. This is also the perfect place to simply skill at your own leisure. Whether it’s mining while watching Netflix, pounding the anvil to ACDC, or taking advantage of the new meditation section while needing to “afk”, the Hangout Area is your one-stop shop.

Personally, I typically make parchments while catching up on my IMs, write official notices, or just blog (like I am doing now).

Another great way to make your skilling go by, perhaps not faster but, more joyfully is by working on your vow. Here’s a good example given by Gєямαи кιяαиσν вєℓℓємσят (ger85) and his Eternal Partner, کﮎʋʑy Ήεḷḷḟɨɾε βєℓℓєʍσrṫ (badsuzie).

Just a reminder: you don’t have to be partnered or together per se to vow one another. In fact, interspecies vowing is also available. Exhibit B: uᴉuo™ (dimitri.fehr) and 笑 Ǥεïşɧą 笑 (mimaiselfandai).

Others prefer to work alone in their own tranquility. While doing so, they multi-task with real life. Attending to their families, working night shifts, and or furthering their education. Some wear all three hats, which is very admirable. Someone that is known to be such a hard and dedicated worker, in and out of Second Life, is my very own Auntie, ƘƦƳƧƬƛ ƛƲƦƠƦƛ ƦЄƁЄԼƊЄ (ladykrystalis). Even though she’s juggling with life, she always manages to pull through for the Tenebrae family. Her choice of skills: mining and chiseling.

If you’re curious of what it looks like for angels and demons to behave in the same sim, well here it is. The very lovely Ş í ℓ ν e Я (silverhudson) and the notorious ĐαяϮɦ ṔԼαɢµεɨຮ ๖ۣۜႠєηєвяæ (soggyfish). Both great warriors, chopping wood and small talking. This is what the Commons where made for.

Regardless of what your motives are in the Hangout Area, you can rest assured that you won’t get attacked. No matter how many times I’ve been tempted to, there’s just no way. Even with my dreams of invading Heaven, Neutral Land is the only place to interact with other species in a safe-zoned manner. So, don’t be shy! Next time you visit the Hangout Area, wave to the angel beside you, chop next to a demon, and get to know them as individuals. Trust me, the fighting becomes much more amusing that way.

Here are some very friendly gamers who are always up for a random chat:

Firstly, we have my very own father, Ơđԑɱµș Çяơwᴌє ץ Ⴀȼиȼвŗǣ-ṔяϕϝΛnuϻ (nickolasgrant). Not only is he a chatterbox, but he’s also quite the charmer. Note: He’s got a thing for celestial beauties, so angel chicks beware!

If you ever run into this work of art, don’t feel intimidated by her striking good looks or her take-nocrap attitude. Although, watch out for her hurling coconuts. No really, she will toss them at you out of no where. You have been warned. Nevertheless, she is a loyal friend who will always tell it to you how it is. Give her a little tap on the shoulder and you won’t be disappointed. Okay, maybe you shouldn’t touch her… unless you want to run away from her coconut wrath. Angels and demons, Miss ๖ۣۜƘαɨʀɨ ๖ۣۜႠєηєвяǣ (kairi.zabelin).

Isn’t he the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Now don’t be fooled by his small statue; this little guy can fight. Just look at that weapon he is so innocently holding behind his back. Regardless of his cute yet menacing appearance, he’s very friendly in the Hangout Area. You can mostly find Iᴄᴀяᴜs Aɪʟᴏʀᴏᴜs Ἐяᴇᴄʜᴛʜᴇɪᴏɴ (melmel.moonwing) “mining” his own business. Yeah, I went there.

Now, if you’re looking for a little fun and wit, look no further. This angel can keep you on your toes with just a simple greeting. Of course, his charming qualities don’t hurt his case either (darn angles). If you don’t have him on your friend’s list already, then you are missing out. Currently, vεgαs (vegas.silvershade) is working on his magery, so you can find him chopping, making parchments, or writing spells.

Lastly, there’s myself. This is an open invitation for anyone and everyone. Go ahead, spam me. Just kidding, please don’t. But a mere ‘Hello’ can spark up the most enjoyable, interesting, and refreshing conversations.

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    This is one of the best posts I’ve read!!

    Well written and inviting to us shy ones that hide while doing skills!! Thank you for such a wonderful article! The photo’s are sublime too!!

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