Arena Champions “Wrath of Heaven”

Pictured and written by .: Aяεɭi Լợυ :.

They are the Champions from the “Wrath of Heaven” Pandemoium Arena Battle held on February 9th, 2017 by Kody Summers (kodysummers).

BRNR demon of Destruction with 441 days old, Chieftain of Mors Torta Disciples Of Xaphan Horde. “I’m not a bragger but I like to win” he said about his fight and also added “fought well against an equal adversary” referring to the defeated angel. And with this victory, adds another one making a total of 4.

Cøявıи Løχełч ѕуℓνєя (corbin.kamachi) angel of Death with 726 days old, from Dark Requiem Choir won his first fight in this new Arena Battle Mode. “As one of older fighters from when the game started, I have done the Arena many times, failed to win many times. It’s exhilarating fighting in arena. My opponent put up good fight, it was so exciting to be the victor.” he said about this experience.

Kᴏʙɪ Рαωђєαɾt (sieril) angel of Justice with 738 days old, from Sola Fide Choir has earned his first victory in this new Arena Battle mode. “My experience was neither very good nor very bad, when lag hits you, it does, but I think I did well on this occasion, fighting with someone who is almost my age is very fun, since it gives you the chance to prove your skills as a fighter, but it was nice, I had fun and the most important… the demo died hahahaha”.

Lisa Cydaea Ṁιѕтωооȡ (lisatgirl) demon of Terror with 138 days old from Mors Torta Disciples Of Xaphan Horde, wins after 5 victories in battle history, another match against an angel, which she described as “A very thrilling and close fight”.

Ǥεïşɧą (mimaiselfandai) demon of Vice with 45 days old, Centurion of Tyrants of the Abyss Horde, joined for the first time to an Arena event and she her feelings about it was “I was very nervous at first, but then I had an adrenaline rush, I had a really good time. I had no hope of winning, but I don’t mind losing, the moment in itself, it is very worthwhile. I thank my overlord for the time he spend with me and encourage me to participate.”. First time and she got her first Arena victory, not bad, uh?.

Juℓiα ℜ.A.S. ßв. Stʀɛɛtɛʀ нαчєş (juliasalvatore19) demon of Terror with 391 days old Chief Captain of Tyrants of the Underworld Horde says “Fighting for me is quiet fun, it’s a good way of training, I get to change avatars and sometimes make other members laugh at it”. She as the same with Lisa, has 6 victories in total.

Gєямαи кιяαиσν вєℓℓємσят (ger85) angel of Fate with 529 days old, Herald of Aeternam Lux Anima Choir wins his 3rd victory in battle history. “I was invited by my opponent so I accepted the challenge, it was so fun” he said about his last experience in the Arena.

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  1. Ǥεïşɧą (mimaiselfandai) says:

    Just a note about my comment, in my thanks I referred to my Mentor ( angelote eres el mejor mentor que podria haber encontrado :*) not my overlord, my fault when using the word master and as my native language is not English was misinterpreted in the translation. Congratulations to the other participants whether they won or not, we can always enjoy great fights. A great work also the whole blog and the pics.

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