The Interview: Arch Bunnie

Night is coming on as I make my way to interview the new Archdemoness of Destruction, ҍմղղíҽ ɑԵɾɑ ԵҽʍρҽsԵɑs (bunniefrancis). Feeling slightly apprehensive, for I don’t yet know Arch Bunnie very well, I arrive at her new chambers where I find her already seated at her desk. As she invites me to take the seat across from her, I take out my Quill, a parchment and some ink, and begin our interview.

“Greetings, Arch Bunnie. First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on becoming an Archdemoness! Did you have any idea that this was going to happen?”

Bunnie chuckles at the familiar question, “So often you hear stories about how one day the new Arch was just randomly messaged from The Sators? That’s how it happened to me, it was a normal day greeting mortals, tainting souls, chopping wood, you know the ‘normal’ type of day anyone has. Well that ended about twenty minutes into my shift when *boom* Sator Tasha sends me a parchment requesting my attention before her and Prime Evil.” Read more...

The Interview: Arch Shugs

Sunlight streams through the floor to ceiling windows, falling upon the newly appointed Archangel of Justice, ṠḧṳḠṠ (shugaaa.rhapsody). Standing by the window, appearing lost in her thoughts, she doesn’t notice me at first. An Archangel would easily notice a stray Demon in the vicinity, but I imagine this one has a lot on her mind. Dressed all in white and with long white hair cascading down her back, the Archangel looks every bit the part. Knowing she must have a busy day ahead and grateful to have the opportunity to interview her, I clear my throat and smile as she turns to face me.

“Greetings, Arch Shugs. Would now be a convenient time to interview you for the blog?” I blurt out. “I’ve been excited to finally get to speak with you; I remember you the day you transcended and thought you’d go far.”

Shugs laughs, “Ahhh yes I remember too, when Kassie asked you to transcend me and you refused. Who knew the idea was so bad that you felt you needed to run away and become demon to avoid it ” Read more...

The Hunter vs The Hunted

One of the reasons why I enjoy A&D so much is because there’s never a dull moment, especially when you are hunting or fighting. This game is so unpredictable it can get your heartrate going at any time as you never know who you may run into. If the enemy is nearby my first thought is, is this going to be an easy kill or are they going to put up a fight and do I have the time? Whichever it is, just know when you think you are about to kill your target, there may be another one (or two, or three) lurking in the back waiting for you to get a little bit closer. This is when the heartrate speeds up and the game is on.

Some may not feel the same as I do but I enjoy these moments because that’s when I am having the most fun. The special times are when we’re together as a group laughing and enjoying each other’s company and getting along with one another. For my friends and I, it’s those moments when we are in call coordinating fights and working together as a team. Yes, those are the best of times for many. However, the one experience I’d like to recall is the first time I went hunting when I was just a “baby” angel. When we refer to the term baby this is when a new angel or demon has been born because you are at your most vulnerability within the game. The older angels (mentors) and demons (overlords) look out for their new members and show them the way. They teach them how to survive and be safe, how to feed, skill, fight, and earn achievements. And, when the inexperienced fighters get attacked by the opposite species, such as myself nonetheless, you better be ready to defend yourself. Read more...

How to apply for a safe zone

Are you tired of your orb not working and getting faded or banished?! Tired of having the other
side come to take you out of this realm? Or are you tired of having combat 24/7 on your home
sim or place of work?

Well, good news! We have just the thing for that and it’s called a Safe Zone!! In this blog post,
you will learn all the steps you need to take to request your area be under the Sator’s Safe Zone

Before will go over the steps please note the information below first as it is important to your
application process.

The Fine Print
● The Sators have the final say if your place of rest or work gets approved, so please
make sure you realize that if you are not within good standing with them there is a slim
chance they will pass it for your protection.
● The safe zones are given out are not a necessity but rather a gratuitous gift from the
creators of the game for us to have the ability to take a time out whether it’s to work or to
relax at home with a nice cup of hot lava or some sugar and spice cookies.
● Give the Sators and Inspectors time to process your request! Rome wasn’t built in a day
and sometimes it can take a month or more depending on schedules to get a sim or
parcel Safe Zoned 100%. Do not ever inquire on the ticket or in SL by being rude or
demanding it is answered asap.
● You must be 31 days or older within the A&D system to apply for a ticket.
● If the person that requested the safe zone attacks the inspector in any system while they
are inspecting their land they will get the system banned from the system. If some other
random A&D player attacks the inspector in A&D it depends as they might not know they
are currently doing an inspection. If they attack the inspector and the inspector tells them
they are doing an inspection and they continue to attack them then they will get
punished with a Sator Kill for a period of time.
● You must be on the SIM you are applying for with their Main HUD attached, dates and
time YOU are available in SL for inspection; if it is a SIM you are working on should
include how often they work there (example: 2 days a week for 4 hours).
● There is a maximum of 2 safe zones per person. Also, the Sators generally don’t safe
zone more than one home (unless it’s parceled on the same SIM) or more than one
● You must allow the inspector access to your sim or parcel. This means either adding
them to the orb or adding them on the list of access. If the inspectors cannot get on to
the parcel/sim they will not be able to complete the application process.
● Know that the inspectors will respect you and not attack you in any system as they are
an official staff member for the Sators.

Overachiever:  ๖Trαƈŷ ℒєɪ Ƈιиєrє (tracy.warrhol)

Cardinal of Ortus Cinere
Photographed by: Nσνα Hυηţsмαη Mσяяιɢυ ƘιƖƖαмαя (vidiasyryndethly)

A familiar smile began to spread on my lips. Whenever I had seen this angel around the heavens, she always stood out. Her attire was always in black, something she would refer to as being dressed for a funeral whenever she hit the battlefield for the demons and saving the mortals. If anything, this angel was my mentor and guide a long time ago and to have the chance to interview her for the Sators was something I was glad to do.

“Tracy!” my lips spoke as I admired the black outfit, a different choice to what I would wear myself. I had just placed my familiar swords down by my side as my wings had been tucked away, and I took to a seat in the comfort of a heavenly meditation pod.

I watched as Tracy joined me and with my thinking cap on for those few moments I managed to grab some parchment and ink, ready for any notes I needed to take. I didn’t hesitate to launch right into the interview. It was only then I started hearing the familiar song of a mortal Disney film in whistling format, “hi ho hi ho, it’s off to work we go…” The tune was catchy and already ringing in my ears as I waited for Tracy to sit. Once I noticed her chisel and hammer placed down beside her, I launched into my questions and picked her brain for my own curiosity. Read more...

How to get A&D Items Updated, Fixed or Replaced

There are times when you cannot help the fact that one of your items purchased from the game
becomes unusable. This is of no fault to the Sators or the persons within the system, glitches
happen and things become broken. The only way to fix this is to return the item to the Sators
and here are the quick easy steps on how to fix them yourself.

I recently had a forge stopped working, the fault was my own, while using it I sat down on an
object in the area but too far to continue using, and it made the forge glitch/break. So you will
see step by step from beginning to end on how to get this to work.

What NOT to do!
However, before we get into how to properly obtain a replacement I want to tell you what you
should NEVER do:
● Do not ever just pass the item to the Sators, an Arch, your Cardinal/Chieftain.
● Do not message the Sators inworld about the broken item.
● Do not delete the broken item and cut your losses.
● Do not sell or give the broken item to another player within the game. Read more...

How to RP

There are many times in life where we don’t understand how to do something. Especially in this day and age, where things are constantly changing and new technology is coming out! Well, if you haven’t learned how to roleplay, today is your day! This guide is to help you get started on that journey!

First off, we will need you to think of a character and a character story. That is your first step in A&D surprisingly. Task A is to write your character back-story. A character without a back-story sometimes can become bland because it doesn’t allow the character to build and become better down the road!

Now, you got that, what is next? Well, let’s think about it. Nothing. You can jump into roleplay but wait! There are certain rules and ideas you need to know about! First off, you need to know in character (IC) and out of character (OOC). In character means you are playing your character and Out of Character (OOC) means being yourself. The biggest thing I can stress here is leave things that happen IC in IC and don’t take them OOC. It causes unneeded drama! Also, learning the difference between meta-gaming and god-modding and power-gaming. Meta-gaming is using Out of Character (OOC) information for in character (IC) gain. God-modding is taking over a character without prior permission from the opposite player via RP or via IMs. Power-gaming is having super powers that isn’t realistic. Yes, we do have super powers since we are Angels and Demons, but you still need to be realistic about it. Read more...

The Sators

Drawn by 工ᴋᴀяᴜs کpιres Нєᴌᴄаяаxё ひкιуσ 

Sator Lhino and Sator Tasha …. One protects the realm of the angels while the other protects the demons.
The Prime Evil, with black wings of cold, piercing through the night sky like a raven darting to its nest, a nest of demons prepared to ravage everything in sight. He is strong as he is quick-whitted. The wicked children of Hell bow their heads before him as he spreads his dark wings wide.

The Empyrean Reaper, with a determination to protect her angels and the heavens at any cost. She would strike down any demon who came near, for she may be wise and kind, but her wrath is unforgiving. The angels and choirs sing for her in the heavens of her domain, as she stands tall, and proud, for those she protects.

But behind the roleplay aspects of the system lies a team of creative minds who put together this game for us and allowed us to endulge in this creativity. For one to appreciate the muse, one must also respect the one behind the character. They play not just an incredible part in the roleplay aspect, but as strong capable leaders. Read more...