The Empyrean Reaper
Таѕна Ѕтая Нєᴌᴄаяаxё
Tasha is the Owner and Creator of Eternal Conflict: Angels and Demons along with her husband Lнıиоvаиıои Нєᴌᴄаяаxё (necati.millet). They released A&D  on March 2nd, 2015. Ever since then they have developed and continued to improve on the system, while always being open to hearing suggestions from the A&D community. She enjoys designing, writing, and working to make A&D continuously grow. Tasha has a very calm and relaxed personality. She enjoys laughing and just having a good time with the people around her.


Arch ℒyrí Нєᴌᴄаяаxё Äмaяa
Chief Editor
Lyri Amara Helcaraxe, first of her name, daughter to the Sators, didn’t start her celestial life as a demon. She began was in fact a resplendent Angel of Hope. For a time, she sang with the Choirs of Heaven, resonating with the heavenly host. But… the darkness called upon her heart. Subsequent to a particular task, Lyri’s opalescent wings darkened to the black of night. She was plunged into the service of his most glorious, her father, The Prime Evil. As years turned to centuries, her divine passions thawed, fueling the flames of her Hatred toward the Heavens. Such was the power of her hatred, that before the cosmic pendulum swung in the opposite direction, Lyri Amara Helcaraxe sat upon the unholy throne as Arch of Hatred. In her free time, she enjoys being mother to hordes of demons and choirs of angels, young and old alike. Her artistic exploits are unique, as she hopes to add her own personal touch to the EC blog. Most often, she roams the lands of Amara Sanguis Perpetuus with her loyal family members by her side
ℑυℓĭa ℜ Нєᴌᴄаяаxё Äмaяa

Chief Editor
The Immortal child of Arch Lyri, Julia Amara Helcaraxe began her journey into Hell at the closing of her mortal life. In the wake of her mysterious death, she roamed the caverns of Hell – terrorizing and devouring all mortal souls flung in her path. She was found and reborn through her mother the Arch of Hatred, then Chieftain of the ROU horde. Upon her mother’s rise to power, Julia herself took the reigns as Chieftain, ascending to the role of Arch Fiend. It is in this role that she has flourished, continuing on a very literal Highway to Hell…consuming and annihilating all those who would stand against her. On her off time, she enjoys hanging out with her mother, and relatives…talking and playing table games. She enjoys a perfect balance of cute and bloody things, as is often true of most immortal children. She hopes to inject her most interesting ideas into the EC Blog.


 工ᴋᴀяᴜs کpιres Нєᴌᴄаяаxё ひкιуσ

I’m just a guy who isn’t very talkative, but enjoys talking to people, I’m also an artist and draw a lot for EC. Here’s
a quote I like. “The world isn’t wrong. It just is. Even if eventually everything will come to naught. I’ll still strive like I did today.”
Wчиtєя Ivσяч کpιres ђuηtєℜ
Writer (Photographer)
Even Angels have there demonic wings, I am a Angelic Greeter with a sinister twisted personality, photographer and blogger, and always willing to work with you. If its newbie help or more. I am always open for that contact.


ҍմղղíҽ ɑԵɾɑ ԵҽʍρҽsԵɑs

Writer (Photographer)
Bunnie is a writer/photographer for the A&D Blog as well as a Battle Master. She can be found most often tabbed out working on something fun or creative. Bunnie is more infamous than famous, to which she would prefer it switched around. Often you can find her laughing and enjoying time in commons or hell. While in her formative year she was a bit of a fighter and took on the strongest of angels and demons alike; as well as her reputation is one of a Strong Bad Demon, she is quite the giving and loving soul.
May Iνy Lёιℓaηι Äмaяa Нёаяt
Writer (Photographer)
Hiya! I’m May! I love to write and do photography! Within the A&D system I hold many places and very active in all the places I hold. I love sharing the love I have for the Demon side of A&D. A fun fact about my journey in A&D is that I started as an Angel in 2017!


Sէơռɛ .̶̶A̶̶. Sէɣҳ

Writer (Photographer)
Hi..hi there..hi.. I’m Stone. Complicated simplicity with a whole bag of tricks; if you dare to read between the lines that is.. Just your not so typical extroverted introvert; a major softy to pop a smile on someone’s face or steal a giggle or three and run off to brood in my solitude. Passionate is literally the best word to describe me and how I function. I feel things on incredible levels and those feels ignite from my very fingertips in the way of creativity. I have to feel it to make it happen; so any word you witness me weave or pixel snapped in photo form has an extreme soulful meaning to me that not many get access to…you’re welcome. I’ve been in A&D since 2016, it’s a system I enjoy immensely and have been deeply involved in within my families. The system itself has allowed me to utilize my passions on a massive scale and given me purpose and a drive to bring happiness to others in some way, shape, or form. Blogging will only bring things on a next level for me in regards to expressing myself, or assisting others in telling their own stories within this Eternal Conflict. Anyway, I look forward to this path, learning new things and all that good stuff. If you see a creeper in the bushes, it’s me…and yasss I’m totally judging you.
Jαdиαч Aмαяα Sтαяlα

Jadnay Amara Starla was born to one of the Lesser Siren Houses of Devil Reef. The details of her descent are a rather secretive affair, but like most other perverse and diabolical creatures of her kind, she quickly took to her role as a Demon of Terror. Since that time, she has flourished under the patronage of the most distinguished Arch of Hatred, Lyri Helcaraxe Amara . Jadnay enthusiastically serves as Medical Director of one of the numerous ASP sanctioned Asylums. When she’s not lobotomizing mortals, she labors over her writing passions. Her favorite subjects are of a more creative nature, an interest she developed during what she describes as “psychotherapy consults with the insane.” She now hopes to turn this mortal hobby into a productive skill aimed at contributing to the EC blogging team. Like most other sirens, she collects gadgets, gizmos, dinglehoppers, and thingamabobs. Her favorite pastime is drowning and/or torturing menfolk. She lives on Amara Sanguis Perpetuus land with several trained pet sharks and her emotional starfish, Mishell.


нιna Séмριtéяɲαℓ

Despite any timid first impression you might get, Hina is more than just a quiet little person. Within the realm of A&D she is an angelic Herald of a very active choir. As EC lecturer and member of the events committee, she has a great love for the game and its community. She strives to help whenever and whoever she can. She is a lover of writing and roleplay. Always happy for people to reach out if you need help with a roleplay task, or just want to rp she is always looking for a new adventure!
ϮĐíαηє Şŧαrşíđєr Đєżησ ŞyαηíđєϮ
Here I am, a small Demon in a huge blood pool. I am new to the A&D world but I am learning quickly and determined to learn more every day. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you as I take photos of our spectacular EC: Angels & Demons Role Play. If you see me about, please feel free to speak to me.


ŞíᴌƔęя Нєᴌᴄаяаxё Äмaяa
Silver Helcaraxe Amara didn’t start her life as a demon. In fact, she was quite the malcontented Angel of Valor. Born to the heavenly host, she found herself unmotivated by her role in the celestial order, even throughout her tenure as Acolyte of Dark Requiem. A battle hardened veteran of two wars, Silver was restless, to say the least. As her thirst for blood grew, so too did the forces of darkness overshadow her dwindling angelic heart. She finally found both her true calling and her home in what she described as, “being conjured and reborn by the Arch of Hatred…Lyri Helcaraxe Amara .” Since the time of her descent, she has bravely battled in favor of the forces of darkness. Her meteoric rise to the rank of Chieftain has given her dominion over the aptly named “+INDOMITUS+” horde. Having discovered the mortal skill of photography throughout her eternal life, she is content to develop and expand upon varying photography styles and techniques. She enjoys capturing interesting subjects and hopes to contribute her creative talents to the blogging team.
Ginblosom Matters
Ginblosom Matters Transcended in 2016 as an Angel of Death shortly after she was abandoned by her maker and found herself lost in Heaven. Guygarrulous Herald of Choir of Themis took her in and became her mentor. Choir of Themis is where she then found her home. She was sent to earth to help broken and lost souls transcend to heaven. Her love for photography and curiosity for the dark side of life grew stronger. She ended up falling in love and got married to her King of the dark side Gravely Matters in October of 2018. Together they own a cemetery called Granite Doldrums which is a Second Life destination open to the public and a safe place for all Angels and Demons to come and enjoy the dark side of Second Life photography or even just to take a romantic stroll through the graveyard.

мᴀɪ ᴅᴇɴᴠᴇʀ вᴇʟʟᴇмᴏʀт
I am Mai and I have been playing Angels and Demons for 684 days. I love taking pics and playing this game which is quite interesting. I like making friends and spending time with them. I consider having friends as one of the most important things on SL We all learn from our own mistakes so I like when people make suggestions to me so I can be a better human being. When I joined this game, I picked to be an angel because my friends and family were angels. but I got to know other people, and I made friends and family demons. I hope to continue making new friends and learn more.