Legion of Hatred – Getting to know you feature.

Presenting: The Legion of Hatred.

Led by Arch ๖ۣۜѦиίϮа ๖ۣۜႠȼиȼβŗǣ Нєᴌᴄаяаxё ( Anita Verlack )

LatinCor Tenebrae – ๖ۣۜĐαмȼຮђ ๖ۣۜႠȼиȼβŗǣ ( DaMesh )
Phoenix Rising – – ̗̀TⱭTƖ TȻℕȻβRⱭȻ ƤℍʘȻƝƖX ̖́- ( Tatidoll )
Profane Hatred – JoJo Oceanlane-Skizm ( JoJo Oceanlane )

The Prime Evil, wounded in a fierce battle bled onto the ground. From this blood; seething with anger, the Legion of Hatred was born.

Anita imbued with the most rage of Any of Prime Evils’ demons was recruited to lead the Armies of Hatred to exact revenge upon the Armies of Light. She went to the depths of Hell looking for the most spiteful, aggressive, and hate filled souls

Anita The Arch of Hatred dropped three drops of her blood on to the ground creating the leaders for her three hordes to rise up from the ashes of hell.
So, the three born of her blood could lead the armies made of the worst souls that existed amongst the mortals, forged in the fires of eternal punishment, and tasked to carry out their revenge

Her Armies are known among and make the angels quiver in fear. For they know that blades forged in hatred cut the deepest; and scores of their brethren, even the most battle-hardened choirs, have been laid low at their feet.
With the conflict eternally raging between angels and demons, this army will fight with all the fury in the race to corrupt the mortals and fade all the brightness and peace from the world.

1. You must know and respect the rules of the system.
2. Respect each member of the Legion and seek good coexistence.
3. Teach your minions about the chain of command and how to deal properly with situations that may arise.
4. Know and follow the rules of the Horde which you belong.
5. Voice verification is a requirement for admission to the Legion.
6. Notify your Chieftain about new people you want to bring into the system. Being a system by invitation, it is very important that the leaders can have a control over the newcomers.
7. We have Skype groups for all and an Army for those who like fighting. If you want to join, contact your Horde’s officers.
8. Each banished member over 30 days will be expelled as a Heretic. If you want to come back, you should talk to your Chieftain
9. Protect your life: From your first day you have to learn what to do to protect yourself from attacks. Also, remove your home location or Hordes locations from your profile.
10. If you have angelic family: There is not and will be not punishment about Demons of Hatred members attacking ANY angel. So, warn yours to use the tools to avoid attacks. No drama on this matter will be taken into consideration.
11. There is not a specific dress code into the Legion, except if your own Horde has this as a rule, and the A & D dress code that is always covering the intimate parts.

Pictured: (Top, L to R) – ̗̀TⱭTƖ TȻℕȻβRⱭȻ ƤℍʘȻƝƖX ̖́- (tatidoll), ๖ۣۜѦиίϮа ๖ۣۜႠȼиȼβŗǣ Нєᴌᴄаяаxё (anita.verlack, JoJo Oceanlane-Skizm (jojo.oceanlane), (Bottom) ๖ۣۜĐαмȼຮђ ๖ۣۜႠȼиȼβŗǣ ( DaMesh )

“It is truly a blessing to be part of this Legion under Arch Anita. She leads by example and as a group we get along very well. There are always the ones that need a little adjustment but so is in any family. I am proud to be a Demon of Hatred.” – ๖ۣۜĐαмȼຮђ ๖ۣۜႠȼиȼβŗǣ ( DaMesh )

“~ Demons Of Hatred ~ We are more then a horde, we are a family. Our Family is a Circle of Strength and love with every addition and union it grows. Every Crisis faced together makes the Circle Stronger.

~ PHOENIX RISING ~ We are the Phoenix that rises from the ashes, the thorn that makes you bleed…”This Ring of Fire Burns Brightly & Strong” – – ̗̀TⱭTƖ TȻℕȻβRⱭȻ ƤℍʘȻƝƖX ̖́- (tatidoll)

“Legion of Hatred and Profane Hatred is where my heart, home and loyalty has been for almost 2 years. Profane Hatred is a family committed to each other, our Horde and the A&D eternal conflict. We live as one, we fight as one, we survive as one.” – JoJo Oceanlane-Skizm (jojo.oceanlane)

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