An Interview with a role-player

I had a chance to sit down with one of the many role-players in A&D who uses the Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons IC and Main Group Chat to role-play. It was very nice talking with her and learning about what she thinks of the role-play and what it means to her. This is the interview I had with her and I hope it might shed some light on Sin Nightshadow, Cardinal of Vigilum in Porta, the Angel; and her take on role-playing in A&D.

Raysomona: Thank you, Sin Nightshadow, for talking with me today. I have seen you in the IC chat of A&D a few times and wanted to ask you a few questions about roleplaying in A&D. Shall we get started?

Sin: Of course, it is a pleasure …

Raysomona: So the type of angel you play in your role, what I mean is; do you play an aggressive angel, one that is logical, or maybe even something else?

Sin: Hmm, wow… I know I am aggressive in a lot of things that I do, but not a fly by the seat of my pants type. I am very calculating with everything I do. I would say driven, and fiercely protective.

Raysomona: I can understand that one as well.  Most roleplayers have a goal they set for a long RP. Example; Me and my sword. Do you have any long RPs that you might want to do?

Sin: Oh, I have several actually, and I have followed yours thus far. Actually the one I just did for my Task F I would like to see continue in a group battle, maybe.

Raysomona:  Wow, that is nice, and that does remind me; I know I was part of your Task F. A small, but fun role. How did you like doing all the tasks thus far? Were any of them hard for you? Besides the stone.

Sin: She Chuckles.. The stone still makes me growl… I have enjoyed all of the tasks, I enjoy helping others with theirs as well. I like that most of them make you get involved with other A&D players.  It lets you broaden your game, and persona.

Raysomona: I feel the same way as well. So when it comes to the roleplay side of A&D is it safe to say you really enjoy it then?

Sin: Very much so. Most of my time on SL is spent in character in fact. Many in my Choir want to play that way, so that is what we do. If I am not working on my rentals or club, I am IC. That is the point of being in a virtual world after all. Sin smiles.

Raysomona: Nice, that is awesome in fact. I know most roleplayers get writer’s block; I fall under that problem as well sometimes. Do you get writer’s block at times? And if so; any tricks you can share to help get past it?

Sin: I don’t think I would say I have ever had writer’s block. I have been “stuck” once or twice.  Usually I move away from what I am doing and busy myself doing something else, and an idea usually falls in my lap. Otherwise, I talk to someone about what I am working on and get ideas. I know when I work on my books that it helps a lot.

Raysomona: Okay, one last question for anyone who is maybe nervous, or wants to try to RP, but don’t know how. Do you have any tips for them?

Sin: She smiles, jump right in! Actually, there are classes offered. They can go to the website (EC) and get a list of class times. Ask anyone you see in IC, or, just watch the IC chat. You can learn a lot by just watching. Never be afraid to just jump in and try.

Raysomona: Thank you again for letting me interview you and I do hope to see more of your RPs in the future. I have learned a few things myself which is always fun for me.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the day, and I will see you around, I am sure of it.

Sin: She smiles. My pleasure. And I look forward to RPing with you again soon. Thank you, Cardinal Ray.

And with that the interview was over. I did learn a few things and I hope maybe you did as well.  I love to role-play and if you ever want to try it out; come on in to the IC chat group and have some fun with us.


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