The Hunter vs The Hunted

One of the reasons why I enjoy A&D so much is because there’s never a dull moment, especially when you are hunting or fighting. This game is so unpredictable it can get your heartrate going at any time as you never know who you may run into. If the enemy is nearby my first thought is, is this going to be an easy kill or are they going to put up a fight and do I have the time? Whichever it is, just know when you think you are about to kill your target, there may be another one (or two, or three) lurking in the back waiting for you to get a little bit closer. This is when the heartrate speeds up and the game is on.

Some may not feel the same as I do but I enjoy these moments because that’s when I am having the most fun. The special times are when we’re together as a group laughing and enjoying each other’s company and getting along with one another. For my friends and I, it’s those moments when we are in call coordinating fights and working together as a team. Yes, those are the best of times for many. However, the one experience I’d like to recall is the first time I went hunting when I was just a “baby” angel. When we refer to the term baby this is when a new angel or demon has been born because you are at your most vulnerability within the game. The older angels (mentors) and demons (overlords) look out for their new members and show them the way. They teach them how to survive and be safe, how to feed, skill, fight, and earn achievements. And, when the inexperienced fighters get attacked by the opposite species, such as myself nonetheless, you better be ready to defend yourself.

But the baby angel in me didn’t know this at the time.

So, there I was hunting and exploring sims with my new flexi wings on and my brand-new angel outfit, looking for my first kill. You can bet I was feeling pretty confident that day. My wings were fluttering a mile-a-minute all happy like because my perception scan said there was one (1) demon here. A young one like me, too! Ooo! I knew I could take on this demon. Just let me target this scary looking creature, tap him a few times with my damage smite hits and kill it fast, right? Haha-Haha! I certainly don’t have to tell you that did not go well. No way, no how, nowhere did that go as planned.

For one, I barely dealt any damage, and second, my mana was drained completely and I couldn’t attack again until my Hud generated more mana but by then, the lag on the sim grew laggier! I’m scratching my head like ‘what da fudge.’ Before I realized, I was completely surrounded by more demons. O.M.G.! Turns out the baby demon called for backup. That’s right. They teleported in so fast and the next thing I knew, I was breakfast, lunch, and dinner for these hungry demons. That baby demon was out and about hunting, too! Lesson learnt! For those who like to hunt or haven’t tried it yet, use your resources and learn all about A&D and do what works best for you and I promise, you will enjoy it just as much as I do. Get out there with these fighters because you know what? You might meet some really cool people within A&D like I have. Those “hungry demons” I was referring to became my best friends and family. Fading or being banished for the first time does not have to be a bad experience. It’s a learning one. Like any new game we figure it out and get good at it by practicing and using the techniques we learn from our Mentors/Overlords.

To those new members who might be reading this, I thought, what would be the best piece of advice I could give you? However, I think you should hear it from the players yourself. I asked several angels and demons one question:

What advice would you give someone joining A&D for the very first time?

Here’s what they had to say. Let’s meet them, shall we?




~ Angel ~
“I feel like this advice is particularly important, as I myself was not told this before I had joined ‐ but it is something I
have made clear to my newer Angels for years now;
ALWAYS expect the unexpected. While the aim is
obviously to kill the opposition before they kill
you; you should always battle with the expectation of winning some and losing others. But as
long as you learn from each
encounter, you will begin to have more fun with Hunting ‐ win or lose.” When I joined this system, I had no prior experience in grid‐wide games within SL such as A&D. However, I found it most interesting as to how
the element of surprise and shock could be implemented into combat ‐ as we have no control or agency as to when and where fights happen (mostly).
A little story for you; when I was a younger Angel, the first time I got killed was at a BBQ party I was hosting in
my own back garden. Unfortunately, it was the
case that Seph didn’t come for my cooking (it
sucks anyway); but instead ‐ to BBQ me with a
Flame Strike Spell. I’ve always been a fan of PVP/Combat games, so I naturally wanted to get payback one day.
A short while later, I went out to hunt demons for the first time and had a lot of fun ‐ then I noticed that this
cycle would repeat over and over again. These same
Demons would train up and kill Angels ‐ and the
Angels who die to them train up to fight the Demons. Since then, I have never looked back.”

‐ Light Phantomhive Spires (PublicEnemyNumber0ne)
~ Demon~
“If I had to give any advice to a new player within
Angels & Demons, there is a few things I
think are the most important to
remember. Though, I think we all go in with
the mindset to just relax and have fun and enjoy
ourselves, it’s easy to get swept up in the
competitiveness of the system. Usually stemming from
competitive banter to simply striving to be the best.
It’s important to remember that this is a game
and purely entertainment and enjoyment and not
something to use to hate or throw despair at

someone because something hasn’t gone according
to plan. You can’t win every fight but you can
strive to be a great fighter. You can’t just jump from
having skills at 0% and in a week expect to
have them at 100% by doing little to no work.
Remember to havepatience and try to find a group of
people who you feel comfortable and

at ease with. Because in this game, it’s not you, alone. It’s you and your horde or choir. As a singular, joint effort.
You also don’t just have to be a fighter if you don’t wish.
Perhaps you may be more interested in skilling

and doing something else within the
system or only participate in arenas. Whatever it is that
entices you to join, hold on to that drive, that
interest and always, I mean always
make sure to be on invul when you are out in public
and don’t wish to be attacked. I don’t know how

many people end up getting aggravated
over being attacked in places while not being on invul.
Though this is something we know when we
first enter the game, it’s the one thing
that seems to be the hardest to remember. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for advice or
assistance with things relating to the system.
Because more often than not, the person you ask will be more then welcome to lend a hand in helping you. You’re not alone in this, you are a valuable person within your horde/choir and even in this system. A cog in a larger mechanism.
All working together towards a singular goal. To sum it all up, Relax, breath, 
have fun, pace yourself, and most of all,
be aware of your surroundings at all time. Never know when a pesky angel or demon will pop in looking
to send a flame strike your way.”‐ OG Lordhunter Spires (Cerberus Spires)

More players chimed in and shared their advice:
~ Angel ~
A&D is a good chance to gain friends and families and real fun and real social skills, it gives SL amazing taste.”
‐ ScOrPiOn (scorpion20081)

~ Demon ~
“My advice would be to start immediately on skilling. If you can do herbs while lumberjacking and possibly Alchemy at the same time do it, might get CAPTCHAS more but it’s worth it. In the meantime, you can also hit your Hud for awareness and perception too. Once you get the hang of the skills and you finish them slowly but surely then you can go on to making spells and stuff.

DO NOT GIVE AWAY your stuff, you will need it. Don’t be scared to ask questions. Having a good Overlord/Overlady is key cause they will show you the ropes and will not let you down. Make sure to attend all classes that they offer about A&D, it will help tremendously. Remember it is a game, not real life, have fun with it all over the grid!!”
‐ Apple Lordhunter (XxDeliciousApplexX)
To all A&D, play well, be better, have fun, and enjoy the game for what it is. A&D is a system mixed with angels and demons that involves
both role-play and combat. It is and forever will be an eternal conflict.

Until next time, I will see you on the grid.


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