Blog Event #3

Hey there! A&D has been around for quite a while now, We are interested to know how you guys heard about A&D and how you joined.  I thought we could do a simple Blog Event. How this will work is everyone that replies and answers the question will have a chance to be selected to receive the reward.

For this specific event I would like you all to answer the following question.  Make sure that your answer is one that would be appropriate and also that it answers the specific question that is asked.
Q: How did you hear about A&D and how did you end up joining the system?

In order to participate simply leave a comment under this Blog Post. Make sure that when you are leaving a comment you fill out your name as what your SL username is. If you do not fill in your name  I won’t know who you are.

Also, all comments must be approved by me or one of the Blog Editors so if you do not see your comment post right a way just give it some time until we approve it.


Participation: 10 Relics
3 Randomly selected winners: 1 Age, 20 Relics, 10 Golden Keys

Ends: September 10th @ Noon SLT


Rewards have been given 9/26/17

64 thoughts on “Blog Event #3

  1. ChevyMudder90 resident says:

    For Months and Months i watched my SL family members skilling on their homeland wondering what it was they was doing. At first it looked to much like work but the more and more i watched the more interested i became at it. One night i was sitting on a the sim cutting up with them and another member of A@D came in and attacked them and actually killed all but one of them. Come to find out that this Person was one of the rather larger fighting players i began to realize that there was more to the game other then skilling. i became interested in the attack aspect of the game and was brought into the game by my sister. soon after my wife and then my son and daighter came in also. So i Blame my Sister for introducing me to the game and bringing me into A@D Only thing they didnt realize that was gonna happen was i was gonna go opposite side whahahah!!!

  2. ⱮĪĿƐу ƁαѕтιƖƖє Н ƁƖαcквυяη™ (milly1) says:

    I’ve always been in some type of role play in the last 14 years on SL. So when Lazar Blackburn told Coors about A&D, he asked me if I’d like to join. I did say no at first as I didn’t want to join another RP at that time but when he told me that it was developed by Lhinovanion & Tasha Helcaraxë i was like sure I’d known Tasha and Lhino for about 6 years. I had brought them in to a roleplay system i was in at the time i was so pleased to see how they had done so well over the years. When i joined A&D i became Coors his Chief Captain and over the years and i brought in many people under me. Now i have my own Horde Bastille and it gave me a great family in my horde. We work hard building our horde up the levels right now and i enjoy doing the skills, the achievements and that’s how i got to know about A&D.

  3. shubabyta says:

    ello, I met this game thanks to a friend, he told me it was angels and demons I told him I would like to try it, and he gave me less price, he told me that it was not useful for professions, that is another reason, I became an angel, I raised my professions , and I am the happiest angel

  4. Cassindria79 says:

    I 1st heard of a & d a long time a go. I join the system over 3 years a go. The readon i join is a child avi i was to watch over got pulled in to the system as a demon. When i found out this happened and my sl sister at the time. I was in few other systems with her. I joined a and d to help keep them safe. My so called sl sister pulled some drama with the horde she was with and moved to the horde i was in. She told me of the threats being made shortly after my sl brother was attacked in a few systems by the same horde that was going after my sister. There more to this ill keep it to my self for now

  5. Rachael Schnyder says:

    Wings! I was shopping for wings! I found the [EC] Wings which led to my reading up on the system on the Wiki then deciding “it’s too much work!”, which led to two days in hell a couple of years later, reading the system notes and deciding “it’s too much work!” which lead to 1 hour 16 minutes and 17 seconds of YouTube tutorials and deciding “it’s too much work!”. Then no demons would descend me, and no angels wanted to transcend me, guess they figured mentoring me was too much work, which led to Blush and Guy jumping me and Blush transcending me.. and eventually Guy got me my angel wings.

  6. ・ʀøѕe ⓌⓊⓁⒻ・™ (littlelillyrose says:

    i been in A&D for a lil while but i haven’t been on that much to work on the skills till a few months. i am Angel of Justice its fun to pick on the demons that i know and friends with.

  7. dakota613 says:

    A friend and I were searching for a realistic role-playing community when we found A & D. I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did. I absolutely love it here. Everyone that I’ve encountered has been super friendly and helpful.

  8. vampirekittykat69 says:

    I heard about A&D from a demon I had known in another life, back then I didn’t want to join A&D because he told me he had to eat me O_O so I was like nahhhhhh~! but about a year later I met my current mom! We worked together and i came to the club one night and she and Cardinal Tue was there and Mom told me about A&D again and said she was an angel and that intrigued me i had logged off that night and the next day i logged in and messaged my now mentor and told her i wanted to join and be an angel and she teleported me to the choir and i met everyone and now i love A&D and my choir <3

  9. Skittlez88 says:

    I originally was curious about the system after leaving another HUD based game. I visited the sim once or twice but didn’t really know what I was doing until I met some friends who were in the system. They introduced me to the game and brought me into it, and I haven’t stopped playing since!

  10. εїз Ąғᴛу ωυℓƒ (aftonfournier says:

    I heard about A&D through Lethyl when we started dating he was an angel he would talked about the skills so after we got married he turn me into a Angel and i became Angel of Hope im glad i am one it something to do on SL im almost done with my skills.

  11. hunyady95 says:

    I heard about it from a group of people in another SL game. They explained to me what it was, mostly, and I chose to join. It was a rough start in A&D, with my mentor not teaching me anything. But I’m here today and consider it one of, if not the, best game in SL.

  12. Anika Havoc (destructivehavoc) says:

    I was looking for a good place to take a photo…wanted a dark background and ended up in hell. I read about the system and became intrigued. I meandered around heaven and hell for a couple of days and eventually ran into a demon who was willing to answer my questions. He explained things to me in more detail, took me to visit his horde land, and the rest was history.

  13. Shebear says:

    I heard about A&D from a friend of a friend who was in the system as an angel. I had just bought a new gaming pc and had always wanted to do some combat games in sl but it would have been impossible with my old laptop. I first went to visit heaven to have a look around because being an angel was my first choice just because I knew someone who was an angel. I then visited hell and I knew right away if I joined I was going to be a demon. Hell was all dark and goth looking and I felt like I fit right in haha. I joined the system the next day 🙂

  14. MarionPhoebe Resident says:

    It was my lovely super duper best friend, now sl sister Brooklyne18 Resident that told me about A&D and it caught my interest because you would be more active or could be more active joining A&D, then I was in Bloodlines, plus the added fact that you could feed so much easier, was a turn on for me. My name in SL is MarionPhoebe Resident and everyone knows me as Marion Gaultier Nezrulain, but that is the name I chose for myself 🙂 I chose like my sister, to become a demon ♥ And I belong under Eternal Retribution and under Sephraia Lordhunter who I adore so so much ♥

  15. ira993 says:

    Long time ago while I was Bloodlines player, Demon approach me telling if I ever get tired of Vampire world, I should give it a try in A&D. After some time I just had enough and remembered his words so started to look for it but since he never said it is EC had no idea where to start since I wanted to be an Angel felt stupid to contact him. Playing as a teen in that time was trying to get SL family and there was a girl with wings so just asked her directly is she an Angel. She was too young to turn me so I went to Cardinal saying I met her and that I need help in joining because she’s too young Angel and can’t turn me. Next day I was an Angel.

  16. kodysummers says:

    Back in October – November of 2015 I was having a normal converse with two people who was talking about it off and on… One day they where talking about having just killed a few demons back to back and I asked what where they talking about.. They told me it was a game called Angels and Demons and they just got out of a few battles. As time went on and the more they talked about it I asked them more and more questions. Back in November I created Kody, I had to allow him to age which they said I had to be 31 days old before I could join. Time had ticked by until one day in January of 2016 I was transcended and at the time I had picked Death.. And thus the Angelic Elf was born

  17. Pandora Roux(Sassyeris) says:

    I was really heavy into bloodlines years ago but I started to lose steam with it, because lets face it, after so many years of the same thing and nothing really gets added to the system or expands, it just isn’t fun anymore. My daughter, Tamamo was the one who introduced me to A&D. She explained how interactive it was. I was very intrigued that there was so much to do(e.i. skilling and battles) plus adding in the whole RP experience makes it very appealing. I joined a couple years ago and I’m very happy I did.


  18. Sephraia Lordhunter says:

    I was in the middle of an H1Z1 base and we were crouched down in the middle of a raid on another team. My teammate and long time friend “Peachy melody” said to me, “I heard there’s a no rules fly fighting game taking off in SL” I tilted my head and smiled “there is? ” She told me what she knew about it and we meant to check it out, but got caught up in h1z1 for about 1500 more hours. A friend of mine Death Gearz then contacted me a couple of months down the road and asked me to come check it out with a team of other fly fighters from another game. I said okay, and we joined him as angels that day. We also turned demons the following day, because we wanted to experience the differences in fighting styles before we chose a side. I chose my demon because I liked her mana regen and faster hits, compared to the stronger hits and slower regen that the angels have. I like Eternal Conflict because there’s always something to do, the stat point system allows for a diverse body of fighting builds, and allows fighters to formulate their own style. #demonsrule

  19. Lucas Fate Lordhunter says:

    I found out about A&D through and ex that I dated for a short time. She use to play as an angel but quit for awhile before I met her. I logged on one day and she was in Heaven talking to Magic and we discussed which side to ge on and I wanted to be a demon so he introduced us to Silver and I became a demon. Alot has happened since then and I found my home. Joining A&D was the best part of SL.

  20. Silence Scorpio says:

    It all started in 2015, I have seen the hud on MP, but had no idea what it was. Fast forward to 2017. It was Jan. and I was working at a club. A close friend of mine (my partner now) Was taking pictures at different sims, she had never been too. One of those sims was heaven, and then she went down in to hell. There she met her overlord, and for the next 9 months enjoyed the escape that is A&D. Oct. I am coming back from a work trip, and Had been talking to her about joining for the last couple of months. So on Oct. 31, 2017 (Yay Halloween) I became a demon. Best day of the year to become a demon. The rest is grinding history.

  21. milop3 says:

    I remember I was looking for furniture for a house where I lived and saved the landmark of L&T designs, a long time later I went to that place and I saw a couple of bright entrances: one for angels and another for demons, I transported to angels first and I didn’t find anyone, I transported later to the demons and I found people who explained to me about the system, and so I started in the game

  22. Cherokeedior says:

    Another angel safaree brought me to the auras unity choir land. He was explaining the role play and I thought it was exciting and wanted to join. I asked to join and inadequate67 turned me into an angel and became my mentor and Ive been having fun and thriving. Best decision I’ve ever made in sl xD

  23. RyderLyn Ketori (RyderLyn Resident) says:

    I was sim hopping one day and I wondered if SL had a heaven and hell. So I searched for heaven and sure enough there was a heaven! I teleported to it to see what it looked like. As I turned from right to left looking around at the beautiful sim I got an IM from someone asking me if I needed any help. I was a little confused since I thought it was just another pretty sim in SL. He sent me a link to a website for Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons and told me to feel free to read up on the game and come back if I had any questions…. About 2 weeks later I came back and found the handsome stranger and asked a few questions. He gave me a tour and I was blown away by how detailed the grid-wide game was and how everything in heaven was so beautiful. After the tour I was transcended as an Angel of Justice. I had no idea while I was sim hopping and just exploring SL that I would stumble on to something so great and at the same time meet someone who started out as my mentor and friend and is now my friend, SL husband and my partner in the game.

  24. Rory (rorylaynedawn resident) says:

    I had been in family RP and teen RP for a while but hadn’t really had much luck finding a place to stick it out for long. So when a friend told me about A&D, I thought I would check it out. I personally loved that it wasn’t solely focused on RP; there are things to do on your own as well. So I was sold! I joined a choir and it’s honestly one of the few reasons I even stay active in SL today.

  25. Randy Rickena says:

    I heard about A&D while I was in Progeny from Arch Parthenia when the game was beginning it’s testing. I joined with my family and went along from there. At the time I wasn’t into the skilling, but now I try my best~ 😛 Still not that much of a fan of skilling but I’m a lazy butt sometimes.

  26. Lady Death says:

    I used to hang out at freebie galaxy out of boredom several years ago. I run a few star wars role play sims and that can be a heavy burden at times to the point I needed a break. At the time my “around the grid” character was Alice…from Alice in Wonderland, only she had become a demon due to all the bad acid trips. A demon hanging out in Freebie Galaxy spotted me and loved my avi, and tried to convince me to become a demon. They took me to their land and I looked around and such, and told them I would think about it. A couple years passed and I still had never joined, but I adapted the Lady Death character and dropped the Alice one entirely. I remembered the system the demons had told me about, and did a search for the sim and found it. I took a look around Hell, met with a demon, but as I was explaining the backstory I had already formed, they thought I would be better suited to an Angel of Death. My mother, Sweetlove24k, saved me from descending into Hell and made me an Angel of Death instead.

  27. Toni Fairlady says:

    One day – I was just stood lonesome and half naked in my LL home, when I hear this ping of an IM. I look to see who it was (Cause I didn’t have many friends when I came back to SL, so was a bit weirded out!) And here popped up a name…’Wayneshadow’. Now to me, I was like who the hell is this guy asking if I was in Afterlife? – Question1: What is that? Question 2: Who are you?! Turns out he’d broken into my LL home to try and kill me, only to found out I was a little mortal, doing nothing but changing my clothes. He asked if I had ever heard of A&D, nope..Never. He asked if I wanted to join to give me something to do in SL other than just stand there! He TP’d me to heaven, and it was pretty much a done deal by then. A&D has been my family and my home for nearly a year now, and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

  28. Wayneshadow Resident says:

    Before EC, I was in a High School RP for many years as a teen. Then one day during classes, I was informed that multiple classmates were systematically ‘becoming demons’ such as Ophelia, Emmy, Envy, Senji, Hayden, Bridgette and Syn – just to name a few. Even Karma, a teacher of ours, became a demon and is now currently chieftain of a horde full of wonderful players. I was offered a ticket to hell by Bridgette – but politely declined and became an Angel once it was revealed to me by a friend all those years ago that there were WAY more Demons out there in the world than Angels. Soon after, I joined under my mentors Arch Cas and Duke the Seraphim… with a few of my close friends from school, and we skilled constantly to be able to defend ourselves – and I never for once looked back.

  29. Remi Amara Killamar (VidiaSyrynDethly Resident) says:

    I joined after hearing about it through a friend. She told me she was partnered but that it wasn’t a romantic partnering, I asked what she meant and she explained about skilling and how the system worked. She then told me Angels had been snacking on me 😮
    A few months passed between me hearing about it and finally joining as I was involved with some other heavy rp’s and didn’t want to start anything new at the time. When I finally did however I kicked myself for not joining sooner! I’m now A Demon of Destruction and ranked as a Tempter and loving every minute of it 😀

  30. Julia Parish Loudwater (Pic Loudwater) says:

    A friend of mine was already involved with Bloodlines and was working on trying to get her girlfriend free of the master that had turned her. I got the brilliant idea to cut things off at the head and fight fire with holy fire, so I started looking around for a a way to become an angel. It was when I found the EC: Angel&Demons store on market place while looking for wings for my own personal RP that I finally had the lead I was looking for. I then took the time to explore and met some very nice angels that explained the system to me. Seeing the EC: Angels & Demons system as an extension of my own RP that I have been doing, it felt like a natural fit. So, I took that fateful step to leave the mortal coil and transcend as an Angel of Valor. I admit that I jumped the gun a bit, considering that D had agreed to transcend me though he was young enough at the time that he had to wait a few days before he could do it. Still feeling the sense of urgency to save a friend from a vampire, I went back to the heavens the next day and met Samael who agreed to be my mentor and transcend me. Even though Bloodlines and A&D are different systems, my friends and I RP’d to free my friend and save her soul. Being transcended by Samael and joining FNE has turned out to be one of the best impulsive decisions I have ever made.

  31. Tracy Warrhol says:

    I joined A&D through a friend who invited me over to meet the lovely Arch Parthenia, She sat an spoke to me for what seemed like forever also touring the heavenly sim as to which i was hooked by then, I was transcended an have never looked back since, A&D is rewarding in itself helping in the real world after a stressful day come on in an beat on a rock or a tree taking the stress away, I will forever be grateful for Arch Parth for leading me into heaven, I have a great family thanks to the system <3

  32. Ezio Assassin (ezioaauditore) says:

    i buy an amazing wings and a friend of mine told me that you should be an angel and there is a system called angels and demons and after that i search about that system bc i saw my self as angel and i found it and it become part of me and after i be in the system it’s an amazing bc before i was just fool guy lost in sl don’t know what to do but now i have family friends and more is fun it’s make me join sl a lot loll

  33. Blairjessica says:

    I took a long break from SL when I moved across the world in RL to the UK from the US. I came back because my brother who was a demon missed me and wanted me to come around. I was talking to them on their land when a certain angel named “Light” decided to come and try to kill them. At first I heard about how him and K would laugh at Light’s efforts but then one day Light popped in on my head and started talking to me about it. I wasn’t interested at first because I didn’t plan on staying in SL. But then one day he forcefully sent me a teleport and told me today was the day I was becoming an angel. So when people ask why I didn’t go demon, the truth is I had no say in the matter. He turned me and told me I had to kill people or he would kill me and the rest is history.

  34. Artisane / artdevine says:

    Q: How did you hear about A&D and how did you end up joining the system?

    I joined A&D in 2017, when I followed my SL brother, who suddenly didnt have time for me. And I just followed him blindly into the demon side *snickers* But originally I heard about A&D just before i took a break from SL, from my SL mom at the time. Both her, I and my sl brother is still actively playing after years.
    Im really glad I joined, though I have taken breaks during it after I started

  35. Kaydro (EmperorDemo Resident) says:

    Once upon a time, I used to wear Angel outfits and hang out at the old social islands (the ones that had no scripts and stuff). It was a nice SL non -laggy day, when someone got into my IMs and asked: “Hey, that is a nice outfit. Do you want to be an angel on SL?”

    I was like: “Why thank you. What do you mean, an angel on SL?”

    He replied: “Oh, there is a new game on SL, that lets you roleplay as an Angel. Let me know if you want to play it, I will show you around.”

    Curious, I decided to give it a go. A few days later, Herbalism and Alchemy was released, I found myself in old heaven, with other angels that were desperately racing to pick nightshades all over heaven. And of course, fighting other demons at social islands..oh the joy and fun.

    And that is how the adventure all started for this angel.

  36. Ladida Davi says:

    I went looking for a new thing to do because I was bored with Bloodlines, and ended up on the A&D sim. I spoke to the first demon I came across but she was super rude and unwilling to help other than passing me a bunch of notecards so I decided I wouldn’t bother. A year later my partner at the time met another demon who offered to show us around and tell us about A&D and our entire family (like 10 people) joined within two days. And we pretty much quit everything we had going in SL and just did hardcore A&D for yearsssss now 🙂

  37. Scarlettia Yheng says:

    I joined A&D by an old friend of mine, she showed me about the skilling and the crafting because i loved minecraft for the same aspect. The gathering and crafting had me hooked from then on. She turned me and still to this day I enjoy pushing on to my goal of 100% on all skills.

  38. Guy Ketori says:

    I was dancing at Muddy’s one day back in March 2015 and a woman named Cheyenne McMahon started talking to me and asked if I wanted to join a new game called Angels & Demons, and since she was an angel that’s what I’d be. She was pretty persuasive and I couldn’t think of a reason to say no, so the next thing I knew I was on the choir land (Ludicium Lux) and I was getting transcended. I remember there was a bit of a glitch and they had to restart it, but the next thing I knew I was an Angel of Wisdom, and I’ve been one ever since (with one exception: during the second war I switched to Justice, but I switched back to Wisdom as soon as it was over). What Cheyenne failed to mention were these things call skills! Anyway, 4 1/2 yrs later and I’m still here and I’m still enjoying this awesome system. I know it’s not for everyone, but it seems I found my niche.

  39. AMROSIA Blaisdale says:

    I found out about A&D one from my girlfriend and two when we were roaming different grids for new things to do and I wanted to show her the bloodlines. I saw a sign there that said angels and demons. She had mentioned seeing an insert of that on Facebook and wanted to try it. She convinced me to come and check it out explore hell and heaven. We stumbled upon an angel whom helped us get more information and point us in the right direction. Since then we have learned a lot more and it has spiced the interest just that much more.
    We are happy that we found it and makes secondlife just that more interesting and gives an amazing opportunity to invest time in a purpose and to meet new and fun people interested in the same. I have been on sl for 11+ years and in some ways you run out of things to do and things become repetitive. Finding this is a breath of fresh air and looking forward to learning more and meeting more great people. I am a gamer and this is right up my ally. Thank you for creating this!! ♥

  40. Alberto22294 says:

    I had made a group of new friends in another game system and they had an angelic area set up. Curious as I am I asked about it and was slowly let in into the “secret” species and slowly gained the trust to be ascended as an angel. The people I originally hanged out with turned out to be not so great, but have stuck with the game for all these years 🙂

  41. Inadequate67 says:

    A&D was quite unknown to me when my girlfriend at the time used to tell me we need to leave this area because a demon is here. She then told me about the game as to why she needed to leave and how the game operated. I therefore wanted to get to learn more about the game as well as the RP side to it, but what was most important to me was the grid fighting 🙂 and therefore got transcended by her as an angel of death.

  42. DiMazing Starsider says:

    I was interested back when it first started years ago but never got the chance to join. Found my sister Claire was in A&D and as she was talking about everything she had done (skilling with plants, mining with gems, making parchments and even her very own armor!!!!), how could I pass that up. Plus, such a great opportunity to become a part of such a great family. I looked into both sides and picked the best for me and have never looked back. I am having a ball and wished I would have joined aged ago like I wanted to. I love the way people are willing to help train you to battle, items to help level up, or even advice. It’s the best group ever. Thanks for making A&D Sators..♥

  43. LarainRain says:

    To be honest I was at a welcome hub and my (now) partner randomly came up to me just stood there and so I messaged him. saying hey and all that, then we got on the topic of what he was doing and he told me he was feeding. I wanted to learn more so I became an angel after that we partnered, he ended up being my soulmate <3

  44. GraceCurtis Resident says:

    i was chatting with someone from a group i’m in and mentioned to him that I was hoping to find a RP group to be a part of. He passed the link to A&D’s site to me and told me to check it out and let him know if i was interested. I read over the site and thought it would be a great RP to be a part of. He helped me to get transcended. He’s since left A&D but i’ve got a great mentor in JuniperTrue and an awesome choir that i look forward to growing with 🙂

  45. idriill resident says:

    well i come from imvu, there i roleed as a vampire/demon. but in imvu you don’t have huds or scripts just role in text… so once i got a computer that could run well second life, i came here looking for active roles of demons… i was looking for several weeks, until in a help sim spain help or something like a very famous latin one, i found a demon… i dressed like a demon so i asked him if he knew of any active role of demons…. he told me a little and I asked him to take me to know the place or give me more information … that’s the bad part, he kept me for a whole month without more information or visit the sims, basically I was waiting blind. when the day came that I became, I knew nothing just gave me teleport and converted. and well longer story, I lost my creator in the days by claiming I did not teach me anything and angels had attacked me and I did not understand anything … so I continued going to the sim which I did not understand, and I was talking to those I found until I found another Spanish mentor … and since then I am in a&d and almost 3 years in the system 🙂

  46. lllMASElll says:

    i hear about A&D long time ago by my ex wife.after we split up.i decide to join A&D as demon.ididnt feel home in hell.i stop for 2 years and i come back to A&D as angel i really feel home i join first choir nfe i really love entire choir as family.

  47. Samael Parish says:

    i hear about A&D long time ago by my ex wife after we split up i decide join A&D was demon i didnt feel home i take break after 2 year i came back as angel i feel home im happy with my first choir my family

  48. JuniperTrue Resident says:

    I was RPing in a family sim with my friend, sαтσsнι Ä. кαтσ. He and his friends would talk about A&D and eventually asked me if I wanted to join with them. It sounded interesting, the talk of war and fighting, so I agreed to join and become a Demon. Even though I agreed, I knew I really wanted to be an Angel. Early the next morning, I found the sims myself and chose Heaven. I wandered around Heaven, no one speaking to me, I finally saw mutantwarriorsa. and decided he would be the one I asked. He was very kind and agreed to transcend even though he was pretty new to the system himself. Boy was my friend surprised!

  49. mina 乇гσš says:

    For my part, it’s all due to Ťץε and the 乇гσš-OZ clan. I wandered into Club End of Days on a random teleport at the tender SL age of 20-something days. Ťץε greeted me and we fell to talking; I commented how many vacant sims i’d seen and wondered where everybody was hiding. We fell to chatting about A&D, Ťץε showering me with information and never tiring of being pumped for more detail.

    Within days we’d toured Hell, conversation had drifted into topics of interest in her coursework, and we’d cemented the start of a fine friendship. I met Vlad and Nadya, eventually met ŜüŋɾĨŞε 乇гσš-OZ, and ultimately asked Ťץε to descend me.

    Today at the A&D age of 39 I’m living on TOES family land, skilling away, making friends on ASP chat, and learning as I go. This week OZ and Ťץε invited me to join the family (I’m now Ťץε’s kid sister) and gave me their name.

    I’m elated to have rolled such lucky dice wandering alone in SL. Thanks for providing a place for me to say so, Äгcђ ℒyrí!

  50. May Ivy (RadenRose) says:

    I was hanging out with a family in Second Life who played. The person who was going to mentor me was a day of age in the game and I said I would try it with them. I started as an Angel but ventured out into the Demon world when I came back after being an angel awhile and a break, I started to realize that A&D was perfect for me and haven’t left since becoming a Demon! ♥

  51. Cheyenne Bigboots says:

    I have known about A&D for a long time but never looked into seeing what it was about. (wishing i would of now lol).
    I finally joined A&D due to my Second life partner (husband) he just knew id enjoy it and it gave us something to keep us busy. So he had started it and a week of me watching him i just had to join. And now that i finally finished getting my skills up now i get to work hard and enjoy the finer things of learning how to battle and making things to better myself. and hopefully in the future my disciples.

  52. sieril says:

    I Heard about A&D Thanks to my SL Dad Fu Incognito, he told me if I wanted to join so I was like well why not, so I end up joining as an angel and so far still enjoying it

  53. Midnight Udimo says:

    I was hanging with family and my ex who is an Angel in the system started to talk about it and it got me curious because I love playing stratedgy games and figuring out where my stat points go and skilling games so it caught my attention my first choice was Angel mind you guys but my ex was in resting so I didnt really know anyone else to turn to so I had the person who was my sister in law at the time turn me into demon ever since then I have enjoyed this game and plan to stay in it well until I no longer have a computer or whatever the case be but I’m very happy with the system 🙂

  54. Stormtactic Resident says:

    My bloodlines liege joined the A&D system and told me about it. So I joined her. I really like that the huds are free.

  55. Ann Shadowcry says:

    I found out about A&D by a friend, who was a bloodlines war player. I joined a friend since I was already under her in a different system.

  56. eve3721 says:

    I was hanging with a friend of mine into new lands where I saw into a corner a strange tank with something like a reddish fluid inside it…. I was so curious so I search on google before and inworld after my first research…. I went into a big land where I found 2 stairs…. one for the Hell and one for the Heaven…. I thought that we already have too many Demons around…. so I preferred to follow the Heaven way…… I met a guy who turned me Angel after a little explanation of the game, I’m still alive now and also I hope to stay alive for a long time yet….. I’m in fact Angel of Hope…..

  57. ripsu123 says:

    I heard about A&D first time from bloodlines friend who was tired of it and moved to A&D, but I was half forced to join it without knowing or taught anything in first 6 months, untill I began to be interested and started to ask around and learn by myself, then fell in love ♥

  58. yaumii resident says:

    I first heard about EC:A&D while hopping sims looking for a new photo shoot location. I was looking for an infernal background and popped into Hell. Imagine my surprise when I saw people (Demons) there hitting rocks, making paper and hanging upside down in these creepy looking pods. I was instantly intrigued! I quickly found the nearest demon and started to ask a ton of questions (and unknowingly got Fully Tainted!). The more answers I was give the more fascinated I became.
    I started looking at the groups related to the game, specifically the number of members playing. I wasn’t interested in joining a game that hardly had any players after all. I was very happy to see both the Demons and the Angels groups had thousands of players and was a very active game. I did note however that the demons vastly outnumbered the angels. That, for me, sealed the deal! I was going to join A&D, and I was going to become an angel. Enduring the efforts of skilling. Flexing my RP skills to the limit. Fighting across the grid in an Eternal war as the under dog. Bring it on! I do love a challenge!

  59. KC1990 Resident says:

    Oh, boy, I forgot most of how I joined… It’s been so long ago. Anyways, what I remember was, I heard about A&D from someone… I believe it was former Arch Parthenia, but I’m not 100% certain. Anyways, I expressed my interest in joining the system with my SL family and they were all against me joining because they didn’t want me to go through the headaches of skilling. After a few months, I decided to give A&D a try anyway, so I went to former Arch Parthenia and she had one of her cardinals transcend me. At first, things were rough, but after a while, I had gotten used to the system and now I’m enjoying everything about the system.

    • Midnight Udimo says:

      KC you are a great mentor and a good person and love to help those in need even before i chose light side you and mega helped me the best you guys could and im very thankful for that…. LETS KILL US SOME DEMONS WHEN I GET BIG AND STRONG LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol sorry had to be silly a bit

  60. desge resident says:

    my friend talked about A&D, the skills, the family, etc. I was interessted to know more so I joined and my friend turn me into a angel. a angel of death,

  61. Liana Wildmist says:

    The sim that I hung out in at the time had signs up banning A&D attacks in certain areas. I was curious, but it wasn’t until I saw A&D in the sim Manager’s profile that I asked her about it, and became an Angel 🙂 I’m really glad I asked!

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