Overachiever: ​Đaɲgér ŃøøđĪє Séмριtéяɲαl (yaumii)

It was a cold and rainy evening even in the realms of heaven we could still see the weather in its own unique aspect day in day out. I had finally managed to secure interviews with certain angels with a pass to the higher heavens and to certain elite members of the realms who had become known as overachievers.

But it was a gloomy day on the horizon and as my nephilim wings fluttered to the landing point, I arrived a little before my first interview as I went into the unique crystal chambers to take a seat, my sodden wet hood came down and I shook the excess water off my clothing, I had a few moments before I would be meeting with the first Angel, I had heard how much this angel had done in terms of skilling and I had admired her from afar, I was keen to know the inner depths.

Angel Species – ​Đaɲgér ŃøøđĪє Séмριtéяɲαl (yaumii)

The crystal chamber’s glass doors opened, I could hear the patter of small hooves as they came close to the room I was located in, I had set up my recorder and smiled warmly as I watched Noodle come closer, but the smile faltered as I noticed her expression to me. It was an expression of seething annoyance and inconvenience etched into her beautiful youthful face as she didn’t bother shaking off the water from her black angelic wings or hair and dropped the pick axe down on the table near my recorder with a sudden loud clang and nearly breaking the glass table I coughed to clear the air and moved the recorder out of the way. Read more...


Not Just Another Guy

It is no doubt that by now you have heard of the newest ArchAngel, Guy Ketori (GuyGarrulous), if not well let me
have the pleasure of giving you the inside scoop to who this “Guy” is. Having the honor of interviewing Arch Guy and getting to know this gently “Guy” a bit more. His normal day to day appearance on the EC Sims he is almost always in casual wear, Jeans and a T-shirt. Seems befitting for just your average “guy” appearance, but what you might not know is that he is one of the newest selected to rise in the ranks within the Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons Family.

Now the new Arch has the learning curve of being a good Arch as well as a mentor, leader, friend, and role model to
inspire new players with his daily interactions. More often than not you can find him hanging out on the EC Sims, it was
there a very long time ago I saw him pop in and make the apparently not so unique joke “Hey there Guy!” His humor and the ability to turn even the darkest cloud into a bright star makes even me have hope. Read more...


Winner of the Fire Themed Photo Contest Interview: 笑 Ǥεïşɧą 笑 (mimaiselfandai)

When I found out that Ǥεïşɧą had won the photo contest, I was ecstatic! I have known her for quite some time now and have fought along her side during the War of Sacrilege and on occasional hunts since she was a youngling. Not only was I happy for her win, but for the opportunity in reuniting with an old friend. Like most long-term SL friendships, especially from across the globe, there are periods in time that prevent interaction due to RL circumstances. So, I was quickly able to take advantage in catching up with one of my most fiercest of friends. So without further ado, the winner of the Fire Themed photo Contest: 笑 Ǥεïşɧą 笑 (mimaiselfandai)!

As I comfortably sat waiting on the flowered couch with my pen and paper ready, I was admiring the contraction of muscles and ripples of a demon in particular as he beat the mining rock over and over again. My trance was abruptly halted when she landed on me out of no where. While my gaze followed her figure as she made her way to the other seat, all other thoughts were now vanished. Read more...


The Forgotten Tales – Roo Interview

“I’ll tell you a secret. Old storytellers never die. They disappear into their own story.” ~ The Forgotten Tales will soon resurface into the light.

A writer has the ability to encapsulate the very core of creativity. Creating a tale that is able to move the hearts of the reader and to simply leave them in awe. The quill and paper are powerful tools indeed.

The Forgotten Tales was the first story contest to be held within Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons. To speak with complete honestly, it came by on a whim but it turned into a great addition to the system. Within A&D we have always had fighting related contests but never anything that was completely aimed at the role-play aspect that we wish to see flourish and grow. This Story Contest was a step in the right direction to allow those that enjoyed role-playing and storytelling to be able to do so within the system and to be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. Read more...


Interview with Sator Tasha – The History of A&D

We had the privilege of sitting down with  Sator Tasha, The Empyrean Reaper, for an interview on the history of Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons. Let’s travel back in time to when our beloved Eternal Conflict was released to the public on March 2, 2015.

I’m not sure if you firstborns remember but EC was located on a sim called Helcaraxe Isle. The building was a simple garage in the backyard of the Sators’ personal home. Today, two years later, EC is located on not one, but two amazing sims which are decorated in the theme of Hell and Heaven together with  a mutual area for both species to gather and work. Also, there were no professions or a backpack. There was only the Main HUD that you were given after being transcended or descended.

Back then, there were no system rules. However, when new demons and angels were being killed as soon as they were descended/transcended the Sators decided to enforce rules about not attacking on the EC sim., among other rules that were later added on. Read more...


Raid Boss: The Artifact

Photo by dєsϊ Čorνϊηυs

Hi Conflicters! By now, I hope most of you have had the chance to try out the great new feature The Sators have incorporated into our beloved system. If you haven’t, I urge you to do so. It’s so much fun. For this post, I interviewed some of the first conflicters, of both species, who battled against the Raid Boss. I wanted to know their reactions and what their initial thoughts on It were. Since these interviews, four levels have been introduced. easy, normal, hard and heroic. At the time of the interview, only normal was available as an option. We are always interested in hearing your thoughts on things, so feel free to comment below.

After much anticipation, The Sators released the beta version of The Raid Boss. We were first teased with this new feature about a month ago, since then, other than the also anticipated war, it has been the talk of EC. Everyone wondering when the release will take place and what exactly will happen. So many questions were asked as were many speculations being tossed around but no one really knew. Read more...


Domain of Wisdom – Getting to know you feature.

Presenting: The Domain of Wisdom.

Led by Arch Cαѕѕαηđrα Ɗ. ℳ. Crίѕtoℓє (casandralynne.rae)

Angels of the Apocalypse – Ɲiccօ ƓαвιƖσηɗσ (Nicco Gabilondo)
Sinners Redemption – тღρɑẕ ƒιяєяσѕє ( drewsmommy06 )
Unity of Hope – Ɗuкє Șuяiєl ƊαякŦoяgє ( GrdAngelDuke )

The Empyrean Celestial, growing weary from earths ever expanding populace, called together a meeting of her children, the five Archangels. A circle was formed, and the angels began to sing. A melody of light, love and purity, and those souls in heaven that were the purest, the most faithful, could hear it. Beckoning those souls to them. Within the circle, the Arches opened their wings. Their shared sorrows overtaking them, each cried, pouring their all into their heavenly song. Their shoulders shuddered, sending Celestial feathers into the breeze. Twirling and spiraling within the heavens. These tiny pieces, shed from the Wings of the Seraphim, floated on a current pulled toward those purest of souls, and as each feather caressed the soul, the soul in turn would reach out and become stuck. Like daisies in the wind, the feathers and souls would coalesce as they descended to the earth. Slowly merging and birthing new angels to aid in their mission. Read more...


An Interview with a role-player

I had a chance to sit down with one of the many role-players in A&D who uses the Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons IC and Main Group Chat to role-play. It was very nice talking with her and learning about what she thinks of the role-play and what it means to her. This is the interview I had with her and I hope it might shed some light on Sin Nightshadow, Cardinal of Vigilum in Porta, the Angel; and her take on role-playing in A&D.

Raysomona: Thank you, Sin Nightshadow, for talking with me today. I have seen you in the IC chat of A&D a few times and wanted to ask you a few questions about roleplaying in A&D. Shall we get started?

Sin: Of course, it is a pleasure …

Raysomona: So the type of angel you play in your role, what I mean is; do you play an aggressive angel, one that is logical, or maybe even something else?

Sin: Hmm, wow… I know I am aggressive in a lot of things that I do, but not a fly by the seat of my pants type. I am very calculating with everything I do. I would say driven, and fiercely protective. Read more...


Legion of Hatred – Getting to know you feature.

Presenting: The Legion of Hatred.

Led by Arch ๖ۣۜѦиίϮа ๖ۣۜႠȼиȼβŗǣ Нєᴌᴄаяаxё ( Anita Verlack )

LatinCor Tenebrae – ๖ۣۜĐαмȼຮђ ๖ۣۜႠȼиȼβŗǣ ( DaMesh )
Phoenix Rising – – ̗̀TⱭTƖ TȻℕȻβRⱭȻ ƤℍʘȻƝƖX ̖́- ( Tatidoll )
Profane Hatred – JoJo Oceanlane-Skizm ( JoJo Oceanlane )

The Prime Evil, wounded in a fierce battle bled onto the ground. From this blood; seething with anger, the Legion of Hatred was born.

Anita imbued with the most rage of Any of Prime Evils’ demons was recruited to lead the Armies of Hatred to exact revenge upon the Armies of Light. She went to the depths of Hell looking for the most spiteful, aggressive, and hate filled souls

Anita The Arch of Hatred dropped three drops of her blood on to the ground creating the leaders for her three hordes to rise up from the ashes of hell.
So, the three born of her blood could lead the armies made of the worst souls that existed amongst the mortals, forged in the fires of eternal punishment, and tasked to carry out their revenge Read more...


Interview with a Sator

It was on wobbly legs that i found myself standing in the round office of the Prime Evil. Sator Lhino sitting atop his platform in his throne peering down to me from beneath his cloak. Immediately I knelt before my Lord in hopes of showing the creator the respect that he rightfully deserves. Gazing up I became lost as I realized what an honor was bestowed upon me to be within his presence. I took a quick look around the setting of the office and was in awe of the books in the shelves as high as the eyes can see. Undoubtedly a primary source of the knowledge of the Prime Evil’s. After a proper greeting was made and nerves settled; the interview began.

I wanted to use this interview to not only gain information for the reader about the future of EC; but to allow a glimpse into the life of the Prime Evil himself. I would be kidding not only you but myself as well if I did not detail the mysterious feeling that was felt at this time. Imagine a dark sanctuary of the most powerful demon to exist; now couple together the mysterious appearance of said demon. Cloak hood drawn down hiding the upper face, if not for the little light highlighting his lips; would have been complete darkness. Read more...