A&D System Poll

We would like to hear the opinions of the A&D Community on the two topics included in the following 2 polls. Answer the  polls accordingly also make sure that you fill in your SL username where it asks. The results of these polls will guide us in the decisions we make as to what changes we will implement within the system in regards to those topics.

[yop_poll id=”1″] [yop_poll id=”2″]


After going over the results of the System Poll we have made our decisions on the 2 topics. We will leave Brightness/Blood Nightly Loss in half (62) for a while and see how it goes. As for the Spells Topic, though the YES votes were slightly higher than the NO Votes, the amount of NO votes are too high for us to ignore therefore the spells will stay as they are and will fail to cast if your target leaves the region. We thank you all for your input and we greatly appreciate it.


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