Domain of Wisdom – Getting to know you feature.

Presenting: The Domain of Wisdom.

Led by Arch Cαѕѕαηđrα Ɗ. ℳ. Crίѕtoℓє (casandralynne.rae)

Angels of the Apocalypse – Ɲiccօ ƓαвιƖσηɗσ (Nicco Gabilondo)
Sinners Redemption – тღρɑẕ ƒιяєяσѕє ( drewsmommy06 )
Unity of Hope – Ɗuкє Șuяiєl ƊαякŦoяgє ( GrdAngelDuke )

The Empyrean Celestial, growing weary from earths ever expanding populace, called together a meeting of her children, the five Archangels. A circle was formed, and the angels began to sing. A melody of light, love and purity, and those souls in heaven that were the purest, the most faithful, could hear it. Beckoning those souls to them. Within the circle, the Arches opened their wings. Their shared sorrows overtaking them, each cried, pouring their all into their heavenly song. Their shoulders shuddered, sending Celestial feathers into the breeze. Twirling and spiraling within the heavens. These tiny pieces, shed from the Wings of the Seraphim, floated on a current pulled toward those purest of souls, and as each feather caressed the soul, the soul in turn would reach out and become stuck. Like daisies in the wind, the feathers and souls would coalesce as they descended to the earth. Slowly merging and birthing new angels to aid in their mission.

And so, Cassandra was born, brought into being as an Archangel of divine wisdom. Her influence over man can be felt in the moments of pause before the winds of change, the seconds in between seconds that decide one’s fate. She is the whispering spirit that guides mortals away from blind danger or rash decisions. Her choirs are led by the most enlightened angels. Those able to carry the burden of infinite knowledge and wisdom. As each were chosen, Cassandra would bind them together with an offering of her light, and with it, she would whisper into their ear, all the knowledge of the heavens. Sharing the burden and blessing of perspicacity. Her celestial children are the keepers of forbidden knowledge, they hear the secrets shared among man and beasts. They are the record keepers, the lore tellers and most adept Mages in the heavens.

1. All Angels in the Wisdom Domain must know and adhere to system rules.
2. Disciples must be taught the chain of command and should adhere to it.
3. Angels must be at least 7 days old and pass the mentor exam before bringing in new disciples
4. Voice verification is a requirement for admission to the Domain
5. Mentors will be held accountable for the actions of their disciples for the first 60 days.
6. All Angels in the domain must be in good standing. No repeat criminals.
7. All Angels who are faded for more than 30 days are subject to removal.
Exception will be made on a case by case basis only if the Cardinal wishes to vouch for their faded angel.
8. Schedule an introduction for your disciples with your Cardinal, Supremus & Arch.
This allows them to meet the officers and feel more welcomed into the domain.
9. Always show respect for your fellow players. Remember Eternal Conflict is a roleplay and we are all here to enjoy the system and have a good time!

Pictured: (L to R: Ɲiccօ ƓαвιƖσηɗσ (nicco.gabilondo), тღρɑẕ ƒιяєяσѕє Ŧнȯяͷ (drewsmommy06), Cαѕѕαηđrα Ɗ. ℳ. Crίѕtoℓє (casandralynne.rae), Ɗuкє Șuяiєl ƊαякŦoяgє (grdangelduke))

“Wisdom is the foundation. Wisdom inspires humility, kindness, patience, vigilance and an everlasting thirst for knowledge. It is the ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting. Unity is the communion of souls, to join together for one true purpose regardless of background or differences. We are the angels who seek enlightenment in all mortals. We are the guiding hands, the muse, the inspired and true liberated beings of timeless light.” – Cαѕѕαηđrα Ɗ. ℳ. Crίѕtoℓє (casandralynne.rae)

“Being a Cardinal and being in Wisdom has breathed new life into my sl, I started out not sure where I wanted my Experience to go but once I found my home in Wisdom and having an Amazing Leader/Mentor in Arch Cass it was clear what I wanted to attain and where i wanted to attain it.” – Ɲiccօ ƓαвιƖσηɗσ (nicco.gabilondo)

“Since joining the wisdom line it has given me a new look on A&D. The line really cares about their angels and everyone helps out. We try to make it fun for everyone as well and when I wanted my own choir I was helped by everyone to get one. We are so much more than a domain we are a real family.” – тღρɑẕ ƒιяєяσѕє Ŧнȯяͷ (drewsmommy06)

“I was proud to be a part of the Wisdom domain upon its re-creation and helping build its infrastructure into what is it today. We have created a family oriented environment where angels can enjoy their journey with the graceful guidance of Arch Cass and the Wisdom Cardinals.” – Ɗuкє Șuяiєl ƊαякŦoяgє (grdangelduke)

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