Overachiever:  ๖Trαƈŷ ℒєɪ Ƈιиєrє (tracy.warrhol)

Cardinal of Ortus Cinere
Photographed by: Nσνα Hυηţsмαη Mσяяιɢυ ƘιƖƖαмαя (vidiasyryndethly)

A familiar smile began to spread on my lips. Whenever I had seen this angel around the heavens, she always stood out. Her attire was always in black, something she would refer to as being dressed for a funeral whenever she hit the battlefield for the demons and saving the mortals. If anything, this angel was my mentor and guide a long time ago and to have the chance to interview her for the Sators was something I was glad to do.

“Tracy!” my lips spoke as I admired the black outfit, a different choice to what I would wear myself. I had just placed my familiar swords down by my side as my wings had been tucked away, and I took to a seat in the comfort of a heavenly meditation pod.

I watched as Tracy joined me and with my thinking cap on for those few moments I managed to grab some parchment and ink, ready for any notes I needed to take. I didn’t hesitate to launch right into the interview. It was only then I started hearing the familiar song of a mortal Disney film in whistling format, “hi ho hi ho, it’s off to work we go…” The tune was catchy and already ringing in my ears as I waited for Tracy to sit. Once I noticed her chisel and hammer placed down beside her, I launched into my questions and picked her brain for my own curiosity.

“What drives you on the days you don’t feel motivated to skill but you still pick up the axe or hammer and drive on forward with it regardless?” I asked the first question as I was ready to hear, whilst my left hand tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

“My Angels. Being a Cardinal you come across many. Some stay, some go. They keep me motivated so I will continue to keep them driven too.”

I smiled. That answer was kind, and it brought memories back to when she was mentoring me. I wanted to add to her answer, but my mind went forward with the next question. Memory lane could wait for another day.

“When the Sators brought in the overachiever status and you noticed you had made it, how did it feel?” I made a few notes as I asked Tracy this question, purely because I myself hadn’t quite made the shiny new status of overachiever and it was something I enjoyed hearing about from others.

“This was like an achievement in itself like wows you know when you’re mentally challenged because you have to complete the goal set,” I heard Tracy say, her wings still fluttering in the air slightly as we sat opposite each other.

“What is your favourite achievement or skill that you have enjoyed working on the most?” I asked. I had heard a few answers, and now I wanted to see what Tracy would say. My intrigue was peaked.

“Parchments. I could stay on that table all day,” she replied effortlessly, and my eyes widened as I heard that answer.  “P…Parchments? I thought it would be something different. Honestly, I never have the drive myself to sit there and make paper” I said to Tracy as it was only the truth. I had always tried to run away from the parchment table rather than use it to further my abilities. It was something I found I never enjoyed personally, and it was a surprising answer.

My voice went quiet for a moment. I began transcribing more notes for this interview when I noticed it was the hour mortals would say was lunchtime. Oddly, my body is still somehow entwined to the timing for food in the mortal realm in ways I don’t understand. Using a small amount of angelic magic, I made a coffee table appear between us, placing down several food items as I took the time to press on with the interview.

“You once told me chicken nuggets were your favourite food, so let’s have lunch and press on,” I said as I offered the contents on the table to her as I began to think for my next question. Personally, I had opted for what American mortals would call a “grilled cheese sandwich,” and I had found I liked them far too much.

“Next question,” I said, allowing my own food to cool slightly in the heavenly winds so I didn’t burn my mouth and rush ahead with devouring my own food.

“What would you recommend for new angels when they are just starting out in the heavenly realms?”

I noticed Tracy opting for the plate of chicken nuggets and was already beginning to eat them as I waited to hear her answer after she had finished chewing the first one. “Always to have fun and not to burn yourselves out. The perception is always the first skill I teach, as being blind to the enemy isn’t nice.” As she answered, I noticed another chicken nugget went into her hand and was soon being devoured as I wondered if she had anything more to add.

“Never be ashamed to portal out from an attack, too,” she added to the question that I had asked. She had a point, as some Demons liked to prey on some of the younger ones and allow that fear to distract them from their growth as angels. I myself had struggled with this a few times. it was vital that no angel should feel ashamed when the demon is far more dangerous than they could handle.

Soon enough the questions for the interview had all been laid out from my thoughts. Lunch and general chatter followed on from the interview while we talked over other things and caught up with one another. It wasn’t long until Tracy was called, as Cardinals are needed often and it was something I truly watched her shine at.

As I cleared up the remaining food items and finished my own choice of lunch, I watched as the wings from Tracy’s back launched her into the air, where she would go to whoever needed her at the choir. My own wings emerged and I also made myself fly through the portal back to my room in the heavens where I began typing this up, fondly recalling the few moments when I had the chance to catch up with my former mentor.

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