This section is intended to be a quick reference for questions that seem to be asked the most within Eternal Conflict. Please note, not all questions can be found here.  If you are unable to find what you are looking for we encourage you to visit the EC Wiki Page

What is the purpose of this blog?

This purpose of this blog is to talk about all A&D related information. This includes but is not limited to:
-New Information
-Up and coming plans
-A&D Roleplay

Q: How do I join Angels and Demons?

A: If you would like to join the System you will need to be transcended/descended by a existing member of the system.

Q: Is there somewhere I can go to read about EC?

A. If you would like more information about Eternal Conflict: Angels and Demons you can visit us at:
Main Website: http://www.eternal-conflict.com
Wiki Page: http://wiki.eternal-conflict.com

Q: What are the Officer positions?

A: The Officer Positions are as follows:


– Archangel (Leaders of each Domain and the Choirs under them)
– Supremus (2nd in command of a Domain)

– Choir Cardinal (Leader)
– Choir Herald (2nd in command)
– Choir Acolyte (3rd in command)


– Arch demons (Leaders of each Legion and the Hordes under them)
– Fiend(2nd in command of a Legion)

– Horde Chieftain (Leader)
– Horde Chief Captain (2nd in command)
– Horde Centurion (3rd in command)

Q: What Legion should I choose?

A: If you are unsure of what Legion/Domain to choose, the difference between them depends on the bonuses that they trigger and also to how you would like to role-play your character. To get a further immersion picking a Legion/Domain Type that fits how you will role-play your character will allow you to enjoy the system more.

Demon Sub classes: (Known as Legions)
►Demon of Hatred
►Demon of Terror
►Demon of Destruction
►Demon of Anguish
►Demon of Deception
►Demon of Vice

Angel Sub classes (Known as Domains)
►Angel of Justice
►Angel of Death
►Angel of Valor
►Angel of Hope
►Angel of Fate
►Angel of Wisdom

Q: What are the Guilds?

A: Profession Guilds were created for enthusiast that enjoy the professions. Each profession will have its own Guild. Each Guild will decide on prices that items in that particular profession can be sold for. Also this will be the place to speak about ways to better the particular profession. There can be additional add-ons to this but for now those are the basics. These guilds will be composed of a mix of Angels and Demons.

Q: What should I do if I have an issue?

A: If you have an EC related issue you can contact on of the Archs or submit a support ticket on the website.

Q: How do I tell who the Leader of my Choir/Horde are?

A: On your Main A&D HUD, click on the setting menu button. when the menu pops up click “Choir” or “Horde” there you will see the names of all your Choir/Horde Leaders.

Q: What professions have nightly drops and how much?

A: All professions lose 0.1% during Midnight SLT. The professions that have nightly lose are as follows:
– Blacksmithing
– Inscription
– Magery
– Gemcutting
– Jewelcrafting

Q: How much blood do I lose nightly?

A: You will lose 125.5 blood/brightness at Midnight SLT.

Q: Is there an order I should complete the skills in?

A: There is no specific order that you must complete the skills in. Though some certain skills work together. They are as follows:
– Mining -> Blacksmithing
– Herbalism -> Alchemy
– Lumberjacking -> Inscription/Magery
– Chiseling -> Gemcutting/Jewelcrafting

Q: What do I do if my Hud Freezes during a fight?

A: If your HUD freezes or malfunctions somehow (if fighting) you should teleport out go and get an new HUD from the kiosk on the A&D Sim.

Also, sometimes changing your group tag will work. Another suggestion is to keep more than one copy in your inventory.

Q: What does entropy & extropy do?

A: Entropy and Extropy increases your damage, if you have at least 3 alive disciples/minions. It also increase the amount of ergs/essences you gain per day depending on your minion count.

Q: What are Relics, what do I use them for and where do I turn them in?

A: Tairise Relics are special items that are given for the following:
– Participating in official battles
– For participating in Ranks.
– Reporting bugs that you may come across
– In hunts you will have a chance to find these relics
– Rare chance to find relics from mining, lumberjacking, or chiseling.
– Doing good lengthy role-plays in the main A&D Group
– Completing daily tasks that the Sators might give out in the main A&D Group.

The relics can be traded for the following:
– 1 Elixir of Intelligence (50% skill gain chance increase for 30 minutes)
– +2 Heal & Mana Daily Potion Drinking Limit Increase (lasts for 1 day)
– Ergs/Essences
– Inks
– Parchment Rank 1
– +2 Heal & Mana Daily Potion Drinking Limit Increase (lasts for 1 week)
– Parchment Rank 2
– Parchment Rank 3
– Blackrock Ore
– Ruby Crystals
– Lunar Steel Ore
– Diamond Crystals
– Dispel Spell Scrolls
– Poison Spell Scrolls
– Flame Strike Spell Scrolls

Q: My HUD says “banished/faded” how can I get rid of it?

A: If your HUD shows that you are Faded/Banished it means that you are “dead” within the system. You can become faded/banished from either lack of brightness/blood or getting killed. You can get revived by an alive member of your same species. You can ask your Mentor or anyone in your respective species group.

Q: If I die, do I lose erg/essence?

A: Yes, if you die you will lose ALL of your ergs/essences.

Q: If I am not wearing my hud, will I still get killed?

A: If you are not wearing your HUD, you can still get killed. No wearing the HUD simply means that you will not get any notification if you are getting attacked.

Q: How can I stay protected outside of the EC safe sims?

A: If you want to be protected outside of the A&D sim, you can apply for a safezone application via the A&D Website

Q: How do I go Invulnerable?

A: If you wish to go invulnerable, simply go to your Main HUD Setting Menu. You will see “Invul:OFF” click the button and follow the prompts. It will require 1 erg/essence to activate. This will keep you invulnerable for two hours and thirty minutes.

Q: Can I change species once I chose Angel or Demon?

A: If you are wanting to change your species you will need to go to the kiosk on the A&D Sim. The process will cost 5500L$ and will reset all of your skills and everything A&D related. It will seem as if you have freshly joined the system.

 Q:  If a faded angel/banished demon wants to switch sides, do they have to be revived first?

A: To switch species you do not need to be revived if you are dead. The kiosk will change your species and you will be alive once you successfully change.

Q: Can I feed on a fully blessed/tainted mortal?

A: If you are an Angel you cannot feed on a Fully Blessed Mortal. If you are a Demon you cannot feed on a Fully Tainted Mortal.

Q: Will attacking my same species in Practice Mode make me Criminal?

A: No, you will not become criminal when attacking with practice mode activated

Q: What age do you get your 2nd, 3rd and 4th attack?

A: Your attacks will unlock at the following ages:
– 2nd: 101 Age
– 3rd: 501 Age
– 4th: 1001 Age

Q: Will Second Life Safe Hubs keep me safe?

A: No, only safezones and the A&D Sim will keep you safe from attacks within the system.

Q: Can I be attacked anywhere in Second Life?

A: Yes, so long as it is not a safe zone or the A&D Sim

Q: How close do I need to be to bless/taint a mortal?

A: You need to be within 5 meters to bless/taint a mortal.

Q: How close do I need to be to attack an Angel/Demon?

A: You need to be within 10 meters to attack an Angel/Demon and 20 meters to cast spells.

Q: What does it mean to be Heretic/Deviant?

A: Being a Deviant/Heretic simply means that you are Choirless/Hordeless.

Q: If I want to switch Choir/Hordes, what do I have to do?

A: If you want to switch Choirs/Hordes you will need to pledge loyalty to a member of a different Choir/Horde

Q: What does it  mean to be criminal and what does it do to myself and the horde/choir?

A: Being Criminal means that both your own species and the opposite species are free to attack you without any consequences.

Q: Does killing same species give horde/choir exp?

A: No, you only gain Choir/Horde experience for killing the opposite species.

Q: If I am a Heretic/Deviant can I be killed. Can Angels Kill Deviant Angels and not be Criminal, Can Demons kill Heretic Demons without going Criminal?

A: If you are a Deviant/Heretic you can still be killed. If an angel kills a deviant angel they will become criminal, same applies for if a demon kills a heretic demon.

Q: When can I start fighting?

A: You can start fighting as soon as you join the system; Though if you fight before you turn and age of 6, you will become criminal.

Q: Does being criminal affect my choir/horde exp?

A: Criminal status has no effect on Choir/Horde experience.

Q: If I become criminal, will my reputation go down?

A: It doesn’t have any effect on reputation when you become criminal only if you continuously attack your same species. The amount of time you attack that person depending on their rep. could cause yours to decrease accordingly However,  simply being criminal doesn’t do anything to your rep except for the first attack you hit which only moves it down by a minute point.

Q: Does my minions, minions (Horde) or disciples. disciples (Choir) effect my Entrophy/Extrophy??

A: No, only your direct minions/disciples affect your Entrophy/Extropy.

Q: What is the Chain of Command?

A: The Chain of Command is as follows:
1. The Sators (Lhinovanion & Tasha Helcaraxe)
2. The Archangels and Archdemons
3. Supremus’ & Fiends
4. Seraphims & High Prince/Princess
5. Cardinal & Chieftain
6. Herald & Chief Captain
7. Acolyte & Centurion

  • General Hierarchy applies to everyone. For example a Chieftain is also above others that are under some other Chieftain.

Q:  How does the Eternal Vow raise?

A: It raises  the same way as when you are raising the friendship but once you pledge a vow to someone getting to 100% takes longer as the Eternal Vow gives rewards and friendship does not.

Q: Can one go invulnerable only once a day?

A: you can go as many times as you want as long as you have the ERG’s/Essences to turn it on

Q: Can I help take Land Dominion of a sim if I am invulnerable?

A:No, only vibrant/materialized members can help with the land dominion of a sim. If you are invulnerable, in resting/cryonics, or faded/banished your presence on a sim will not effect the Land Dominion.
That same answer applies for working on professions.

Q: If someone sends me resources does it count towards my progressing achievements?

A:No, only resources you acquire yourself (by mining, lumberjacking, chiseling, picking reagents, gemcutting, and etc) will count towards your progressing achievements.

Q: I have reached Rank 2 on a progressing achievement and it says I have gained +15 relics but I only received 10 relics, why?

A:When you get the rewards for getting Rank 2 or Rank 3 it is showing you a total amount that you are have received for that specific achievement. For Rank 1 you receive 5 relics and for Rank 2 you receive 10 relic. When the system announces you are not at Rank 2 it shows you +15 as it is replacing Rank 1 with Rank 2 and adding them together.

Q: My armor/jewelry is showing detached but when I try to attach it the backpack tells me that the item is already worn. What should I do?

A:This means that the item is stuck on the actual backpack but is not really equipped on the server. In order to fix this delete that Backpack HUD and get a new one from the kiosk.

Q: My jewelry bonus is not taking effect when I equip it?

A:You must have a gemstone imbued within the jewelry for the bonus to take effect.

Q: Will I get credit on the achievement boards or the progressive achievements if I kill or attack a player 5 days old or younger within the system?

A:No, you will receive no achievement credit or points of any kind for attacking or killing a member that is 5 days old or younger.

Q: Can I make a Deviant/Heretic Choir/Horde?

A:No, there is no such thing as a Deviant/Heretic Choir/Horde. By mere definition the terms Deviant and Heretic mean Choir-less and Horde-less.

Q:My HUD says “Presence of a Greater Power” does that mean that my HUD is broken?

A: No, when “Presence of a Greater Power” is displayed on your HUD is simply means that one of the Sators are near and have it activated.

Q: I am trying to buy an item from the vendors but it keeps refunding my Lindens, why?

A: You must have the appropriate A&D Group tag activated to use the vendors. If you are an Angel activate the ‘Eternal Conflict: Angels’ Group. If you are a Demon activate the ‘Eternal Conflicts: Demons’ Group.

Q: Why can’t i go to the main sim? It says “I don’t have access”. 

A: You are banned from the region.

Q: My magery is maxed like my Herbalism is. Can i change that to Grandmaster Mage? 

A: Yes. You will have to go into the HUD Settings Menu > Set Title > then select the profession of the title you would like to have displayed on your scan.

Q: Do my skills drop when I go into Cryonics/Resting?

A: .No. All cryonics/resting options freeze your skill drops.

Q: Can I attack or feed while Incognito?

A: .Yes, you can do anything in the system while incognito. Incognito is simply a spell effect to remove you from the perception scan when you do not want other players to sense you or hear your heartbeat if they are the opposite species.