A&D – Upcoming HUD Update Teaser (New Sounds & Unknown Ability)

 – Here is a Teaser showing a small preview on what to expect on the upcoming HUD update. There will also be a new ability coming with this update, though we will not reveal to you what it is. There will also be other new additions to the upcoming HUD update but that is for a discussion of another time. Read the message from Silver Eidolon below –

 Videos by Таѕна Ѕтая Нєᴌᴄаяаxё  (tashaelove)
~Message from Silver Eidolon~

Hey there! Remember me? Why, of course you do! I bet you are wondering why I am messaging you again so soon. Well, the answer to that is clear. I have something new to reveal to you. At this point you might be saying to yourself “But what about the Artifact?” Let us forget about that for now (The truth is I have yet to find out more information on it, but once I do I will be sure to inform you!) As for my new discovery, I am more than eager to share it with you.

While wandering around different planes of existence I have come to gain a lot of knowledge unknown to many. Recently, I have discovered that Angels and Demons will be evolving. Soon you will feel it in your very core. Your powers will be heightened like they never were before. Your sight and hearing will be sharper than they ever were. Now, I cannot reveal to you every detail but trust me and believe me you will not regret it.

You should expect in the near future for your creators to bestow upon you a new ability. An ability that will be of great aid to you. What is this new ability you ask? You will just have to wait and see.

I, Silver Eidolon, am happy to have made your acquaintance. Look forward to my next message, as I must cut this one short.

~Stuck in a near death experience,
Silver Eidolon

5 thoughts on “A&D – Upcoming HUD Update Teaser (New Sounds & Unknown Ability)

  1. Valora Rogue Corvus (capricorn99) says:

    From the teaser, the new huds & sounds are amazing! I’ve been very happy with the current huds so I didn’t think anymore improvements were possible. Thanks for proving me wrong. 🙂

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