Arena Champions: “Aura of the Light”.

Pandemonium Battle Mar. 10th 2017

Photo taken by .: Aяεɭi Լợυ :.

The last Friday March 10th, some angels and demons participated in another Pandemonium Arena Battle Event. Many joined but sadly no all of them could be paired in a fair condition. Kody, the battle master of the day with the help of Mystic created a good and entertaining event for us to enjoy. This is are the winners of this battle and from left to right we have:

• Neko Tiggger (nekotiggger), joined the battle for the first time and defeated his opponent in a very close fight.
• ДӃǟຮɦǟ ςhurςh ɗεɭ Pöɳʈεʋεččɨö (akashayo),  joined the battle for the first time and gave us a very good show.
• Lisa Cydaea Ṁιѕтωооȡ (lisatgirl), is a veteran now leading in the second place the Board with 7 victories so far.
• Juℓiα Нєᴌᴄаяаxё Stʀɛɛtɛʀ нαчєş (juliasalvatore19),  is leading in first place in the board with 8 victories.
• Francan, joined the battle for the first time in a very exciting fight.


One thought on “Arena Champions: “Aura of the Light”.

  1. nikzar says:

    yay congrats my daugther so proud of you akasha..

    orgullosa de mi hija, con apenas 11 dias quizo entrar a pelear ala arena,
    sin saber nada y gano ;D

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