Interview with Sator Tasha – The History of A&D

We had the privilege of sitting down with  Sator Tasha, The Empyrean Reaper, for an interview on the history of Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons. Let’s travel back in time to when our beloved Eternal Conflict was released to the public on March 2, 2015.

I’m not sure if you firstborns remember but EC was located on a sim called Helcaraxe Isle. The building was a simple garage in the backyard of the Sators’ personal home. Today, two years later, EC is located on not one, but two amazing sims which are decorated in the theme of Hell and Heaven together with  a mutual area for both species to gather and work. Also, there were no professions or a backpack. There was only the Main HUD that you were given after being transcended or descended.

Back then, there were no system rules. However, when new demons and angels were being killed as soon as they were descended/transcended the Sators decided to enforce rules about not attacking on the EC sim., among other rules that were later added on. Read more...


Raid Boss: The Artifact

Photo by dєsϊ Čorνϊηυs

Hi Conflicters! By now, I hope most of you have had the chance to try out the great new feature The Sators have incorporated into our beloved system. If you haven’t, I urge you to do so. It’s so much fun. For this post, I interviewed some of the first conflicters, of both species, who battled against the Raid Boss. I wanted to know their reactions and what their initial thoughts on It were. Since these interviews, four levels have been introduced. easy, normal, hard and heroic. At the time of the interview, only normal was available as an option. We are always interested in hearing your thoughts on things, so feel free to comment below.

After much anticipation, The Sators released the beta version of The Raid Boss. We were first teased with this new feature about a month ago, since then, other than the also anticipated war, it has been the talk of EC. Everyone wondering when the release will take place and what exactly will happen. So many questions were asked as were many speculations being tossed around but no one really knew. Read more...