Blog Event #1

Hey there! Now that the War is officially over. I thought we could do a simple Blog Event. How this will work is everyone that replies and answers to the question will be entered into a raffle to win a prize.

For this specific event I would like you all to answer the following question.  Make sure that your answer is one that would be appropriate and also that it answers the specific question that is asked.
Q: What is your favorite and also least favorite things about the Wars we have in A&D?

In order to participate simply leave a comment under this Blog Post. Make sure that when you are leaving a comment you fill out your name as what your SL username is, so that I will know who you are.


Participation: 10 Relics
3 Randomly selected winners: 1 Age, 1 Stat Point, 20 Relics, 10 Golden Keys

I will be using a randomizer to select the 3 winners.  The first 3 names on the randomizer will be the 3 winners.

Ends: April 22nd @ Noon SLT


Rewards have been given 4/27/17

82 thoughts on “Blog Event #1

  1. VictoriaRose Viegel says:

    As a new angel and experiencing my first war I can honestly say what I enjoyed the most was interacting with other angels to form a group and going in to attack. Even though I am new to the game, my skill and strength barely made any actual contact with a demon to hurt a fly but I had a lot of fun trying. So my least favorite was having no chance in hell to survive [lol]. If I may suggest, what might be nice to have during a future war is to have at least one scheduled day where only the same level of players can join in the fight at that one scheduled time. Maybe more players will participate and still get the experience of the war including us babies. But overall, I really enjoyed it all and did not want to see it end. Great job everyone! Victoriarose Viegel

  2. Anonymous says:

    My Favorite: The back story and updates, I love to read the war as a history for the game. I know I have interested new players by directing them to the story of A&D. I just love the pictures, great job!
    My Least Favorite: Time differences, making the chat disappear if I am not online to read what has happened.

  3. Karma (maylynn87) says:

    I really enjoyed how a lot of the demon party came together, to fight as a whole. The least fav thing would be the rewards, as said in earlier posts, What about those who was backing the fighters?That’s what I dislike, However, the sim was amazing, Hate the lag. : DD Great planning and event management.

  4. Jackstarkxx says:

    Most favorite part : People are preparing from like month with gatherings and skilling up and training for new people it was quite super exciting.
    Also I and many other players didn’t take much part in war sim in fighting. But We didn’t felt like we are not part of war as we were preparing needy stuffs fighters who were always there in war sim keeping control of obelisk.
    Also war sim & Planned RP is best of all them. Being there in War sim while RP session and reading RP chats and seeing things taking place at different spot at same time were beautifully done. It was simply like reading Some war book and also looking them at same time. Bravo to Sators and All Awesome Players.

    Least favorite part :
    Lag which can not be avoided but off course can be controlled a little by putting some script limit for every player.
    & Also Angels & Demons are meant to fight opposite side. But little respect to opposite side is needy because without opposite side this game is not fun & harsh talkers ruins the fun of game. In such cases if there are punishments too for being disrespectful & harsh talk (Like decrease in things they have in back pack or decrease in their skills or ranks). That can be surely be helpful in keeping the war and game more fun.

  5. Kody Summers (kodysummers) says:

    Well first of all my favorite was the sim it self i did like how it was put together and it really did look like a completely distoryed village.. I also did like the background for the website that you Sators used for it.. “nice job Sators” When I did go in both normal and invul I was able to have a bit of fun for sure and it was great!…

    The least favorite part of this war was very simple, We could not gather enough angels to re-pale the demons or take control over it. As Angels we also felt left out of the RP’s due to the demons continuing to attack us when we wanted to do the RP’s.. It was not until the Sators safe zoned it was when some more of the Angels did go in and do the RP..

    Final thoughts: I thought this was put together very well and was very nicely done. It was great to see everyone going into the war just to have a bit of fun.. As always big thank you Sators for such a awesome event as always!..

  6. BlazeMayhem says:

    I loved the war, especially the role-playing side of it. I was in the last war as well and I loved the new rp aspect. Of course the disadvantage was the lag, but i assure you can blame a majority on the lindens if you will.
    All in all it was a great experience.

  7. BlazeMayhem says:

    I enjoyed this war more than the last. The shear role-play alone was much more than i expected, But it a good way. The lag, yes, it is terrible but a lot of that falls on the lindens as well. All in all i loved this war. And good job to all 🙂

  8. Moon Watanabe - Moon Magick says:

    This was my first war, and what I liked about it was working with my fellow players and meeting so many of them for the first time other than just in chats. Also watchin how everyone works at the RP of it was a wonderful learning experience!
    My least favorite part was the bad sportsmanship I saw happen at times. I hope with the next war this is avoided 🙂

  9. LincolnGabriel says:

    my favorite thing about the war was how the demons worked together. was one of the few times that i seen people putting aside differences for something bigger then themselves. cant really say that there was a least favorite as i personally enjoyed the sim and rp all around. however, if i had to say i didnt like something…it was that invul was used a whole lot without aspiring to take part in rp.

  10. GrdAngelChelle says:

    This was my first war, There were a few things I did enjoy and wished that I had participated more in but I wanted to watch and learn how the story unfolded more…I enjoyed the RP aspect of this war the most, But being new to the RP and joining in even a little bit I felt an award should have been made to those who at least tried a hand at it. I didn’t really like the fighting aspect of the war that much, Don’t get me wrong I love to fight..but because the sim was full of so much lag there was really no point in even trying. I did however feel that a clothing script should have had a minimum to going over there to fight on both sides to reduce that lag, I also felt that the drama, name calling and such was not a very good example especially to the new Angels and Demons. Would I do another war? I doubt it, but we will see how it goes. Because this was my first war I hope that there can be some changes made to make it a better one to benefit everyone.

  11. Ĺȁȡƴ ĎƐƐ Ŝуℓνεr Nιɠɧȶωιɲɠ (KyraThrace) says:

    Of the many enjoyable aspects of the Wars, I think the complex story development and the opportunity for both sides to come to a deeper understanding of one another and themselves through the roleplay scenes are my favorite. I enjoy the open combat and the lack of outside distractions. It lends a purity to the rp aspect of the battles, and a sense of immersion in the culture of the system.

    My least favorite parts of the wars would be technical ,to be honest. The Lag when there are enough players to make combat really exciting is frustrating. Not being able to lock onto a target because the server is lagged out steals some of the fun of large group battles, but is unfortunately unavoidable. Also, having one side or the other always showing up invulnerable is annoying. For such an event ,I would consider the possibility of deactivating the invul function of the HUD.
    If that is possible.

    • KC McBlaze Darkangel (KC1990 Resident) says:

      I wouldn’t recommend having the invul function disabled for such events, and this is why…. A lot of times when I teleport places, I can’t see anything, not even my HUDs, until things fully load and rez in for me. When I would go to the event sim, I would be immediately overwhelmed before I could even see a thing around me, including my HUDs. So I would like to be invulnerable when I go there so that I could have the time to let things fully rez and load before I begin participating in the battle. I’m sure a lot of others have experienced this issue and would agree with me on this as well.

    • xxBlushxx says:

      I disagree Lady Dee. INVUL is part of the A&D Hud and as such, should be left alone for it’s intended purpose. To be INVUL when we want to.

  12. Silverhudson says:

    I love the fact that the wars give the game a deeper level of RP and not just random acts of going out and hunting. I enjoy the strategy aspect of it.. I dislike the lag! lol

  13. shubabyta says:

    mi parte favorita: volver a pelear en mi segunda guerra A&D el escenario
    muy logrado por parte de los sator, buena disposicion de la gente para participar, trabajar duro para estar preparados,

    mi parte negativa, ver que no habia manera que funcionaran los hud con tanta gente, y falta de angeles, en la proxima desearia que fuera mejor gracias

  14. Valora Rogue Corvus (capricorn99) says:

    Valora Rogue Corvus (capricorn99 resident)

    My favorite things about the wars are working together & supporting one another to reach common goals. It brings us closer together and friendships become stronger. I enjoyed the rp as it helps to form the story of A & D.
    My least favorite things about the wars are the lag & how some people bring negativity to the experience. The lag got so bad I had to de-render practically everything on the sim so I was not able to appreciate all of the effort put into creating the war sim. The negative comments made & accusations of cheating really brought the mood down at times. Also, I wish that the time between wars was not so long. It would be great to have more than one war during the year.
    Overall I had a positive experience. I cannot wait for the next war.

  15. JacksonMontgomery says:

    This was my first war, and I only really participated one day so I have to say that I do not know much about how the last war worked or what the difference would be. From what I have heard, they varied greatly.

    I believe what I liked was the idea of holding the obelisk to see who truly took the village over. Anyone can kill and leave a village, but to truly win and take over a village you have to inhabit said village. I also liked the thought of roleplay events.

    I know that not many were able to use their huds to fight, but I think maybe I would like to see off limit zones for each species to have a moment to rez in before they can be attacked in the general war. This could be a 5 by 5 meter area for what it’s worth, but either way, it be a place where ONLY Angels can rez in one corner, and ONLY Demons in the other. This would reduce complaints on being unable to rez, etc. But of course, this is just with the thought of how SL works in mind, nothing to do with the story of the war.

    I truly hope to participate moreso in the future war. I do not regret choosing to fight for the side which lost in any way. I had a great time when I did try to go fight, and my friend’s list grew vastly, and this is probably my favorite part of the war; The opportunity to make friends and get to know those you are fighting for. Even making friends with the enemy long after the war ends.

  16. tamiki saramago says:

    This is difficult as I am very new.

    I like that there are game wide events, and that the outcome can change the direction of the story.

    What I didn’t like was twofold. First was the lag that seemed to affect everyone during the war, and second was the negative feelings and less pleasant behaviours that were experienced by both sides.

  17. Jack Fraebon Shadowcould (draza951) says:

    The Best part of the War was seeing the sim and being able to have fun with the members of A&D and being a part of Great System that the Sators have created. It was amazing to see so many people enjoying the war and showing the Sators how much we appreciate everything they have done and continue to do. The Worst part is that the war wasn’t long enough, It was such a blast and it was very heartbreaking that it ended.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Ares Ashur Profanum (lllolllareslllolll)

    Even though i dont do the role play thing i enjoyed reading others doing rp only 2 bad things is it didnt last long enough and the lag other than that totally enjoyed my first war looking forward to the next

  19. abonetto resident says:

    Mi parte favorita fue sin duda el RP que fue tan obviamente bien pensado y preparado. Esta fue mi primera guerra, así que estaba sorprendido por todas las cosas de almacenado, como The Guardian, y luego la aparición de Lost Soul, la tormenta … Me dieron ganas de prepararse para la próxima guerra y realmente me inspiró a hacer más.

  20. xxBlushxx says:

    My favorite thing is that Angels and Demons get to meet and compete. I was very excited to do that very thing. And when angels got together, it was amazing fun!!
    My least favourite thing however, was the lopsided amounts of Angels vs Demons.
    They truly do come together in time of need which I admire.

  21. Very Sinister says:

    Favorite reason: It brought us all together.
    Least Favorite: The backpack is to heavily scripted for war Maybe a war hud could be developed that doesn’t have professions and stats and other things not needed for war. It could be incorporated into the main hud.

  22. UnGodlyDeath says:

    Like how it brings people together and the start was incredible. Bad thing was it slowed down so much it was almost impossible at gtimes to stay away, the land dom thing didn’t work for me but the little fighting I did was fun.

  23. UnGodlyDeath says:

    Well I liked was how it started off really fast and there for the first day was almost action packed. But then it slowed down to almost a crawl, but still fun nonetheless.

  24. Ladida Davi says:

    My favorite part was most definitely the RP that was so obviously well thought out and prepared. This was my first war so I was amazed at all the things in stored, like the Guardian, and then the appearance of Lost Soul, the Storm… It made me want to prepare for the next war and really inspired me to do more.

    My least favorite part I must say was the fact that there wasn’t much happening during the times I was on. Whenever I went to the sim it was a dozen demons standing around the obelisk and no angels in sight. I started out extremely excited for my first war but it all fizzled when i didn’t have much else to do there but chop wood.

  25. Neko Tiggger (nekotiggger) says:

    My favorite things about the Wars in A&D are to gain better fighting skills and meet some really good roleplayers. It is a perfect opportunity to experience a variety of fighting styles in a short timeframe. Also to work on strategies for group encounters. My least favorite thing… To be honest, I did not enjoy being ambushed as soon as i entered the sim or began a fight with someone 1 on 1… to me this was to remove any possibility of a fun learning experience, and reduce it to a 10 second death experience (zero fun). I understand we all respect each other. We share a common interest as game-players who are here for fun.. sometimes being on opposing sides gets in the way of remembering why we are here… to walk away feeling respected for trying, win or loose.

  26. Rachael Mixmaster says:

    The war was great !
    Maybe a safe zone would have helped so you could rez in good ….but like it was most got killed before they could even rez in.

  27. Mia (redcerisehood) says:

    Being my first war I will start off saying it was an interesting event. <3 Demons we rock but anyways
    Favorite part would be getting to know about how my follow demons work and getting to work together. Be able to trust your follow Horde members and follow demons to watch over us who aren't good as the rest protecting the young and also making sure that we all tried to have a good time.
    Least Favorite part would have been (aside from the lag) side events within the war. there 1 objective to this war and the demons did a great job at that, then you had the amazing RP, but it would have been cool to have events for the ones behind the scenes for those who mainly worked on the skills and getting the items together for those fighting in the war.

    but anyways the war was fun and i look forward to more events/battles like this in the future 😀 i made some amazing friends!!

  28. KC McBlaze Darkangel (KC1990 Resident) says:

    My favorite part would be the awesome job the Sators did with the scenery of the sim they put together and the concept of the war itself. My least favorite part would be how badly disorganized we angels were along with our lack of unity and participation for this particular war and how overwhelming the demons were and also the negative behavior and inappropriate language used by some individuals.

  29. ςεŁεşŦιαŁ ßεαяѕƒσσŦ ߣɑςκвµяи (celestialgypsy.serpente) says:

    I loved the premise of the war but my least favorite was having my HUDs (I had to get three) not work, the one time I decide I want to fight & I could barely scan, took forever to target & was not able to hit anyone (or at least I do not think I hit anyone), so I sat at the obelisk for hours & worked on an RP ceremony. I hope the next one will allow for less broken HUDs & more play.

  30. PąndamaƝ (pandaman98) says:

    My favorite part is finding demons that I know and being able to fight against them is a pitched battle, my least favorite part is that everything is badly organized and my choir is not up to the war to reach level 9 and not have a notorious part presence Of my companions is disappointing

  31. Areli Lou (LidyaLL Resident) says:

    My favorite part of this kind of events, it’s the oportunity of a closer team work, we get to know each other better in this kind of events than we normally do day by day playing A&D. The RP it’s great every event even when I haven’t actively participate in it (because to be honest I don’t have the skill to do it in english).

    My least favorite part is the use of non-A&D tools which i have to admit, they give an unfair advantage and at the end, it turns out who wins is who has a better hud and no who has a better skill or tactic. In this last event in particular, I suffered the lack of participation from Angels side. They might have their personal reason to keep themselves out of the war, but still is sad and disappoining how things changes in a year.

  32. Primmy Helcaraxe Blackburn Moretti says:


    I always thoroughly enjoy the wars and appreciate all the work Our Sators put into planning these. There is a lot of fun and fellowship with both species. There was so much work on the sim and off. Even if we weren’t on the sim people were out crafting. There was almost constant communication going on.

    My least favorite thing was that there were times (and I know it can’t be helped) was lag. There were times it would take me nearly 5 minutes just to target someone. I know though there are a lot of scripts to be run and that is understandable. That is my only issue though.

  33. JackYCB says:

    Q: What is your favorite and also least favorite things about the Wars we have in A&D?

    favorite thing about war was that it made the two teams team up more be supportive and make it obvious that we are teams,

    The least favorite thing about the war was that it had to happen in SL, too much lagging when we all are in the same sim and the huds doesnt even work some times.

  34. Caramel Luminos says:

    My favorite part was working together with my fellow angels and learning more about A & D. My least favorite part was the lag.

  35. 笑 Ǥεïşɧą 笑 (mimaiselfandai) says:

    What I liked most about this war was without a doubt the spirit of companionship we have had, which also after the end of the war continues, I think we have gained something very important, now we are much more united.

  36. Lalita Pearl says:

    My favorite part was how all the demons came together and helped each other to either fight, skill or give strategies in fighting in general. Even helping the younger demons participate in the war who were not sure what they could do to help us out. The hanging out when no fighting was occurring was a great way to meet demons that we haven’t met before. Credit needs go to the ones behind the scenes making spells, parchments, potions etc for us that were fighting. The lag was the least favorite but that comes with so many on the sim. Thank you to the Sators for the effort and hard work you both put into the planning of the war, the sim decoration was fantastic and the story of the war was just absolutely fantastic and well written.

  37. dreamingkassy resident says:

    My favorite thing about the war was the comradeship the different sides. It brought people that wouldn’t normally speak to each other or meet each other to a common goal.

    My least favorite thing about the war was lag (which I know is an SL thing) but when we ground fighting we had to fly up to at least 200m for the huds to start working again.

    Also, I wish there would of been a couple inscription tables and parchment tables on the sim as well.

  38. V Ivoltz X Tilly Watts (ghostai) says:

    Most favorite part of the wars on A&D is the story that is so compelling and it capture us all players, we are able to think as a unit and have common goals, instead of going around on a solo or team mission we fought towards it as factions angels and demons….war is one of the event that actually allow us to participate more and more into A&D game, it allows us to meet all the great players and make some amazing friends, i love the fact that Sators were working so hard and everyone that helped behind the scene to put together such a beautiful and amazing story 🙂 it had such a twist, there were so many happy moments in this war and my
    favorite line from the war is :
    “[14:09:41] Таѕна Ѕтая Нєᴌᴄаяаxё (tashaelove) cocks her Head to the Prime Evils direction “That is no way to talk to your child, is it? You will not lay a finger on him”
    i love the fact that angels and demons both fought with a lot of passion,against all the odds also during the RP the both species worked hard towards a common goal and the RP itself allowed to have results and a new species on the horizon very exciting.

    Least favorite part of the wars on A&D was the lack of things to do when we were sitting alone for hours and hours when we couldn’t see a single angel come in and fight or try to dominate the obelisk. it was hard to leave us afk cos if i were to skill and leave myself afk, it might have become
    harder to defend and the lag and sl problems we really can’t avoid them sadly , also i wish there were more events that leads to the war itself, wish the short events were organised before , so the people who were very busy and couldn’t come online would be able to become part of the war and the story line.

    thank you

    V Ivoltz X Tilly Watts (ghostai)

  39. ĐαяϮɦ ṔԼαɢµεɨຮ ๖ۣۜႠєηєвяæ (soggyfish) says:

    Favorite thing about the war: The fighting. The sound of spells casting, hearts racing to hear that Flame strike land on the target…and the silence of their heartbeat. To work as a team, not only in ones horde, but many hordes combined. We became close with other hordes and along the way made friends. It was also great to get people wanting to learn to fight, to experience a war for the first time that will come again and again. Everyone is gathered in the beginning of the war, with motivational words from their Sators to kick off the start of the war. When there isn’t any fighting in the War sim, there are skills that can be worked on within the sim. As well as a great role-play, even for those that don’t role-play can still watch and listen. Least Favorite thing: The timing of the wars and small participation from other species. I understand it’s hard to please everybody, but the ratio of species this war was quite sad. For me it came around the time of College Finals, but I still fought and Conquered nevertheless. (Suggestion to possibly add a set date for the next war) I was hoping for a war with constant battles, but most of the time was chopping with my partner, Vigilant and Ready, as we waited for Angels to enter. There were those that stayed up all day and all night and I know the Sators had done the same to prepare this war, but felt bad that not many came to challenge. I also recall over the past wars, that spells (When casted past halfway) would still hit the target even if the target left. For me it was really frustrating when the spell was right at the end of the bar, and the target left and the spell canceled. But, as always, it was a fun experience and I know the Sators will continue to Improve A&D to everyone’s likes and I’m already ready for the next war!

  40. fasniper says:

    My favorite thing is the fighting by the side of all the demons.

    my least favorite would be the lag that comes with the war.

  41. Princess Paisley says:

    My favorite things were the pretty sim and the way it was set up, and the way the demons united in a huge effort to win. My least favorite thing was, the lag i experienced, which wasnt all that bad, but it was enough to have rendered me useless in a fight.

  42. fuel6996 says:

    My favourites things about the Wars on A&D its that we can meet a lot of people we havent had the chance to met before , we can have a lot of fun fighting , creating new tactics to kill and even develop a better teamwork within our Legion or Domain .
    The rewards are always great and there are always good Rp sessions for players that prefer it , instead of fighting.
    The war gives a chance to all players enjoy it and of course there is always a New story on the end of the War that changes the game itself and the species that win the War always have a big Role on the story writen , and that is Great .

    The things i dont enjoy on the War usually its lag , i participated on the 2 and Miriach war was much better to fight and had more persons all the time on SIM than this last one, in this one i didnt liked that the spells of backpack could not deal with my speed , i lost more than 10 kills because the spells would not load , and at some point i would wish to see more participation from the arch`s of both species instead of 3 or 4 , because i believe the archs are big pillars on a War and they are supposed to lead for victory , in this war i only saw 4 participating(half of then) , this time the angels lost the war and at some point i didnt liked that they could not work on team to beat the Demons , i feel that in the last Days of the war they completely gave up and they didnt had a big voice to lead then , at some point i didnt liked the situation they had to go throught and some of then alone , i felt it was more a slaughter .

    • xxBlushxx says:

      Well said!! And you are Demon!! O_O . I’ve personally been at the end of your attacks and am a bit glad some of yours failed or I’d have been dead. 😛 (along with many others)
      Congratulations War Hero 🙂

  43. fang Firecaster says:

    easy love people doing things together what i dont like is the people that dont show up help or anything else getting stats days that didnt do anything to help

  44. Aimee Novaland says:

    Name: Aimee Novaland

    Favorite part of EC A&D wars: I greatly enjoy the role play events of the wars, and the collaborative teamwork of coming together with other players I wouldn’t normally have the chance to hang out with or fight with.

    Least Favorite part of EC A&D wars: Something outside of anyone’s control is SL’s inability to handle the system. It is frustrating when SL fails us and our huds can’t function or it crashes us trying to tp into or out of the war zone. I also am greatly bothered and disappointed by the horrible trash-talk, harassment, personal insults, and honestly downright cyber-bullying that some players fall into during the high-stress times of the war. I also wish that there were more non-combat tasks or objectives in the wars. Perhaps puzzles/riddles/quest lines that could be done by invul players from both sides if they feel more comfortable in that due to low quality PCs or whatever reason.

    • xxBlushxx says:

      Well said Aimee 🙂 I personally think Angel & Demon chat should be disabled during a War.
      Of course Angel chat alone, or demon chat alone is fine. But the two combined could maybe be controlled somehow by not allowing chat for the time during the war.

  45. Lᴇɪᴀ Çяơwᴌєץ Ⴀȼиȼвŗǣ (glowyglow) says:

    Pros and cons, huh? Well to be honest, there were definitely a lot more positives than negatives. As for my favorite things, I cannot seem to choose between fighting and role-playing. I enjoy the two very much. The fighting, well, that’s because I’m a badass. However, I’ve always enjoyed writing. In terms of my least favorite things, I am sure that almost everyone can agree on the lag. But besides technical difficulties, I found the lack of opponents to be a bit frustrating. After spending so much time, energy, and devotion in preparation, it’s a bit of a disappointment considering the many sleepless nights (and not just ours, but our creators’ as well). Nevertheless, I LOVE these wars. Not only is it a chance for us gamers to grow as players, but tend to learn from one another apart from the system. It gives the game a community feel and an entirely new purpose. So once again, Thank you! For another amusing experience to a game we all love to play.

  46. ThaliaEidotheaGalene Resident (Thalia Margaret Love) says:

    I didn’t put my sl name on the previous, so my favorite part was to see Sator Tasha in the war sim. I didnt participate in the first war as I am less then two months in A&D so I was not here when the last war took place, what I disliked was the immense lag. It was so bad once I couldnt even prepare to fight before I crashed, at that point nothing was working and my huds were on but so froze every other time I couldnt even hit perception on the main hud, I even tried to wear as little scripts, or assesories on my body (no wings, no tails, no ears, no jewlry, no shoes or socks) to make the lag lighter and I couldnt hardly move. I couldnt hardly take part in anything. once I entered the sim and wasnt able to hit any spells or even invulnerable & got killed. If you could put a script meter on the sim at the start of the war so people keep things lighter lag I think it would be awesome. Anyway thanks so much. Rp was fun for most of it as well.

  47. ℑυℓĭa ℜ Äмaяa Нєᴌᴄаяаxё Julia Helcaraxe Streeter Hayes says:

    I love how wars bring us together as a team,its where i made a lot of friends,from both sides but also gained a family that cares for each other^~^
    I love the roleplays,the fights how we get together for gathering etc.
    the mostly that i didnt like was the drama from both sides but also the lack of respect and fun from some.
    Remember we are supposed to have fun in the wars!

  48. midoriprincess says:

    I have to say my favorite parts to the war was the teamwork and the RP. The least favorite I would say was the lag issues but its not something we ourselves can fully fix.

  49. Eʅαɳɳα ߣɑςκвµяи ѕуℓν ɱαccση (elannastasia calael) says:

    My favorite things were being able to hang out and meet new people, and working together towards a common goal. my least favorite was the drama that happened. don’t complain, it’s just a game. The Roleplay was absolutely awesome, really I enjoyed it so very much, but I would have loved to see possibly a roleplay as well that included The Sators.

  50. Thalia Margaret Angela says:

    The lag is bad, so bad I couldnt even use my hud at all most of the times, once I couldnt even tp in.
    Enjoyed seeing Sator Tasha in the war sim often, was cool to see her a part of it.
    Would love to see more rp or a landing zone so we dont get attack when we are just trying to rez fully, can there be a script limit for entry it would I think help the lag a bit.
    enjoyed much of it but think it would have been a lot better if I could have moved around more freely and was about to actually use my A&D huds on sim. Thank you.

  51. Roo Roo (jenabernathy resident) says:

    It’s hard to pick my favorite thing about war because really there are two things prominent in war that aren’t as available during regular play. The group RP, outside of war RP does happen, but within war far more people get in on it and it’s great to see how many people really are good at RP. Also, the battles! It’s rare to be able to group up and actually find groups of the other species to battle with. To have a sim that’s just full of people looking to battle is always great!
    My least favorite is easier to pick.. the drama. The game/war is supposed to be about having fun, insulting and degrading each other is not rp and not fun, people need to learn respect in rp, similarly, others need to not take things quite so serious.

  52. ℒyrí Äмaяa Нєᴌᴄаяаxё Lyri Helcaraxe Streeter says:

    I for one, loved both wars. The first war, made me want to work hard and become better at everything. Skills, Fighting, learning. We lost that war but it still formed bonds and friendships that have continued to grow today. I gained a family and a sense of unity.

    For this war, I loved seeing how demons from all legions and hordes, came together to win. There were many that had differences and we put them aside for the ultimate goal of winning. Everyone helped each other. Training, gathering, opening their homes. We laughed and made even more memories. Many of were encouraging to both sides, The ultimate purpose of this game was to bring people together and of course win. #TeamDemons! But, it was also to bring the system as a whole together.

    The parts I didn’t like. Well, the negativity that took place on both sides. It was a game, to bring us together, one that took hours of prepwork and hours of observation, then add hours of post-work. There was more to it than the “lag” or the demons having an advantage or the angels not wanting to participate etc It was something that was given to us to have fun. Many, took that for granted and forgot the idea behind it. At the end of the day, it is an amazing game that we should appreciate more. The negative energy was something I didn’t like. I can deal with lag, I can deal with other things, but when people are negative towards each other, that is something that needs to change. Let’s work together to change that and this system will continue to grow. I really can’t wait for the next war!

  53. elannastasia calael says:

    My favorite things were being able to hang out and meet new people, and working together towards a common goal. my least favorite was the drama that happened. don’t complain, it’s just a game.

  54. LilithVanDracul says:

    My favorite: the cohesion of a species and fighting with each other. To find new friends in A & D.
    The most unloved: the lag while fighting and on the sim.

    I think the RP is very good and well thought out. I love it.

  55. Sammy Feldragonne says:

    My favorite thing about the Wars in A&D is that everyone comes together on each side to help each other out. My least favorite thing is having to be on high alert.

  56. nikzar says:

    my favorite thing: is the sim. I loved all the details of the decor.
    And the prizes to the non-peasants, only to come they won.

    i dont like: the laggy, i crash 3 times. and all my huds broken lol
    well i dont like the rp safe time.. i would prefer make the rule in rp all on
    those who were inside the village, it was safe .. so the rest of us could continue to fight.

    thanks for the war and for things to work inside the sim,
    That made the wait less boring and dont lost the time.

  57. Cardinal Sweet Love (sweetlove24k resident) says:

    My favorite part of the wars is that the Sators get involved and RP along with the systems members. Also that you aid in the RP of the system as a whole.

    My least favorite part of the war was the fact that the lag was particularly hard on our huds. With sl’s latest updates it made it very difficult for some of us to participate to the extent that we did in the previous war.

  58. lisatgirl says:

    the best thing is seeing people from different Legions nad Hordes helping each other and fighting for a common objective with such passion.
    the worse ofc is the lag but we lagged as much as the angels. sadly i don’t think this is something that you Sators can fix cuz SL servers are not under your control sadly

  59. sieril says:

    My favourite things about the Wars is the combat for sure and that you can work your skills also while you there, the rp not so much cuz I’m not a RP’er

  60. Anonymous says:

    Q: What is your favorite and also least favorite things about the Wars we have in A&D?
    A: My most favorite thing about the war is that it brought together all of the choirs and Hordes to work as teams instead of as single fighters. Creating new bonds among the players.
    My least favorite thing was the lack of ability to actually fight because of the lag. I was concerned that only some players could manage to lock on a target, I unfortunately was not one of them most of the time. Anyone who received a shot from me consider yourself a lucky shot. 🙂

  61. cella core says:

    Q: What is your favorite and also least favorite things about the Wars we have in A&D?

    Favorite i think it helps to get members active

    least favorite , unfortunately i have to work and work long long hours so i can not really participate

  62. DJ Shadow Wolf / Zanechaos resident says:

    My favorite thing about the war was the level of how much the demons pulled together to keep the land as me being new to A&D i also made some awesome friends and had fun… my least favorite thing was the lag that pushed hard once the angels actually started pulling in I would’ve loved to had been in a fight with another person that was new to A&D as much as i am on the otherside of things but the lag had caused huds to break and it was a mess once the actually battle started I took off everything but my A&D huds and still has issues

  63. Icarus Erechtheion (melmel.moonwing) says:

    Favorite: The teamwork aspect, getting together to have fun and battle whether we win or lose.

    Least Favorite: Negativity from players on both sides causing lack of cooperation and frustration.

  64. Xziel (Alkina Nysarea) says:

    I personally love how it brings everyone together to help out. My least favorite is that I only got to see the war happen for about 10 seconds before I crashed and I wish I could participate more in the actual war next time.

  65. Anonymous says:

    GangrelConsort1 My favorite about the wars has been the Role play. Least favorite is the lag of the sims. I feel the role play has been thought out and very fullfilling.

  66. pyrofang843 says:

    My favorite thing is getting to use my spells on people during a war and my least favorite thing is there needs to be more objectives during a war.

  67. Fides Torres says:

    Working together is my favorite part. And the use of everyone’s favorite activity within A&D.

    Least favorite is, something we can’t do much against, the limited server capabilities of the SIMs and the limited capabilities of the computers. The lag when there are a lot of avatars on the SIM.

  68. Muriad Resident says:

    My favorite thing about the wars is the comradery ,strategy they entail.My least favorite thing would be the rewards system.I feel like the people behind the scenes doing the mining,picking,etc should get recognized as well.

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