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Hey there! Since we will be releasing the Quest System within the next month or so,  I thought we could do a simple Blog Event. How this will work is everyone that replies and answers to the question will have a chance to be selected to receive the reward. We will give rewards to the Best 3 Quest Suggestions that we end up using for the Quest System. Therefore, try to imagine if they would work within the limitations of SL and match A&D.

For this specific event I would like you all to answer the following question.  Make sure that your answer is one that would be appropriate and also that it answers the specific question that is asked.
Q: What  sort of specific Quests would you like to see added to the upcoming Quest System? 

(Note: We already plan to put quests that cover gathering resources such as logs, ores, reagents, crystals, and etc. Make sure that your suggestion is something different than those.)

In order to participate simply leave a comment under this Blog Post. Make sure that when you are leaving a comment you fill out your name as what your SL username is. If you do not fill in your name  I won’t know who you are.

Also, all comments must be approved by me or one of the Blog Editors so if you do not see your comment post right a way just give it some time until we approve it.


3 Selected winners with the Best Suggestions: 1 Age, 1 Stat Point, 20 Relics, 10 Golden Keys

Ends: July 3rd @ Noon SLT

18 thoughts on “Blog Event #2

  1. Remi Amara Killamar (VidiaSyrynDethly Resident) says:

    Would love to see quests that involve attacks and kills on the opposite species, and a personal kill counter/taint/bless counter

  2. xxBlushxx says:

    It might be interesting to have the Quest system as an EVENT. Like MadPea Productions does it. With a backpack (which we already have – that gives clues, and perhaps coordinates) – This would require perhaps picking up clues one by one on various sims, to get to the end where a prize or item would be retrieved.

    Perhaps gain a wealth of busy popular merchants and/or beautiful scenic sims and shopping events that people go to. (I can provide many places if need be) Eternal Conflict could be given the access to rez chests that contain prizes in a hidden area. The Sim of course would NOT be a safe zone. But many mortals around. Making it difficult for angels and demons to hide the Eternal Conflict (fighting on most sims would be disruptive and might cause a user to be banned – so battles would need to be hidden i.e./ no followers, no dashing, no pushing etc etc that would make it seem that a battle was ongoing) – Try and grab that chest before your opposing species gets it and open for your prize!! (It could be soil, reset capsules, or even Stats!!) Once retrieved, perhaps a 24-48 hr period would go by, and another would be rezzed somewhere else. Eternal Conflict could perhaps “delegate” the rezzing of chests to trustworthy others as we all know The Sators are busy!

  3. Darth (Soggy Fish) says:

    Let me at em’ – The npc gives you hints on tracking down a traitor. They could be riddles or words that pertain to areas, objects, raid room, storyline etc within A&D. Possibly, off A&D sims if there is a way to add a tracker on the main hud for the quests when entering any region, (kind of like the arrow when locked onto a Target) leading the player to have “Picked up a burned note” when walked over the destination. The player may also have a hint that requires them to attack the opposite species, by doing so they “ripped a letter from the pocket” of the opposing player. When the 2-3 riddles/hints have been found, you bring the pieces back to the npc, and find the traitors location on the A&D sims. (These can be placed npcs around the A&D sim, but even though the player can lock on them, they can only attack the RIGHT one or the quest will fail BUT, try again young padawan. For that will require the player to follow the quest, rather than guess.) This quest can be scaled to the players difficulty of their choosing. Easy, normal, hard will determine the riddles/hints for new joining or advanced players. They will learn and also gain increased rewards.

  4. karyperez26 says:

    Maybe it would be a good idea to have external people that contain a secret object, that is collectible, something like a search for points for oneself and help in the system, I mean something more complicated to overcome. There are thousands of people in the world SL who could be of help, offering a small contribution such as: felipe resident has the object that corresponds to the system (could be a note that only contains a number, that number is the key to keep moving ). Not every person would be invited and to be more difficult the test .. it would be like hunting deer “with coordinates on the map”. Sometimes the most difficult is what tempting can be because it is a challenge and well personally I like the difficult things to overcome. Each person will have a number that in the system could be like the experience, now the idea sounds crazy, but it could work. P

  5. GrdAngelChelle says:

    Daily and weekly quests would be great, I think it should be something we do as a team, Taking Lands as a team seems to bring more people together and it helps build a bond, it’s also fun, I also think it should be a puzzle to solve, and something to do with the raid boss. It Should also be something completely different than what we already do.

  6. melmel.moonwing says:

    I think it would be interesting to see a story-related quest that perhaps adds to the lore behind EC, or even just a quest line that teaches you about the story of Eternal Conflict. As much fun as it is for some to read through all of the chapters that had been written, I think it might reel in more people to be drawn into the story by doing a quest line about it.

    Obviously the quests would have certain things to do, maybe to kill your first demon, bless your first mortal. I think it would be sorta like a Main quest, perhaps even span across the RP Tasks and have those fit in there somewhere, and as you complete each section of the quest you will receive rewards such as stats, age, things to make you stronger. And at the same time, the quest would be teaching you about the lore behind EC.

    Maybe it’s silly and obviously needs some reworking but I would love to see a quest line like that, to learn about the lore all over again and in a new light.

  7. Starfireseeker says:

    I like glowys idea on the leaderboard bounties. That will be fun. I also think land dominating , treasure hunts with participating popular EC Sims. Also maybe quests for doing non spell fights , 1v1s etc.

  8. LincolnGabriel says:

    Something I believe would be fun and entertaining would be a hunt. Something along the lines of a MadPea event type. Have the hunt set up for locating objects hidden inside of hell, heaven an the hangout. Another would be to do something more fun and interactive such as a grid wide scavenger hunt so to speak. Last but def not least, why not use the winners from the recent story rp to build a quest on. The story itself is based on a quest that we were sent on to retrieve what was stolen. So maybe the winner of the story competition has an added bonus of their story becoming an actual quest within the EC system.

  9. Damienpandajewjew says:

    I have to say team work.
    Learning to improvise as a horde or choir also requires teamwork ….maybe a reward for groups of people who are active daily to contribute to the game. Leveling the horde …..teaching how the game is run…mentoring outside of greeters. Being a person and not just a character in the game. Maybe award for different aspects such as rp character . Who is active in the eternal conflicts chats . Who is demoStratong leadership not by the amount lf angels or demons beneath them but how active their minions or angels are and their progress ….devolping the loyalty tree. I just feel there should be more quests to motivate those to want to build their own choir or horde ….to make Eternal conflict more diverse. Also a quest for just anyone being overall a team sport ….. something the arches can grant . Like arch midori can montior and see who on her group is playing fair and leading ….it builds progress it builds trust and more importantly it devolpes the system to be built more openly and diverse for future ec members

  10. LΣIѦ ϾЯӨ₩LΣ¥ (glowyglow) says:

    I believe quests to be different than the current types of achievements that we already have. Such quests that involve more movement interaction, rather than the normal stationed-skilling. Some should consist of the following: fighting, land dominating, feeding, and recruiting. Fighting quests would include the hunting of a notorious opponent (perhaps someone on the leader boards. Bounty-like). Land domination quests could be generated at random for random sim-taking. Sort of how we currently receive system messages on local chat stating that a land or specific sim has been dominated. Daily feeding quests can encourage non-active players to participate in a way to remain alive or a quest that serves as a reminder to prevent fades due to starvation. Recruitment is pretty self-explanatory, but perhaps incorporating some rp can make things a bit more interesting (sort of like the rank rps, except this time with incentives). Furthermore, I really like the idea that Crave suggested regarding finding certain objects throughout the grid. It’s another great way to be interactive.

  11. starletta serenity says:

    I was thinking that we could do something like raid boss beat the raid boss on easy 5 times… beat him on medium 3 times beat him on hard 2 times and heroic 1 time.. ect ect….. or a quest along the lines of getting x amount of disciples…. or how many times you defeat either an angel or demon in battle so many times…. starletta serenity

  12. nikzar says:

    I would like days or weeks at random.
    With a limited time.. would be more entertaining.

    In couple, riddles to find something, and only one is determined to find it, and the other has to remain for example in pillon absorbing mana.
    And find the next clue, for the place where the chest is.

    Oh make a rolplay with the artifact or some other robot, give us clues, and go look at the official sims oh neutral places, and have a time limit to return things. And earn points for the horde /chorus

    also kills/tainted more people.. find stuff on oficial sims

  13. Ladida Davi says:

    I would like to see both daily and weekly quests, my sugesstions are:
    Taking lands
    Blessing/tainting mortals
    Discovering certain hidden places in hell/heaven
    Using chanelling pylons
    RP with other members (although I’m not sure if this can be tracked in any way)
    Visiting certain sims to find a relic or a chest
    Casting spells
    Horde/Choir donations

  14. DragoLawe Resident says:

    I would think that a quest line that teaches you about the system and professions would be something that could help new people out in the game. Kind of a step by step to learn what does what, and where to find it at

  15. Crave Mode (Kraven Nerezza) says:

    Treasure Hunt Quests – Find pieces of a destroyed weapon from a previous war (We wouldn’t want mortals uncovering their power!). This could be spawned in the safe zones, or have specific pieces around the grid using a hud map with a scan that could detect a piece (that doesn’t actually exist on the grid as there are no rights to rez objects, but it would go into the backpack when found).

  16. xaniy says:

    What about a quest that includes the raid boss, say defeat it on hard level two times…or a quest to work as a group..donate X amount to your choir bonus. xaniy

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