Arena Champions “Wrath of Heaven”

Pictured and written by .: Aяεɭi Լợυ :.

They are the Champions from the “Wrath of Heaven” Pandemoium Arena Battle held on February 9th, 2017 by Kody Summers (kodysummers).

BRNR demon of Destruction with 441 days old, Chieftain of Mors Torta Disciples Of Xaphan Horde. “I’m not a bragger but I like to win” he said about his fight and also added “fought well against an equal adversary” referring to the defeated angel. And with this victory, adds another one making a total of 4.

Cøявıи Løχełч ѕуℓνєя (corbin.kamachi) angel of Death with 726 days old, from Dark Requiem Choir won his first fight in this new Arena Battle Mode. “As one of older fighters from when the game started, I have done the Arena many times, failed to win many times. It’s exhilarating fighting in arena. My opponent put up good fight, it was so exciting to be the victor.” he said about this experience. Read more...

A little of Eternal Conflict’s Beauty

Pictures by: Ҡąɾą-Lҽιɠԋ Bαƈԋɱαɳ ߣɑςκвµяи

High Heavens


The ground iced with the glow of an angels power, steps leading to areas of embrace. A shiny statue towers above the foggy aura. The brightness blinds demons and empowers the angels with light.


A fire blazes the depths and crevices that lie below. Buildings shadowed in the background of a rocky and deep hole, buried into the ground. Pillars tower above the demons below. The fire rages the demons more, making them strive for mortal souls.

Hangout Area

Kara walks the streets of the hang out area. Her feet feel the grass squishing below her heals. Gleaming upon a cascade of demons and angels filling the space. This is neutral, a place of no conflict. A Guardian looks upon the land constantly scanning for conflict, and resolving it with a might blow. The trees shimmer in the light of the warm sun, as the bushes hide all that’s conflict, and bring peace and alliance between the species. Read more...


Photo taken by ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ̸ŁɪNㄈØŁN ǤΛßЯɪΣŁ ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ̸ (lincolngabriel)

The ground begins to rumble and move beneath my feet. First thought that came to my mortal mind was that an earthquake was taking place; oh how wrong I was. The sky cracked open and began raining down fire and brimstone. Through the shrieks of my neighbors I began making way out of the path of what is to be the most certain disaster. It was when i rounded the corner that I had the greatest misfortune of my life. I was watching a fowl beast take his final step from a pit that had opened up into the street.

With every step this monster took the pavement melted at his feet and nothing behind him but decay and death. What would turn this godless beast and his destruction amongst the quiet and religious of my home of Rio De Janeiro. An area that stood god fearing and obedient above all else, was now being tested of their faith. This man like creature; this demon; made his way through the streets of our city killing with just a stare. Collecting souls of those who would stand against his kind. Read more...