How to RP

There are many times in life where we don’t understand how to do something. Especially in this day and age, where things are constantly changing and new technology is coming out! Well, if you haven’t learned how to roleplay, today is your day! This guide is to help you get started on that journey!

First off, we will need you to think of a character and a character story. That is your first step in A&D surprisingly. Task A is to write your character back-story. A character without a back-story sometimes can become bland because it doesn’t allow the character to build and become better down the road!

Now, you got that, what is next? Well, let’s think about it. Nothing. You can jump into roleplay but wait! There are certain rules and ideas you need to know about! First off, you need to know in character (IC) and out of character (OOC). In character means you are playing your character and Out of Character (OOC) means being yourself. The biggest thing I can stress here is leave things that happen IC in IC and don’t take them OOC. It causes unneeded drama! Also, learning the difference between meta-gaming and god-modding and power-gaming. Meta-gaming is using Out of Character (OOC) information for in character (IC) gain. God-modding is taking over a character without prior permission from the opposite player via RP or via IMs. Power-gaming is having super powers that isn’t realistic. Yes, we do have super powers since we are Angels and Demons, but you still need to be realistic about it.

Next, since I know these terms can I start to RP? Well, not quite. There are still a few things you need to know! First off, I want to stress the importance of being able to tell what you are saying verses what you are doing.

/me looks around at the crowd smiling briefly before addressing them, “Hello, Everyone. Thank you for coming out to support me. I would like to thank the Sators for this opportunity to speak to you today.”

Something like that is a GOOD example. Now, this is a bad example.

looks around at the crowd being all shy before addressing them. Hello, thank you for coming to support me. I would like to thank the Sators for this opportunity to speak.

Do you see how the second one, just looks like a run-on of text? That is horrifying to read and not very punctuating oriented. Another thing is they didn’t use /me. /me is important as it shows that your character is doing it, not you. When in a RP, a character should use this for going OOC: ((OOC text here)) or [[OOC text here]] or <>! This is common curtsy to the roleplayers.

Now, you can start roleplaying since you know the very basics! There is so much more to learn and enhance your roleplays as you grow in learning how to! Your always welcome to ask me questions, I would be happy to help any A&D player! Good luck on your journey in the roleplay world!

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