Interview with a Sator

It was on wobbly legs that i found myself standing in the round office of the Prime Evil. Sator Lhino sitting atop his platform in his throne peering down to me from beneath his cloak. Immediately I knelt before my Lord in hopes of showing the creator the respect that he rightfully deserves. Gazing up I became lost as I realized what an honor was bestowed upon me to be within his presence. I took a quick look around the setting of the office and was in awe of the books in the shelves as high as the eyes can see. Undoubtedly a primary source of the knowledge of the Prime Evil’s. After a proper greeting was made and nerves settled; the interview began.

I wanted to use this interview to not only gain information for the reader about the future of EC; but to allow a glimpse into the life of the Prime Evil himself. I would be kidding not only you but myself as well if I did not detail the mysterious feeling that was felt at this time. Imagine a dark sanctuary of the most powerful demon to exist; now couple together the mysterious appearance of said demon. Cloak hood drawn down hiding the upper face, if not for the little light highlighting his lips; would have been complete darkness.

I open the meeting with a big question. I believe that it is best to just get the big ones out of the way early so that the remainder of the meeting can be had with a relaxed mindset. I began by asking the Sator how he found the time to manage all of the task that he must oversee. His answer alone stands as a testament to the time spent building EC to be a better system for us all; not just the demons. “There is never enough time” was the response given to me. Hearing this answer made me humble even further knowing that with all that the Prime has on his plate within the system; that he still found time for this interview; less then mind blowing to say the least. Wanting to keep the pace i followed up the question with another tough one. Asking the Prime Evil what he felt was the most important aspect of EC as a whole. I asked this question to see if maybe there was a little something that we overlook. Staying true to the system i was given the answer that there are no single aspect that stood out; how all were equally important. It was even compared to asking a parent which part of their child is the most important part. That answer shed so much light onto the outlook of EC for me through Sator Lhino’s eyes. He did add however; that the community is the reason behind EC and the most important thing was to give us the best system that they can create, They being Sator Lhino and Sator Tasha.

Now I wanted to ask a question that so many find important to know the answer to. I asked the Prime Evil with the upcoming war in the future, once he graced the battlefield with his presence will he be taking arms. His response took me of guard slightly. “I don’t know why everyone wants me to fight that much. I only fight when it is necessary so if there is a role play necessity for me to bother fighting then I will”, was his response. This gave me information that i think we all wanted to hear; the possibility of Sator Lhino taking part; later in the interview i had the feeling that the Prime Evil was feeling pressured by the community to begin fighting more. If you continue reading this article I will detail why I had this feeling overcome me.

With wishful thinking, I tried to gain another hint to the upcoming update in the near future; asking the Prime Evil for yet another hint outside of the ones already mentioned here within the blog. I was met with the answer that we will not be disappointed, that the species will be evolving with new abilities and that our senses will be heighten like never before. I wanted to step into the mind of the Sator for a moment, gain his aspect on where EC is today as a whole and where his expectations lie within. I began asking first with the question of where he seen EC going in the future. Touching base on the community being ever growing. He responded speaking about the system not going higher per say; but rather expanding if you will. The Prime Evil also agreed that the community is growing very rapidly. It was with his next answer that I began to see just how truly humble mysterious Prime Evil is. He went on to detail a couple of little intricate details about systems such as EC in SL and how he does not want any form of recognition from what is deemed “higher ups”. He added to the fact that they (once again speaking for himself and Sator Tasha), do not care about the numbers or the fame. That they want to create the best system possible for us all to enjoy without expecting anything in return. I wanted to end this series of questions with one more pertaining to the EC system through his eyes. I asked him; Has EC surpassed his initial hopes of what it would become. He replied to my question to the fact that EC has grown way beyond anything he could have ever expected.

As i began to loosen up to the fact that i was sitting before one of the creators of EC the interview turned into more of a chat amongst friends. After asking a few more tiny questions I came to a great understanding of what it must be like to be a Sator. They both work tirelessly day in and day out to keep EC engaging and keep the community happy as a whole. To shed some light to you about the time spent and the passion driving Sator Lhino I will key you in on a key little things i learned amongst his presence. Sator Lhino spends majority of his time working on things to make EC better for us. Whether it be updating a hud or fixing a bug. I was taken back when I learned that he spends so much of his time making it better for us, that he himself has never had the privilege to enjoy a system he helped create. This alone, gave me the feeling that the Prime Evil felt a little pressure from the community. I sat kneeling before a man who loves EC in a manner that he dedicates his time to making it better to the point that he himself cant enjoy it. Little fun fact for the reader; did you know that in the year of 2016 Sator Tasha and Sator Lhino only took 2 days off from furthering EC! 2 DAYS! You heard right. This number came from the Sator’s mouth itself. It was at this moment that I wanted to remind the Prime Evil to always take some “you” time and try to enjoy the system that you created.

I ended the interview with one final question. And listen to these words from our Sator as they are coming from someone who works tirelessly to create something for us to enjoy without asking for anything in return. I asked the Sator if there was one thing you could change within the community as a whole, what would it be? He answered that we as a community need to be more careful of who we bring in and that we need to be teachers to those that we do bring in. While the Sator’s are so thankful for all of the support that they obtain from the community, they are also receiving support tickets for things such as “my hud says banished how do i fix it” or “how do I feed”. I was appalled honestly to hear that these were actually real tickets. The Sators are already working tirelessly to give us a system free of charge so that our second lives have a different aspect if we wish, and in return we as a community fail to teach the minions that we bring in and allow the simplest of questions to become support tickets.

With what time I was to spend with Prime Evil, I learned that he is a very humble person. The shroud of mystery is broken just a little bit after my interview with him. I learned that the Sator’s put our interest in EC before their very own and that they place our enjoyment before theirs in what i deem to be one of the most selfless acts I have known of here in SL. If you take anything away from this reading, please let it be that the Sator’s are doing everything within their power to give us the most optimal system that they can provide along with furthering it; that they work endlessly to make sure that it is a possibility. Take away with you the fact that if we….if we just be better teachers alone…..that it will indeed take some of the load off of them; maybe to allow them to take a day off here or there or maybe to enjoy the system that they created. It is in my opinion that it is the least we can do. They have spent many hours of their life developing the EC system to what it is today and are currently working to evolve it even more. To what end I do not know. Maybe just keep posted on articles to come for more insight. Until then, happy hunting.

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  1. Valora Rogue Corvus (capricorn99) says:

    Thanks so much for this insightful interview. I appreciate what the Sators have done for this system even more. It is by far the best rp/combat system I’ve had the privilege of being a part of.

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