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Presenting: The Domain of Valor.

Led by Arch Ϯяєαѕυяє Н.ß. λɨɭσ۲σʊʂ (losttreasure)

Antebellum – Rɑɥȿσɱσɲɑ Nιɠɧȶωιɲɠ Ŝуℓνεr (raysomona.batz)
Determinatae – 工ςαяυѕ Λιℓσяσυѕ Ἐяєςнтнєισи (melmel.moonwing)
Sola Fide – Ğαвяιєℓ βℓυєŞţοям (gabrielbluestorm)
Tenebris – Rσƈƙ Vєℳø ƊαяκhєαяϮ (rockharding)
Vigilum In Porta – Tαη Κєrєş Нєᴌᴄаяаxё ߣɑςκвµяи (tantrickama)

She awoke with an awareness of life, catching her first breath in the blinding light that surrounded her. A light from a dying star, that with its last burst of energy gave birth to her – a new angel.
“Who am I?” She calls out somehow knowing she would be heard even though she saw no other being. “Please answer,” in a soft warm tone “for I am lost.”

The answer came from within her, from around her, every atom seemed to speak to her at once. “You are not lost child you are a great treasure I have created to serve the light.”
The power of the voice and the pure love and acceptance filled her body as she discovered her wings. She opened them wide amazed at the beauty of each feather, perfect as the light she came from. The knowledge of a great past and future filled her, and she accepted with all she is to serve, for she was certain there was no greater joy than to serve the light who created her. She also knew she had a choice and she silently wept for them that chose not to serve.

“Then I call myself Lost Treasure to remind me of the greatness I can be so that I never forget, how may I serve you?”

The light answered her, “You will build an army and be great and good for all of mankind and the heavens, but first you must learn. You will study under the power of Wisdom and you will follow the Great Fate. Then my child you will be ready to lead your own domain and choose your power.”

The trust and responsibility in which she has been given touched her to the core and she could feel shivers down her spine. So, her story begins the Arch we know as Valor.
Treasure, as she came to be called, spent time with her own kind learning all the ways of all worlds growing her strength and power till the day came the Light sent his first commanders to the earthly realm with instructions to build an army great and powerful so that all of mankind will have the choice to serve or to be lost forever. The darkness would take the choice from them, that most precious chance to earn everlasting life, and it was the angels job to win this war against the dark so that all may have the chance and freedom to choose. As promised by the light she was sent with the Arch of Wisdom and he chose her to command a choir.

Sola Fide born under wisdom grew fast as the urgency to find and train new angels for battle spread out over the earth. Treasure took to the skies and the ground, fighting with her best angels against the first wave of demons to overtake the lands, she fought hard and with strength. However, she came to wonder if this was her place, the then Arch of Wisdom ruled his domains with tricks and demands not the same as her own heart told her was true. One day she had had enough and she stood before the light, “Why do you have myself and my followers serve such a cruel being I see no wisdom in his actions!”

The light responded to the cardinal, “You have passed this part of training for in your wisdom to know right from wrong you have grown stronger. You may take any who wish to follow you and join under the Arch of Fate for the next part of your training.”

With joy, she took her beloved Sola Fide and she moved into the realm of Fate. There she saw a great leader who led with grace and love, her eyes were opened to the compassion and strength that was there. Happy, Treasure grew her army and extended her knowledge to all that sought it out. Her second in command worked hard, day by day growing strong with her. Steven, one she had found locked in the pits of hell and rescued him to serve with her, grew to be her closest friend at her side always. They worked hard for the war and fought the evil keeping it at bay till one day her second in command took his angels and left her. She was crushed and felt the world on her shoulders, but the light came to her.
“I know your heart is broke but here is the wisdom you did not see. Steven’s heart was dark and filled with greed, he only served himself for selfish reasons and that was not to be. He could never be great in my army, this day you have learned the cruelness of Fate and as I said at your birth you will be one of my Arches you may take your angels and make a new great domain.”

She took the challenge with great determination, “I will be Valor! I will fight for them that cannot and I will be brave in any battle. I will serve the light and be a light to all.” So, it was granted the new Arch of Valor had risen. She chose carefully and she made mistakes, to be forgiving Valor came to be great and loved. She chose her closest angel, Gabriel, to become Supremus of Valor and the new Cardinal of Sola Fide. Gabe, with a torn past himself, was the most trust worthy angel of all. He stands Strong and Tall and offers his help to any in need.

Antebellum, which stands strong in battle, she blessed with her Cardinal Raysomona. He leads with a split heart, his love for a demon and his faith in the light. He spends his gifts fighting for his one true love and wishes to bring her to the light, so he reaches into the darkness and hopes to bring light. An angel like no other, he leads often at times the battles which the heavens talk about.

RockHarding her loved Cardinal came after the loss of another and took the command to become a great warlord and leader. With vengeance in his motives as he crushes demons under his foot, he works closely with the beloved angel Sabrina, Herald of Sola Fide, to teach others the art of war and the use of the gifts given to all by our Sators. He leads Tenebris Cor not with the darkness he thinks is inside of him, but with the Light his Arch knows is there.
Tantrickama, a brother from the light who followed in the steps of his Arch until one day he was Called to lead Vigilum In Porta, a growing army of his own. One of the most trusted of angels his strength shows the brightest. One day will come a time when this angel is bestowed a great responsibility like none he has known before. It is written in the stars and now he trains.

Iᴄᴀяᴜs Aɪʟᴏʀᴏᴜs Ἐяᴇᴄʜᴛʜᴇɪᴏɴ (MelMel Moonwing), Leader of the newest Valor army Determinatae. Icarus was born in war and in war won the Valor of the realms, there he was chosen to lead. It is a wisdom born deep that this one has yet to discover. You must look deeper to see the power of this one, but Icarus will not let you down – good or bad you want this cardinal on your side. A true son to his arch, may the light follow where he goes and darkness never tempt.
So, now you know Valor who stands strong for all. If you wish to, come join and be part of an exceptional story and write your own chapter with us. May the light always be with you.

All choir rules and family rules are left up to each cardinal as long as they don’t cross system rules.

Pictured: (L to R: Ğαвяιєℓ βℓυєŞţοям (gabrielbluestorm), Rσƈƙ Vєℳø ƊαяκhєαяϮ (rockharding), Ϯяєαѕυяє Н.ß. λɨɭσ۲σʊʂ (losttreasure), Rɑɥȿσɱσɲɑ Nιɠɧȶωιɲɠ Ŝуℓνεr (raysomona.batz), 工ςαяυѕ Λιℓσяσυѕ Ἐяєςнтнєισи (melmel.moonwing), Tαη Κєrєş Нєᴌᴄаяаxё ߣɑςκвµяи (tantrickama) )

“I love this Domain and I love my Choir. Here I feel at home and the most at ease with a peace of mind that I don’t think I could get anywhere else.” – Rɑɥȿσɱσɲɑ Nιɠɧȶωιɲɠ Ŝуℓνεr (raysomona.batz)

“The best way I can describe how I feel towards my choir is grateful, for trusting me. To have an army ready to stand by your side in this Eternal Conflict, and a family that takes care of each other; it’s more than just having a title, to lead these determined angels is something you have to work hard for. It’s more than I could have ever imagined and I love my ever-growing family, no matter the hardships we encounter, we all know to keep moving forward.” – 工ςαяυѕ Λιℓσяσυѕ Ἐяєςнтнєισи (melmel.moonwing)

“For me it has an honor to be one of the First Born’s. I have been with Arch Treasure since the beginning and there is nowhere else I would rather be. When she was called up to be the Arch of Valor I was proud to take over as Cardinal of Sola Fide and also to be her Supremus. In our domain, we look at everyone as family. We try and look beyond the individual choirs and look at the family as a whole.” – Ğαвяιєℓ βℓυєŞţοям (gabrielbluestorm)

“The Dominion of Valor is led by Arch Treasure who seeks to serve the angels within her domain through strong leadership, and principles and teach those within it the skills to fully experience the RP. The choir of Tenebris gives angels the tools necessary to experience their RP to the fullest as well as enjoy their SL in and out of the RP setting. Tenebris is made up of some very unique and amazing individuals.” – Rσƈƙ Vєℳø ƊαяκhєαяϮ (rockharding)

“I feel that my group of angels are the hardest working bunch around heaven, as we work hard each day to raise up our Dominion of Valor, and other choirs within our Dominion.” – Tαη Κєrєş Нєᴌᴄаяаxё ߣɑςκвµяи (tantrickama)

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