Legion of Anguish – Getting to know you feature

Presenting: The Legion of Anguish.

Led by Arch ℳιđσгι Нєᴌᴄаяаxё ߣɑςκвµяи (midoriprincess)

Dark Nephilim – ƈąşşï ღ ɓℓąƈҡɓųŗŋ ღ ąℓℓąŗđγƈε (Cassindria79)
Deceitful Reign – Nana Blackburn Deceit (Nana Hernandoz)
Domus Caesorum – Ṕяιṁṁý Н.ߣɑςκвµяи Ɱoretti (Prim033110)
Eternal Anguish – Vαlςσuяε NαϮαş Нєᴌᴄаяаxё (Valcoure)
Reapers of the Underworld – ℒyrí Нєᴌᴄаяаxё Stʀɛɛtɛʀ (lyricaldesire)
Tyrants of the Abyss – ƒαℓкιη ߣɑςκвµяи ѕуℓναηαяι Ŋş (asmodenus)

Midori, was a mere demon of the Horde, Mors Torta under Arch Lazar. She worked long and hard not only at her skills and professions, but assisting others. One ordinary day in Hell, she was working on her professions. She was working so diligently, that she barely noticed the sound of her name being called. She looked around, wondering where it was coming from. She looked up, unsure if what she was hearing was real. She put down her axe and walked over towards the sound. She heard her name again. The Prime Evil was requesting her presence. She was in shock that he was wanting to speak to her. Did she do something wrong? What could he possibly want? She continued towards his office.

Quietly, she knocked on the door and slowly walked in. Sensing her nervousness, he beckoned her to come in and eased her fears. He spoke to her of how he had been watching her. He stated that he had a very Important job to offer Her. He said it was based on what he’s observed. Midori, was astonished over the offer but very happily, she accepted His offer. She, beamed proudly, fully honored that he had chosen her to fill the role of Arch Demon of the Anguish Legion. She would be replacing the previous fallen Arch and was tasked to bring the Legion back to its feet.

When she accepted this task, she had a total of three almost dead Hordes and the ones alive had very few remaining. Not wasting time, as she was wanting to make the Prime Evil proud, she had already chosen those whom would come with her to complete this task and journey, to make a strong and powerful Legion. Soon, The Legion of Anguish, began to rise from the depths of Hell and grow strong again. In no time, the three Hordes grew in numbers and multiplied to seven hordes made up of the fiercest and most loyal demons. Her hordes work unified together to achieve all goals for which she sets out.

1.You must know and respect the rules of the system.
2. Take care of your minions teach everything you need on the first day, use of HUDs, chain of command, rules of the system and the horde, how to work professions and skills, registration in website etc. so we avoid them asking basic questions in group chats.
3. Enjoy the game your way and choose your role, you are not forced to do anything you do not want (except to follow the rules of EC and Horde)
4. Respect the titles of the officials in the game and refer to them according to their ranks Chieftains, Chief Captains, Centurions, Archs, and Sators (creators), mentioning these ranks before their names. Eg. Arch Midori. In the case of the creators of the game they must be called Sators or Prime Evil Lhino (Necati Millet), Celestial Tasha (Tashaelove). On the A & D web site you can see every Horde/Choir and their respective leaders.
5. Respect each member of the Legion at all times NO DRAMA
6. Always follow chain of command….
A.Your Overlord
B.Centurion –
C.Chief Captain –
D.Chieftain –
E.Arch Demon Of Anguish – ℳιđσгι Нєᴌᴄаяаxё ߣɑςκвµяи (midoriprincess)
(Please if you have a problem, need switching overlords, need group tags given out then Contact as the chain of command goes. DO NOT CONTACT THE CREATORS FOR ANYTHING UNLESS DOING A ROLEPLAY TASK FOR THE GAME.)
*These are basic rules can be modified at any time without notice*

Pictured: (L to R: [back] ƒαℓкιη ߣɑςκвµяи ѕуℓναηαяι Ŋş (asmodenus), Vαlςσuяε NαϮαş Нєᴌᴄаяаxё (Valcoure), ℳιđσгι Нєᴌᴄаяаxё ߣɑςκвµяи (midoriprincess), ƈąşşï ღ ɓℓąƈҡɓųŗŋ ღ ąℓℓąŗđγƈε (Cassindria79) [front] ℒyrí Нєᴌᴄаяаxё Stʀɛɛtɛʀ (lyricaldesire), Nana Blackburn Deceit (Nana Hernandoz), Ṕяιṁṁý Н.ߣɑςκвµяи Ɱoretti (Prim033110)

“Chieftain Primmy: Primmy is an original chieftain of mine she has been here since day 1 of my reign as Arch. She took a dead horde and has grown it into my biggest horde yet. Chieftain Primmy is also my line Fiend.

Chieftain Valcoure: A demon in a slowly fading Horde I asked that he take the role as one of my chieftains. He accepted and has done an amazing job shaping his horde into the group it is today. They are loyal and hardworking demons

Chieftain Nana: Nana had history with DOA she was in it once in Primmy’s horde she left for a short while but then requested to return and create a Horde in my Legion. She has always been a fierce and capable leader to her own so I backed her request and so it began. She has a horde full of great hard working people.

Chieftain Cass: I asked Cass if she would take one of my hordes that had a fallen Chieftain, I had watched her devotion and leadership both in the war and while being the only one actively helping hold the horde she had been in together.

Chieftain Falkin: Falkin came to me from another Legion requesting a horde. I was honored he had chosen me and quickly supported his request. He has since grown his horde into an amazing and loyal group I am proud to call family.

Chieftain Lyri: A dedicated hard worker loyal to a fault, she was Chief Captain under Falkin and worked hard to achieve her goals.” – ℳιđσгι Нєᴌᴄаяаxё ߣɑςκвµяи (midoriprincess)

“Arch midoriprincess is a sweet lady. She has always been kind to me. When I showed up at last war. It was my arch and rest of the legion that had me join them so I would not be in the battle alone for that she has my loyalty. As for my horde, we are lay back down to earth many are like family. I take care of every one in my horde, gear them up, give them a home if they need a place. However, I do not put up with drama. Yes, we are small, but we are many. If one is attacked, we all come to help. I believe in each and every one of the demons in my horde.” – ƈąşşï ღ ɓℓąƈҡɓųŗŋ ღ ąℓℓąŗđγƈε (Cassindria79)

“We strive for excellence in the pursuit of Knowledge and education within our horde. No One will Be left behind and everyone will help one another to succeed for the greater good of The Family. I can truly say I am home in DOA. This is where my heart, family, and loyalty is.” – Nana Blackburn Deceit (Nana Hernandoz)

“In Demons of Anguish, you feel like part of a family. It is a big family unit where people work together and help each other. We have a wonderful arch that is involved and always there for us. I am happy right here in DOA. This is my family, and this is where I belong.” – Ṕяιṁṁý Н.ߣɑςκвµяи Ɱoretti (Prim033110)

“Eternal Anguish was created by Vyll and I with the mentality that it was not only a horde but a true family. It has never been a huge group of members, it has always remained fairly small, so that everyone within the group feels connected to each other, while still allowing everyone to remain an individual, collected we become a very powerful entity within the legion. We chose the name Eternal Anguish to represent the larger parts we belong to. Eternal to reflect the Eternal Conflict, and Anguish to reflect our lineage within the Demons of Anguish line. It was a way of paying homage to our Helcaraxe namesake and to our Arch Midori. Being a part of such an amazing collective of players is both an honor and a privilege that we feel strongly about and hope that our family or horde feels that same bond.” – Vαlςσuяε NαϮαş Нєᴌᴄаяаxё (Valcoure)

“Our motto is, no one gets left behind. We will work hard to make sure all Members are informed, have what they need, and able to achieve their goals in the system, no matter what it is. We feel that in order to succeed, there must always be communication and be a unified whole not just numbers. We will strive to make sure our members don’t feel like a number but instead feel like family. We want people to enjoy their experience in A & D and grow to love it like we do.” – ℒyrí Нєᴌᴄаяаxё Stʀɛɛtɛʀ (lyricaldesire)

“I have the privilege of being in the best Legion with an awesome Arch who is always there when you need her and cares a lot about all of the people under her. She has let me do everything I wanted to do with my Horde and build it the way I wanted it as a tight family group. I find it mirrors through the Legion. We’re all a tight knit group that fight, skill, and even party together. I couldn’t ask to be in a better Legion for my horde. I know we all feel the same way …. Makes us hard to beat, if anyone feels inclined to try.” – ƒαℓкιη ߣɑςκвµяи ѕуℓναηαяι Ŋş (asmodenus)

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