Arena Champions “The Oath of a Sator”

“The Oath of a Sator”

The Saturday February 25th, we witnessed a great event in the Pandemonium Arena. Our Sator Tasha held an epic Battle where demons and angels fought each other and at the end of the event, the glorious winners fought against her. And the winners are as follow.

roo roo (jenabernathy): “I love the challenge and excitement of arena fights. Spell casting can be difficult because you’re always on each other, there is no flying or dashing away. But win or lose, you’ve got tons of people.” It’s her first victory since the new boards has been added.

ℒyrí ßß Нєᴌᴄаяаxё Stʀɛɛtɛʀ (lyricaldesire): “I would recommend everyone to try it even if just once. It’s a lot of fun, win or lose. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and great understanding to other aspects of the game. It’s really amazing.” Makes a debut in the arena and earned her first victory.

ℐαcкιε Ṁιѕтωооȡ (jacksonistoff): “Surely I recommend to others to join an Arena Fight, this can only improve the A&D system game and learn definitively how really to fight.” This is her second victory in the arena.

ℳєα Ąєliη ß.ß. Ðrανєи (mealumi): “It’s a learning experience and hand to hand combat in fair conditions.” Mea has won one fight so far.

Stгydєя Čorνϊηυs (strdir): “The reason I suggest others should fight in the arena is because it’s a controlled environment where everyone can come and fight or even learn while still enjoying fair conditions even with limiting factors and guaranteed 50% chance kill rate & 100% reward outcome for participation.” He is one of the players with more victories, six in total.

ღ Ėოოα Ṁιѕтωооȡ ღ (emmaava): “I think Arena Battle Fights this is most fair fights what can be, plus this is really great fun, development of good tactics and as a fact – more knowledge about A&D. I can only recommend to all not be scared and take part in Arena Battle Fights so many times as possible.” She has won two fights in total.

Ϯ sкчч ߣɑςκвµяи Stʀɛɛtɛʀ Ϯ (courti.catesby): “Considering it was my first battle, just put yourself out there! Win or lose it’s a rush of a life time and it is well worth the fun!”

丂ηФωŷ Ϯ Ƒяσмυηɗ (goddess72): “I recommend the arena battles because it shows sportsmanship on both sides of the conflict. It’s beneficial because you win either way with experience and a chance to settle scores as well. I’m always a supporter of arena battles because you focus on your stats and use of accessories more rather than all the outside items being used in battles outside the arena. Its a great place to use your RP if you like. Young or old, battle the arena its so much fun! It’s a wonderful generous event that our Sators have planned for us, so I encourge more angels & demons to participate.” Snowy earns her first victory in this new way of battle.

ψ Vєrgil ψ (fuel6996): “I would recommend the arena to new players and older ones on the system that want to learn how to fight and get more used with the A&D Hud and even the Spells on backpack, sometimes the rules of fighting are changed, and it’s a great way of thinking on new tactics to kill your opponent. I believe that on the arena age doesn’t matters, anything can happen and that’s where we can find some of the best players that can kill someone using only the Huds made by the Sators, and without other nasty Huds and tricks, I joined the Arena mostly cause one person can’t tp Out and I fought so much on the air and I got so bored after some time and I wanted more excitement, so I decided to join this way of competition.” He has won 4 fights so far.

Skeledod: “It was my first encounter I have not much to say but I recommend be focused and aim the target well.”

– ̗̀Tαʈɨ Tєиєβŗαє Ƥիøєиɨϰ ̖́- (tatidoll): “This was my first arena fight, I was new to learning how to run/walk with the WASD keys, so was extra challenging! I am used to my arrow keys. Totally thought I was going to die… but what a rush it was when they called my name and had to walk out there, and I survived, blocked every attack thrown at me! Even better got to participate in a Sator fight, would definitely recommend this experience to anyone.”

BRNR: “In my opinion the arena is the only true test of your knowledge of the A&D system both opponents on even ground and you must stay till the finish.” He has won 5 fights so far.

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