Interview with Sator Tasha – The History of A&D

We had the privilege of sitting down with  Sator Tasha, The Empyrean Reaper, for an interview on the history of Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons. Let’s travel back in time to when our beloved Eternal Conflict was released to the public on March 2, 2015.

I’m not sure if you firstborns remember but EC was located on a sim called Helcaraxe Isle. The building was a simple garage in the backyard of the Sators’ personal home. Today, two years later, EC is located on not one, but two amazing sims which are decorated in the theme of Hell and Heaven together with  a mutual area for both species to gather and work. Also, there were no professions or a backpack. There was only the Main HUD that you were given after being transcended or descended.

Back then, there were no system rules. However, when new demons and angels were being killed as soon as they were descended/transcended the Sators decided to enforce rules about not attacking on the EC sim., among other rules that were later added on.

The Sators then introduced to us the  professions along with the many different subsystems. Below you can see the evolution of the Backpack HUD and also the Main HUD.

Below, is our interview with Sator Tasha:

Juℓiα: knocks on the door

Empyrean Reaper Pretends to not be home

Juℓiα: “Greetings Sator Tasha, yes the snacks are for you but I need to interview you for an article.” she smiled sweetly

Empyrean Reaper:  Smiles “Greetings Julia. Sure”

ℒyrí: She sits down next to her daughter as she offers snacks and things

Juℓiα: Sits down with her notepad open

Juℓiα: Well, I have not been in the system since it became live for the public, I want to ask you about our beloved EC, and how it started in you and Prime Evil’s mind.

Juℓiα: So, how did you come up with the concept of A&D?

Empyrean Reaper: Lhino and I were really into angel and demon lore from the Diablo series. After some time in SL and in other systems not related to angels and demons we started looking to see if there were any systems with this sort if theme. To our surprise actually there was no such system. We then decided that for fun we would make a system based on the concepts that we liked from Angel and Demons roleplay. We didn’t really think much of it or that it would grow into what it has become today but we are glad that so many people enjoy what we created. It really motivates us.

Juℓiα: She replies “Awesome”as she continues to note the Sator answers

ℒyrí: Smiles. It really is something we all enjoy. After you made the decision to create the system, how long did it take to put the first stages together?

Empyrean Reaper: Once we decided to make the system it took us about a week to 2 weeks to set up the major frameworks of the system. Meaning in that time we had the Main HUDs setup and was ready to get people to test them out.

Juℓiα: Finishing her note about the last question she asks “Was there a beta version and if so, how long did it last and how many people were involved?”

Empyrean Reaper: Chuckles a little “A&D is still technically in beta phase. But to speak about when we first started we had it open to everyone that wanted to join. All I can say is, tons and tons of people joined. Within a couple weeks or even before we had the HUDs ready we had over 500 people in the group. After the HUDs were released for beta many more joined in.”

Juℓiα: Well from what EC is now,  what was your original vision of EC when everything first started?

Empyrean Reaper: To be honest we didn’t really have a vision for it nor did you expect it to grow as much as it has now. We just wanted to create something that we ourselves would enjoy and have an Angel and Demons type  lore and role-play that was fun. We also wanted to create something different from what we already saw in other systems within SL.

Juℓiα: i’m sure it’s pretty different from the others systems,on the Roleplay side How did the background story came over to you both?

Empyrean Reaper: Hmm well, we based it off of how Lhino and I wanted to role-play our characters and it went from there and It just sort of molded itself.

Juℓiα: Well I have a couple of questions based on the hud itself. How have the HUDs differed from how they are now? Also, How many spells and main attacks did it start off with?

Empyrean Reaper: The Main HUD and Backpack HUDs appearance wise differ drastically from how they were before. On top of that many new things were added into them both from how they were in the beginning. The Main HUD attacks were always there from the beginning since they open up with age. There were no spells in the original backpack that is a fairly new addition from about last year or so when we introduced the magery profession. When we introduced spells though all 3 circles of spells were released at the same time

Juℓiα: Interesting. Myself, I love being a mage. I saw the pictures from the backpacks that you posted on the website gallery.

Empyrean Reaper: That was showing the evolution of the backpack hud. It has evolved and changed quite a lot over the years.

Juℓiα: I love how the system is activated within SL,so aside from you (The Sators) Who is the oldest player that is still currently active?if you don’t mind us asking=)

Empyrean Reaper: Well, I can’t really say precisely as when we first started A&D we didn’t keep the starting date and time for players that joined. All the people that joined during that period are simply called firstborns. Plus, with some firstborns changing species it is hard to tell since their age doesn’t match how long they have actively been within the system

Juℓiα: Nods “understandable”. For my last question, thinking back to the start, are there anything you would do differently or change?

Empyrean Reaper: I don’t think there is anything that we would do differently. Everything that we have done to get us to the point we are now in A&D have been meaningful to us. It taught us many things and helped us improve on points we wouldn’t have improved otherwise. We have a great community of players and a great support system. We enjoy working on A&D and getting feedback and suggestions from the community to help us make things better. We make this system because we simply just really enjoy working on it. It is a lot of fun for us and it’s just great to share it with everyone that has joined.

Juℓiα: Smiles “That concludes all my questions I had for the interview, I hope our members enjoy reading it.  Now, I leave you be, as i know you’re a busy Sator”

Empyrean Reaper: Nods and smiles “I hope so as well. See you later,”

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