The Great War of Miriach

In the history of man there have been many wars since they came into existence. There was always a winning side, countless lives were lost, cities burned, lives destroyed. But what if there is never a winning side; what if one could never truly die… this is the reality of the lives of immortal beings. For eternity there has been conflict between the two most powerful beings in existence, the Angels and the Demons. They were locked forever in this Eternal Conflict.

In the beginning there was only Light and from the Light everything came into existence though not all was directly created by the Light. Since the Light’s creation of the first two Angels one of Light and one of Fire and the mortals, it has been in a stasis and have yet to make any new creations from itself, but that was soon to change…

In the High Heavens the Empyrean Reaper sits upon her throne leaning with her chin on her hand gazing out into the Heavens taking in all its grace and glory. While she rests, a quick pulse of blinding light rushes across her vision, shaking her head as she ignores it. Few moments pass and the blinding light returns stronger than ever. The Empyrean quickly stands from her throne and looks around frantically as she shouts out for an Archangel to come into her chambers immediately. Within seconds there is a beam of light and directly in front of her is an Archangel. The Archangel bows “My Empyrean, how can I be of assistance?” The Empyrean moves closer towards the Archangel and begins to whisper in a quiet tone “The Light… The Light has created something. You know very well the Light hasn’t created anything since he created the first two Angels and the mortals. We must find what is it at once!” The Archangel looks up in shock and nods swiftly. The Empyrean continues “You must leave immediately, no delays.. search until you find it“ The Archangel nods, bowing once more “I will find what the Light created and report back to you” with those words the Archangel takes off swiftly exiting the gates of Heaven with much haste as there was no time to lose. Unknown to the Archangel there were spies near the gates of Heaven who saw its swift departure and reported it to the Prime Evil.

The Prime Evil, now informed of the swift departure of an Archangel, grew rather suspicious. He decided to send an Imp to follow. He was aware that the Imp would be easily sensed by the Archangel so instead he took control of the imps consciousness, controlling its every movement as if the body were his own. The controlled imp followed the Archangel closely. The Prime Evil wondered what the Archangel was searching for in such a haste, he knew it must be something important.

After searching through all planes of reality the Archangel finally found the Light’s new creation. The Archangel stared at it in awe. A land more beautiful than anything that was ever witnessed, a land of hope, renewal, promise…Focusing more the Archangel sees words of light mixed with fire written in the skies above the land “Miriach”. Miriach, a land for a new beginning… As the Archangel was stuck in a daze the controlled Imp drew closer seeing the new creation. The Prime Evil knew that he had to claim this land for his demons. He immediately banishes the imp back to Hell and calls for all his Legions to prepare to leave. The Prime Evil along with his Legions make there way to Miriach. Pulled from the daze the Archangel snaps its attention and sees the approaching forces of the Legions of Hell. The Archangel knew that it had to hurry, beaming itself into the Empyrean’s chambers “Empyrean.. I found the creation, it is a land known as I believe Miriach, but we have no time to waste we must leave with your domains for the Prime Evil has found it. I apologize, I might have been followed” The Empyrean immediately calls for all her Domains to prepare to depart swiftly.

Both forces, that of the Heavens and that of Hell, enter Miriach. The Empyrean seeks to protect and save the land for the Light, so the Light may do as it wills. While the Prime Evil seeks to control this newly created land and interrupt the Light. The Light must have created it for a purpose, this land must have some value unknown to them at the time.Hence the start of the Great War of Miriach. Winning this war, this land… might just be the turning point in this Eternal Conflict. Which side will be victorious? What will be the destiny of Miriach?

To be continued…