How to apply for a safe zone

Are you tired of your orb not working and getting faded or banished?! Tired of having the other
side come to take you out of this realm? Or are you tired of having combat 24/7 on your home
sim or place of work?

Well, good news! We have just the thing for that and it’s called a Safe Zone!! In this blog post,
you will learn all the steps you need to take to request your area be under the Sator’s Safe Zone

Before will go over the steps please note the information below first as it is important to your
application process.

The Fine Print
● The Sators have the final say if your place of rest or work gets approved, so please
make sure you realize that if you are not within good standing with them there is a slim
chance they will pass it for your protection.
● The safe zones are given out are not a necessity but rather a gratuitous gift from the
creators of the game for us to have the ability to take a time out whether it’s to work or to
relax at home with a nice cup of hot lava or some sugar and spice cookies.
● Give the Sators and Inspectors time to process your request! Rome wasn’t built in a day
and sometimes it can take a month or more depending on schedules to get a sim or
parcel Safe Zoned 100%. Do not ever inquire on the ticket or in SL by being rude or
demanding it is answered asap.
● You must be 31 days or older within the A&D system to apply for a ticket.
● If the person that requested the safe zone attacks the inspector in any system while they
are inspecting their land they will get the system banned from the system. If some other
random A&D player attacks the inspector in A&D it depends as they might not know they
are currently doing an inspection. If they attack the inspector and the inspector tells them
they are doing an inspection and they continue to attack them then they will get
punished with a Sator Kill for a period of time.
● You must be on the SIM you are applying for with their Main HUD attached, dates and
time YOU are available in SL for inspection; if it is a SIM you are working on should
include how often they work there (example: 2 days a week for 4 hours).
● There is a maximum of 2 safe zones per person. Also, the Sators generally don’t safe
zone more than one home (unless it’s parceled on the same SIM) or more than one
● You must allow the inspector access to your sim or parcel. This means either adding
them to the orb or adding them on the list of access. If the inspectors cannot get on to
the parcel/sim they will not be able to complete the application process.
● Know that the inspectors will respect you and not attack you in any system as they are
an official staff member for the Sators.

The application process is as follows:
– The safe zone application is submitted.
– The Sators look to make sure all the requested information is present in the application, they
also check to make sure you aren’t faded/banished or in resting/cryo.
-The Sators reply to your ticket and it is then placed in “Awaiting Inspection” it is in this status,
the inspectors are now able to see the application.
– The inspector that is available to inspect a particular application contacts the applicant and
goes to their SIM with them present. The Inspector tells the rules of the safe zone, checks the
land and about tab, and takes screenshots. If the land is deeded to a group the take a
screenshot of the group as well. The inspector also uses the “Parcel ID Finder HUD” that the
Sators made to make sure the parcel ID matches the one in your ticket as that’s about tab is
sometimes wrong. They also once again check to make sure the applicant is not
faded/banished or in resting/cryo. If everything is fine with the land the inspector then replies to
the ticket with the screenshots and puts it to “Inspected” status.
– “Inspected” status then waits for the Sators to check the ticket and at that point, your ticket will
either be approved or denied the safe zone. Once you have been granted the safe zone the
Sators will reply to the ticket that is has been granted.
– If you move, lose the parcel, become faded/banished, or in resting/cryo you need to reopen
the same ticket for that land and let the Sators know so it can be removed from the server.
Failure to do so may hinder your future applications for a safe zone.

How to apply for a safe zone via ticket on the website:

1. Getting to the Website

Open a browser window and log into the A&D website
(If you have not already registered you will need to do so from your main hud by clicking the red
gem, web, set info, and put in a password for the website * DO NOT EVER PUT IN YOUR SL
PW for this*)

2. Finding the ticket location
At the top right-hand corner of the website click the “ Tickets ” link to put in your request for
a replacement of your item with the Sators

3. Click on the New Ticket option

4. Fill out the ticket information
(Make sure you are on the sim/parcel you want to apply the Safe Zone Application to as it
picks it up automatically)

As you can see here the mockup pulled the Sim location/name and Parcel ID
Select the type of location it is (home or work)
In the message section, this is where you will put the needed information for the Sators and
the Inspectors.

5. Wait for a reply from the Sators or an Inspector.

6. Replying to the ticket
If there is an issue or question one of the Sators will be the first to contact you.
As you can see here Sator Tasha had a question about the new application, I responded politely
and made sure to thank her for her time. This is something that is key to a smooth process as
again, this is not a mandatory option for them to give you, and being polite and courteous to the
Sators and their staff will ensure a fast application process.

7. The Inspection
When the inspector comes to you either by the ticket asking to message them or they message
inworld itself, always be polite. You might have an opposite species for your inspector and if
that does happen DO NOT ATTACK THEM WITHIN ANY GAME! The rules of their safety do
not just imply to A&D it goes for any games with SL.
When we say “Do not attack them within any game” it also means verbally attacking them or
personally attacking their character (suggesting they are going to share your information with
their kind); it’s not just about hud or spell hits. It is not called for, it will halt your application,
possibly get your application denied, or worse get you banned completely from A&D.
So it’s cool to be kind ^^

As you can see in the ticket above my inspector was Princess. They need the following when
they are there:
Your patience, group that is deeded to the land to be visible in your groups, and you to be within
that group.
So if you are someone who is applying for your work, you just need the staff group visible, or
your home group the land is deeded to.

8. The Safe Zone
Now if you did everything correctly, in most cases your application will be processed quickly and
you’ll receive a wonderful APPROVED message from the Sators!
Always take the time to thank them and show them some warm flame strikes, I mean hugs for
their time.

Some information regarding safe zones: (from the image above)
1. If you die for a long time (10 days – 2 weeks) the safe zone will be removed. Also if in
resting/Cryonics for a long time I will remove since that makes you inactive
2. If you move from this parcel you should let me know via a Support ticket so that I can remove
the safe zone from that sim.
3. Attacking will be disabled, feeding will be disabled, and all negative spells will be disabled.
Only positive spells will work there.
4. Even in a safe zone you should keep your A&D Main HUD on as if you remove it and
someone tries to attack you with a spell it will do damage to you as without the Main HUD on
the system cannot register and read if you are in a safe zone or not.
5. Lastly, do not merge or split the parcel once it is safe zoned as that would change the Parcel
IDs and the safe zone will remove itself

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