Magery Profession

Photo taken by .: Aяεɭi Լợυ :.

“Eyes meet – a drop of sweat falls from the brow. Intense is the confrontation, as each opponent refuses to back down. With a snarl and a his – hand move in motion – fire ignites the hands in flame. The other smiles, and slowly winks as lightening shoots in power bolt strikes from their finger tips. They dance, a dance of war, slowly circling as they set their spell in motion. Collision in the darkened sky, fire hits lightening, both embracing and breaking then breaking the others work. The spells, the Magery, the eternal fight.”

Magery is the culmination of Lumberjacking, Alchemy, and Inscription. With three levels of skills, a opponent can choose to do harm or to protect and mend. From something as simple as poison and cure – to something as lethal as flamestrike. There is a spell for the novice to the master, just find your mana and do your work.

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