A&D System Poll

We would like to hear the opinions of the A&D Community on the two topics included in the following 2 polls. Answer the  polls accordingly also make sure that you fill in your SL username where it asks. The results of these polls will guide us in the decisions we make as to what changes we will implement within the system in regards to those topics.


After going over the results of the System Poll we have made our decisions on the 2 topics. We will leave Brightness/Blood Nightly Loss in half (62) for a while and see how it goes. As for the Spells Topic, though the YES votes were slightly higher than the NO Votes, the amount of NO votes are too high for us to ignore therefore the spells will stay as they are and will fail to cast if your target leaves the region. We thank you all for your input and we greatly appreciate it.



The Forgotten Tales – Roo Interview

“I’ll tell you a secret. Old storytellers never die. They disappear into their own story.” ~ The Forgotten Tales will soon resurface into the light.

A writer has the ability to encapsulate the very core of creativity. Creating a tale that is able to move the hearts of the reader and to simply leave them in awe. The quill and paper are powerful tools indeed.

The Forgotten Tales was the first story contest to be held within Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons. To speak with complete honestly, it came by on a whim but it turned into a great addition to the system. Within A&D we have always had fighting related contests but never anything that was completely aimed at the role-play aspect that we wish to see flourish and grow. This Story Contest was a step in the right direction to allow those that enjoyed role-playing and storytelling to be able to do so within the system and to be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. Read more...


Magery Profession

Photo taken by .: Aяεɭi Լợυ :.

“Eyes meet – a drop of sweat falls from the brow. Intense is the confrontation, as each opponent refuses to back down. With a snarl and a his – hand move in motion – fire ignites the hands in flame. The other smiles, and slowly winks as lightening shoots in power bolt strikes from their finger tips. They dance, a dance of war, slowly circling as they set their spell in motion. Collision in the darkened sky, fire hits lightening, both embracing and breaking then breaking the others work. The spells, the Magery, the eternal fight.”

Magery is the culmination of Lumberjacking, Alchemy, and Inscription. With three levels of skills, a opponent can choose to do harm or to protect and mend. From something as simple as poison and cure – to something as lethal as flamestrike. There is a spell for the novice to the master, just find your mana and do your work.


Seraphim Aimee

Drawn by ιςαяυѕ αιℓσяσυѕ

As she stretches her wings, having overslept and embraced by the afternoon sunshine, the Seraphim Aimee, gifted by the Sator with a divine talent awakens.

Glistening waterfalls pour from beneath her feet in the fountain she rests in, falling far below the heavens. She notices as they fall and seem to trickle away, the water separating again and again until it seems to disappear amongst the clear air and clouds. She smiles ever so slightly, watching over.

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Lumberjacking Profession

Photo taken by .: Aяεɭi Լợυ :.

The tree stands proud, ancient. The wood hard with age, is strong having withstood the test of time. In the quiet morning, a hissing sound is heard as slicing through the air, a sharpened blade wielded upon the tree. The steel ax meets the wood splintering it, slowly breaking forth log after log to the owner of this weapon. Sweat glistens on their brows, as Angels and Demons alike stand, shoulders taunt, swing the ax, chop after chop working their lumberjack trade. Yet, the tree still stands, waiting proudly for the next assault of it’s precious resources.”

Lumberjacking is one of our core skills, while this skill does not decline, it does take a lot our time and patience gathering enough logs to be able to create the parchments need for the next skill of Inscription. From the tree to the parchment table, we work hard to make parchment levels 1, 2 and 3 – each fitting a particular type of spell group. While taking a lot of time, the spells that are the end result will strike hard our opponent, just as our ax strike hard against the wood. Read more...


Arena Champions: “Aura of the Light”.

Pandemonium Battle Mar. 10th 2017

Photo taken by .: Aяεɭi Լợυ :.

The last Friday March 10th, some angels and demons participated in another Pandemonium Arena Battle Event. Many joined but sadly no all of them could be paired in a fair condition. Kody, the battle master of the day with the help of Mystic created a good and entertaining event for us to enjoy. This is are the winners of this battle and from left to right we have:

• Neko Tiggger (nekotiggger), joined the battle for the first time and defeated his opponent in a very close fight.
• ДӃǟຮɦǟ ςhurςh ɗεɭ Pöɳʈεʋεččɨö (akashayo),  joined the battle for the first time and gave us a very good show.
• Lisa Cydaea Ṁιѕтωооȡ (lisatgirl), is a veteran now leading in the second place the Board with 7 victories so far.
• Juℓiα Нєᴌᴄаяаxё Stʀɛɛtɛʀ нαчєş (juliasalvatore19),  is leading in first place in the board with 8 victories.
• Francan, joined the battle for the first time in a very exciting fight. Read more...


The Village of Eskiyurt

Angel Sentinel

Eskiyurt itself was a vibrant and beautiful little town.  With the coming of the great evil, the War of Sacrilege, the lush outskirts of the village masked the true horror that had befallen the now decimated village. If not for the stench that filled the air, you could be forgiven for being woefully unaware of the brutal massacre that had taken place not too far away.

The Guardian

The Village of Eskiyurt may have been lost. Yet, a mysterious presence remained. The lost soul, as the hosts of angels and hordes of demons knew him, offered insight to those who would help him on his mission to retrieve his body. The lost soul was drawn to a curious statue, and once he entered its confines – a mysterious voice put both Angel and Demon to the test. Once they’d successfully completed the challenge, the lost soul was allowed to merge with the body the statue contained. Once the lost soul and body had merged; the Guardian of Eskiyurt was revealed. Read more...


The Prime Evil

Drawn by ιςαяυѕ αιℓσяσυѕ

With black wings of cold, horns worn but unbroken, the devil’s trail of flames engulf and claim the path it follows, leading it, the Sator who stands until the last feather burns. A fierce devotion as he leads his demons to victory, the night claims the day, a menacing darkness in which corrupts all until that is all that is left. He is whom they shall fear; The Prime Evil.

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Zero to a Hundred Flamestrikes: Real Quick

The War of Sacrilege is now over and what did you do to prepare? Let’s go back to the time when the war was just around the corner…

Everyone is anxiously working and patiently waiting (some not so much) for the war of the year! Whether you are an angel or a demon, your role differs from the creature pounding the mining rock beside you, but with the same goal. To win! Seeing that the sims have been filled with beings slaving away for countless hours (new and old), it’s hard not to wonder what their motives and contributions are. So, I asked around, both species, what their aspirations, expectations, and thoughts were on the upcoming war. And this is what they had to say:

After days upon days of mindless clicking, I took the advantage of the task at hand and wandered through the Hangout Area to pick brains, rather than for ores for a change. In the past few weeks, I have noticed a curious set of crosshairs aimed at my head (or my goodies), so I proceeded to confront him about it in the most succubus way possible. Fellow demons: Know thy enemy. After a little small talk, I congratulated him on his most recent promotion as Herald and proceeded to inquire about his Choir’s level status. Taking into consideration that he would need all the mana he could acquire. Read more...