A&D: Beyond the Game

Prior to the war on Eskiyurt, I had envisioned a piece regarding the players among the system. As the war unraveled, it was clear that it was meant to be written. As a gamer who enjoys Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons, I wanted to know about what kind of players I interact with on a daily basis on the sim.

See, even though the title gives the impression of never-ending battles, it’s more than just that. And we see this in the most common of areas, the Hangout Area. Here, not only do players get to work of their professions, vow to one another, or ready themselves to face a boss, gamers get a chance to interact with each other in a friendly manner regardless of their species. Of course, the role-play can get a little too intense, which leads to the occasional taunts. But in the end, it’s all fun and games. This is also the perfect place to simply skill at your own leisure. Whether it’s mining while watching Netflix, pounding the anvil to ACDC, or taking advantage of the new meditation section while needing to “afk”, the Hangout Area is your one-stop shop.

Personally, I typically make parchments while catching up on my IMs, write official notices, or just blog (like I am doing now). Read more...


Have you…?

~Message from Silver Eidolon~

Psstt! Hey! Yeah, you.
Forget about that entire special spiritual remnants thing I told you about last time. I have something far more exciting to tell you!!
But first I have something to ask you.

Have you been keeping up with your skills? You know like… “Dig, dig, dig heigh-ho heigh-ho” or my own personal favorite “I’m ‘making’ paper. Look at me now”
Ahem, anyways  back to my important point. Sometime in the future…


Oh crap, I have to go. I will tell you more later, I promise!


War Council: The Taste of Battle

Photo taken by Таѕна Ѕтая Нєᴌᴄаяаxё

Many of us, myself included love the thrill of a good fight. That high that we get as we circle our opponents, the movements, and the bashing. Whether we walk away shaking our heads determined to learn so we can stand victorious; or we jump away on that high of having just defeated our foe. It is in our blood, we can feel it, taste it.

While we go out in battle all the time, there is a way of meeting on even ground, in an Arena Battle. With rules set in place, and where we can be matched as equals, toward someone closer to our age and most likely to be near our skill range. How do these battles happen? Do they just appear when Angel and Demons start getting to feisty with each other, as a way for tensions to be release and disputes to be resolved? Although helpful in that area, the Arena Battles are actually thought out and planned by our very own War Council. A council whose 10 members comprise of both Demons and Angels, where a battle master is chosen, a time is set, and rules are laid down. Read more...


Raid Boss: The Artifact

Photo by dєsϊ Čorνϊηυs

Hi Conflicters! By now, I hope most of you have had the chance to try out the great new feature The Sators have incorporated into our beloved system. If you haven’t, I urge you to do so. It’s so much fun. For this post, I interviewed some of the first conflicters, of both species, who battled against the Raid Boss. I wanted to know their reactions and what their initial thoughts on It were. Since these interviews, four levels have been introduced. easy, normal, hard and heroic. At the time of the interview, only normal was available as an option. We are always interested in hearing your thoughts on things, so feel free to comment below.

After much anticipation, The Sators released the beta version of The Raid Boss. We were first teased with this new feature about a month ago, since then, other than the also anticipated war, it has been the talk of EC. Everyone wondering when the release will take place and what exactly will happen. So many questions were asked as were many speculations being tossed around but no one really knew. Read more...


Why do I love A&D?

Hello – my first blog and I am so excited! I want to share this enthusiasm with everyone. A good place to start, is why do I love A&D? Why do I get excited to log online and go into my Angel role? What benefits have I found playing it?

For me, personally when I get into a RP session, I love bringing my character to life. Diving into the moment, and leaving my real life aside as I become, Angel fully. The skills I find relaxing, it is a light task to focus on. The personal challenge of getting 100% is something I thrive for, even if I do stop and chew out one of the objects along the way. It is only recently that I started to discover how fun fighting can be. The part that I really love more than anything is my A&D family – which spreads far beyond my choir and embraces quite a few demons. I have found some great individuals, a few friends, and a wonderful family. These make the time and work in A&D worth it. Read more...


The Birth of the EC: Angels and Demons Blog.

Above Photo Taken by .: Aяεɭi Լợυ :. (lidyall)

Wow! Our first post! You guys have no idea how excited we are. The last week of planning and organizing has finally come full circle and the time has come to share it with everyone .  Our wish is that you enjoy this as much as we are.

It all started with The Empyrean Reaper and a hug from Julia. Apparently, those “love zaps” are more powerful than what the eye can see. We were just sitting around, discussing the beautiful wings Our Sators created. I mean, have you seen those beauties yet?


Check out the detail on them! Sator Tasha mentioned that a blogger wanted to make a blog of the Eternal Conflict products however,  The Sators do not have a lot of time to put out new products.

Well, Lyri and Julia, still shocked from the “love taps”, had a brilliant thought. Why don’t we start a blog for not only the products, but for all Eternal Conflict? Impressed with this idea and all the possibilities it presented, the ideas and plans started flowing, some sleepless nights, lots of laughs and now, here we are. Read more...