How to get A&D Items Updated, Fixed or Replaced

There are times when you cannot help the fact that one of your items purchased from the game
becomes unusable. This is of no fault to the Sators or the persons within the system, glitches
happen and things become broken. The only way to fix this is to return the item to the Sators
and here are the quick easy steps on how to fix them yourself.

I recently had a forge stopped working, the fault was my own, while using it I sat down on an
object in the area but too far to continue using, and it made the forge glitch/break. So you will
see step by step from beginning to end on how to get this to work.

What NOT to do!
However, before we get into how to properly obtain a replacement I want to tell you what you
should NEVER do:
● Do not ever just pass the item to the Sators, an Arch, your Cardinal/Chieftain.
● Do not message the Sators inworld about the broken item.
● Do not delete the broken item and cut your losses.
● Do not sell or give the broken item to another player within the game.

How to get your items replaced
1. Open a browser window and log into the A&D website

(If you have not already registered you will need to do so from your main hud by clicking
the red gem, web, set info, and put in a password for the website * DO NOT EVER PUT IN
YOUR SL PW for this*)

2. At the top right hand corner of the website click the “ Tickets ” link to put in your request
for a replacement of your item with the Sators

3. Click on the New Ticket option

4. Fill out the ticket information

Starting with the category line – I chose to use the “problem” tag as it is an issue for me
but not a real serious one within the game.

Fill in the subject line – This is where you will put your broken item name

Message – A player once suggested to RP this section out with the Sators. So since
that moment I have tried to get to the point within the message and RP a bit for fun. You
can go about it any way you wish but I like to believe they are smiling as they get funny
RP’s like the one pictured below.

5. Now that you have the ticket filled out, go ahead and slap that “send Ticket” button at the
bottom there. From there you will get this pop up for succession in your attempt to regain
a replacement item.

6. Now you wait for the Sators to reply to your ticket with instructions on what to do next.

I will show you how it went previously with a replacement, I do NOT suggest you
move forward with anything until you have heard from one of the Sators about how to proceed.
By following the steps you will not lose items and the process of getting a replacement will go a
lot faster for you.

Sator Tasha requested the item be placed into a folder labeled with my username
(Bunniefrancis) and the item that needs to be replaced.

I then sent the folder over to her and messaged her “sent” so there was a notification of not only
the passing of the item but also easier for her to find my name and send the item back to me.

I have yet to wait longer than a day or two for a replacement when following these protocols in
contacting the Sators for a replacement item.

When you receive the item back and a message from either Sator, be sure to thank them and
confirm you have received the item back.

Happy forging!

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