The Empyrean Reaper
Таѕна Ѕтая Нєᴌᴄаяаxё
Tasha is the Owner and Creator of Eternal Conflict: Angels and Demons along with her husband Lнıиоvаиıои Нєᴌᴄаяаxё (necati.millet). They released A&D  on March 2nd, 2015. Ever since then they have developed and continued to improve on the system, while always being open to hearing suggestions from the A&D community. She enjoys designing, writing, and working to make A&D continuously grow. Tasha has a very calm and relaxed personality. She enjoys laughing and just having a good time with the people around her.


ℒyrí Äмaяa Нєᴌᴄаяаxё
Chief Editor
Lyri began her journey within Eternal Conflict as an Angel almost two years ago. She was given a special task by a greater power, causing her to become a fallen angel. She now works hard to protect and follow the orders given by The Prime Evil. Because of her hard work, she is now a Chieftain for Reapers of the Underworld.
In her limited free time, she enjoys spending time with her kids, her family, designing, taking pictures and of course battling the angels.
ℑυℓĭa ℜ Äмaяa Нєᴌᴄаяаxё

Chief Editor
Julia began her journey on EC when this mysterious guy descended her to the gates of hell when she had suffered a deadly accident. As she learned her own way into the system she was given special tasks by her mother and Chieftain. She is now Chief Captain of RoU. She became an Epic Craftsman in professions, turned into a warrior, a War Councilor, and Battle Master for Prime Evil and Empyrean Reaper. Julia likes to take pictures and write stories on her free time or just hang with her mother and sisters, talk, and play table games.


ιςαяυѕ αιℓσяσυѕ
Manga Artist | Introverted | Roleplayer
Do what you love, and love what you do– Icarus  draws and roleplays, his friends and family are what keeps him going, He says he is a little odd but he won’t hurt you, that’s about it…!
Ɠℓơωץ Çяơwᴌєץ Ⴀȼиȼвŗǣ
Writer (Photographer)
ℂȼиʈʊŗɨøи ﻜµccµƄµຮ Đεɱσɳ | ƒαℓℓεɳ Ѧɳɢεℓ σƒ ĐεαϮɦ | Ƹɱρяεຮຮ σƒ ĦƸԼԼ ѼαϮςђ
It’s been nearly a year since her journey as both angel and demon within the A&D system. After the dramatic descending from the heavens, she was appointed as Centurion for ŁαʈɨиƇσƦ Ⴀȼиȼвŗǣ after her hard work and dedication to the family and the Demons of Hatred Legion. Being that she’s very family-oriented, she will kill for them without any hesitation or doubt. Her loyalty stands with her kind after being betrayed by those who claim to be “holy”. Beyond the Eternal Conflict, Glowy merely spends her time teaching children in between tokes and episodes, with the occasional box of pizza. She’s your typical Cali chick, except there’s nothing typical about her.


roo roo
(jenAbernathy Resident)
Roo Roo is an Angel of Wisdom, but is often mistaken for a Demon of Vice, it’s all camoflauge and she’s absolutely innocent having both wings and a halo! She can often be found wandering around photography sims with camera in hand or slaving away in heaven or the mutual zone taunting demons with her purity.”
Ơđԑɱµș Çяơwᴌєץ Ⴀȼиȼвŗǣ
Odemus, better known as “Crowley,” began his journey as a demon when his once lost daughter reunited with him and bestowed upon him her dark gift that she had acquired in the time that she was lost. He is very observant, and sees things many others may miss. Even things one shouldn’t that often times gets him into mischief, just like a true Crowley. Some call him a photographer, but he draws power from those small slices of time he captures. When he’s not creating havoc, or breaking hearts, he takes pleasure in providing for his immediate and demonic family.