Lumberjacking Profession

Photo taken by .: Aяεɭi Լợυ :.

The tree stands proud, ancient. The wood hard with age, is strong having withstood the test of time. In the quiet morning, a hissing sound is heard as slicing through the air, a sharpened blade wielded upon the tree. The steel ax meets the wood splintering it, slowly breaking forth log after log to the owner of this weapon. Sweat glistens on their brows, as Angels and Demons alike stand, shoulders taunt, swing the ax, chop after chop working their lumberjack trade. Yet, the tree still stands, waiting proudly for the next assault of it’s precious resources.”

Lumberjacking is one of our core skills, while this skill does not decline, it does take a lot our time and patience gathering enough logs to be able to create the parchments need for the next skill of Inscription. From the tree to the parchment table, we work hard to make parchment levels 1, 2 and 3 – each fitting a particular type of spell group. While taking a lot of time, the spells that are the end result will strike hard our opponent, just as our ax strike hard against the wood.

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  1. David rider says:

    Yep wounds about right slaving away on professions as demons and age grow old and achieve withstanding the time and effort to make these trees splitter lol

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