A&D Raid Boss Teaser

Video by Таѕна Ѕтая Нєᴌᴄаяаxё  (tashaelove)
~Message from Silver Eidolon~

If you are reading this message, I, Silver Eidolon am grateful someone has found my message (…I must admit I spread many of these all around the place hoping people would find them). My identity is unknown to you, I would like to keep it that way. This might seem paradoxical to what you will read shortly but the mystery of my identity must never become unraveled. You may try, but it is unwise to bite the hand that will reveal to you many secrets in the future…

Displeased, looking down at the land, the Light released an Artifact into Miriach. This was no Artifact that would be treasured. This artifact would be a danger to all that stayed within Miriach. Indestructible, untouchable, and relentless, the artifact would cause mayhem to all in Miriach.

This was the precise moment that the Angels and Demons came to know of the existence of the Artifact. The Great War of Miriach ended rather suddenly, no one knew exactly what had happened to the Land of Miriach nor the fate of the Artifact. They say as time passes mysteries become unraveled at the folds…they were right.

I shall reveal to you the secrets of the Artifact. Will you stay awhile and listen? You will not regret staying, for what I am about to tell you might be of interest to you.

There is an unknown land surrounded by vast mountains, ice, and void of life. The Artifact that you might have met many moons ago now dwells here. It has taken this land as it’s new home. It swears to protect it….to kill all those who dare enter its new domain.

You must be wondering, “Why would a creation of the Light be in such a place?” or “Kill anyone!?!?” or maybe “Who cares?.” I will just pretend you aren’t wondering the “Who cares?” part because even though you do not know me, I have feelings too, right? (Absolutely!)

Continuing on… as I have discovered, the Artifact is no longer being commanded by the Light. After the War of Miriach, the Artifact was released from it’s duties to do as it desired. Upon finding a new land, the Artifact kept to its ways to protect the land it dwells on. Now, you might be yawning at this point of my message but I assure you, you will want to continue reading!

If you are an Angel or Demon reading this message I have a final piece to add to the puzzle. If you are a mortal, please disregard this message as it is simply a folklore… a story that I made up (yep!).

Angels and Demons, the unknown land that the Artifact now inhabits will soon be revealed. The Artifact will be more dangerous, more cunning than it ever was during the Great War of Miriach. Heed my warnings and do not enter that place alone, for you will surely meet your death. Defeating the Artifact will grant you great rewards, even rewards that you have never laid your ethereal eyes on before. There will be great risks but also high rewards if you are successful.

I, Silver Eidolon, vow to send you a message when I have more information on this unknown land and The Artifact. Until then, await my message…

~Take it easy bro (sis?),
Silver Eidolon
(no, no that doesn’t work…)

~High five from down below,
Silver Eidolon

P.S. I was attempting to go for slangs I heard from mortals around, but they just aren’t working for me. Ahem…Let me try again…

~My salutations and best regards,
Silver Eidolon

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  1. lisatgirl says:

    oh this looks reeeeally fun…. I can’t wait to face Imperius, ehm The Artifact 😛
    btw The Empirean’s damage…..:O

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