The Interview: Arch Bunnie

Night is coming on as I make my way to interview the new Archdemoness of Destruction, ҍմղղíҽ ɑԵɾɑ ԵҽʍρҽsԵɑs (bunniefrancis). Feeling slightly apprehensive, for I don’t yet know Arch Bunnie very well, I arrive at her new chambers where I find her already seated at her desk. As she invites me to take the seat across from her, I take out my Quill, a parchment and some ink, and begin our interview.

“Greetings, Arch Bunnie. First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on becoming an Archdemoness! Did you have any idea that this was going to happen?”

Bunnie chuckles at the familiar question, “So often you hear stories about how one day the new Arch was just randomly messaged from The Sators? That’s how it happened to me, it was a normal day greeting mortals, tainting souls, chopping wood, you know the ‘normal’ type of day anyone has. Well that ended about twenty minutes into my shift when *boom* Sator Tasha sends me a parchment requesting my attention before her and Prime Evil.”

Bunnie nods slowly, “Well, it was like a lightening bolt hit my tree! Something was going on, I was involved somehow, panic starts to creep in, and then she tortured me for about 20 minutes making me worry if I was about to be banned for something.”

“I never in a million years thought that I would really be an Arch!” Smirking, she shrugs one shoulder, winking she whispers “though I sometimes dreamed of that day and jokingly said ‘One day I will be Arch Bunnie.'”

“That leads nicely to my next question. Has it been easy to keep quiet about your big news, and how have people reacted since finding out?”

“Well, I would love to say there was a whole process that I was aware of but it was all within two hours of being asked to having the news printed for everyone.” Bunnie runs her index and middle fingers over her lips, pensive. She waits a moment before speaking, “though I would love to say that I could have kept that secret for more than two hours. However I was bursting inside trying to finish my greeter shift while being interviewed.”

Panda laughs. “I think I’d find it difficult to keep quiet too!”

“For the angels in particular, who may have only had the misfortune of meeting you in combat, could you tell us a little about your A&D journey? What was your role before becoming an Arch?”

Bunnie lets out a deep sigh, “This is a long story, even the short version, I will do my best to keep it within a cliff note.” She scans her fingertips and turns her hand over to view her nails. The matte black almond shape nails adorned with diamonds, she moves her fingers back and forth letting the sparkle distract her. Clearing her throat, she says in a matter-of-fact tone “I stole these Diamonds from Arch Guy a long time ago while he wasn’t looking” she smirks, clicking her tongue, “Well it all started a long time ago, back when things weren’t so calm in the realm. I was born into a strong family, with strong leaders, and well, I let my heart lead me away from that place. I have learned so much along my journey, this amazing journey…” she trails off and lets her mind wander into her wins and losses.

“I can say I learned a long time ago that being the best at one thing is great, but there are so many aspects within this realm to learn and perfect with honor.” Half grinning, “Not many have ever been on both sides of the coin and ended up where I am sitting, so to be very transparent, I was no angel growing up in the realm.”

Panda sits forward on her seat, eager to learn more

Bunnie lets her words linger in the air before she goes back to her story, “I have made mistakes, caused issues, and owned up to them. It takes a strong will to remain neutral and not be pulled into the darkness as I once allowed.” Taking a deep sigh in she presses her lips together, sitting quiet for a moment, she puts her hand down on her lap, the soft leather pants giving some comfort to her as she pieces her words together.

“Lets just say I came into the game with a big bang of destruction at one time. I was determined to get on all the lists, good and bad. I wanted to make a name for myself. “The Dread BunnieFrancis,” and well lets just say that got me into a load of trouble.” Nervously Bunnie rakes her nails across her shoulder, “I mean there’s so much history, both good and bad, we will be here for days. I atoned for my misdeeds, I asked for forgiveness, and then I went to work on building up my connection with the Angels & Demons Community”

Proudly sitting up and raising her head high, Bunnie’s eyes glisten, “Now we get to the best part, I worked really hard to be of service to help anyone regardless of species so I could prove to everyone, (most importantly myself), that I was leadership material. I could handle making tough calls within my horde, and well I grew it with the best people.”

“Thank you for sharing that with us, Arch Bunnie. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s what we learn from them that counts”. Thinking over mistakes I have made, and how hard it can be to own up to them, I can’t help but warm to our new Arch. Glancing down at my questions, questions I know off by heart, I decide to ask a little about Arch Bunnie’s time as a Chieftain.

“For those that don’t know you, for a long time now you were a Chieftain with your own Horde. So, I guess my next question is: What will you miss the most about having your Horde, and what do you most look forward to as an Arch?”

“Well….” trailing off Bunnie starts to nod, “I have to say I will miss being able to be my goofy self without fear of people watching and waiting to catch me in my next ‘shift-gate’ or being able to just joke around in the common area on the EC Sim” she chuckles “I love making people laugh”

“I can say I will miss out on getting my old horde to level 10 which is an amazing accomplishment.” Bunnie lets a grin grow on her face, her lips part exposing her teeth, “What I’m looking forward too… Well to be honest, Arch Fiend Princess collects Arch Rage punishments for some reason… so to be honest I can’t wait for her to ask for it.”

I nod, knowing level 10 is indeed something difficult to achieve. “Is there anything you will miss about being a Chieftain? I hear rumors you may have to go from slaying angels to cutting Diamonds!”

“Well I will miss out on getting my old horde to level 10 the most! It has been a long hard road to get the horde to level 9, and an even longer road I had to walk barefoot, uphill in the snow both ways to get.” Bunnie chuckles softly to herself, amused at her humorous comment. “I can still go out and slay but it is within certain boundaries that I can, which I don’t mind at all because I do have a small advantage with my attacks.”

Bunnie giggles to herself and decides to share the thought with the class, “I heard that I get to give all my diamonds to Arch Guy and I get credit for all the ones he cuts from now on instead of him.”

With a smile, I move on: “It’s funny you should mention Arch Guy; I remember reading your interview with him, a very memorable interview as you finally got him to cut diamonds! Did you always want to become an Arch, or did he manage to inspire you?”

Giggling as she speaks, “I must admit it was the best photo for him, Arch Guy and his perfect diamonds. “I remember being so very excited that I was able to interview the new Arch Guy and how awesome it will be to look back at his interview a year later, well that time did already pass and I did. Truly was a magical interview only because Arch Guy was able to cut some diamonds.”

“Arch Guy has been able to keep me grounded for the most part as a friend and as a member of the Arch Council. So I have to say I am lucky to have that inspiration to remain grounded.”

Panda laughs at the trouble everyone had getting Arch Guy to cut perfect diamonds. Despite his failings, he is a good guy indeed. Thinking about what to ask next, the perfect question comes to me. “What do you most look forward to being able to achieve, or influence, as an Arch?”

Bunnie ponders for a moment, she knew this question was going to be asked because it’s one of the fundamentals in interviews, “Oof, I wasn’t really prepared to answer this question, however I will do my best to answer.”

Adjusting herself in her chair she leans on the armrest of the chair, she slides her hand down the soft silk, allowing her finger tips to graze the material enjoying the touch she collects her thoughts before speaking.

“What I want to achieve,” Bunnie moves her hands to her lap and folds them again, “First, I want to be able to prove to the players that I am worthy of their time as an Arch within the system. We have all had our ups and downs within our lives, and the fact that everyone has seen my lowest and not many have seen the all the hard work to bring myself and those around me up to a higher standard of being here in the system.”

“No, I don’t feel as though I am better than anyone here, we are all the same, I do however hold myself to a different more strict standard that allows me to put myself in their shoes and imagine how they would feel. So for that I may take time before responding or even ask for time to give a reply. It all depends on the situation really, sometimes I have guidance and sometimes I need help to find a better path to offer another player.”

“One thing I do know, is I wish to see a more stronger community with the OG’s making a comeback. That I would enjoy so much because all of the older players within the system know of my past and I would love to have them here active to help grow this amazing system more.” Bunnie pushes a piece of hair that slipped down behind her ear, smiling she says, “I mean it would mean a great deal to all of us to have a larger group of people offering help to everyone no matter what species you are, THAT there would be a great achievement for us all.”

“It sure would,” I say. “Maybe you can help to make it happen!” Checking the Archdemoness is ok for time, as I’m sure she has a lot to be doing, I press on.

“What qualities do you bring as an Archdemoness of Destruction, and do you feel you’re well-matched to Destruction?”

Hearing Panda ask this Bunnie starts to giggle, her giggle turns into a chuckle, and finally she bursts into a loud roar of laughter. “I am amazing at Destruction! Give me something that you cannot break, I’ll manage to crumble it into pieces.”

Panda gulps.

“What qualities do I bring to the community as an Arch sitting at the Arch Council Table? Seeing I have learned most of my forgiveness from the Arch Council members over time and my interactions with them, their poise and grace… I believe I have learned exactly how NOT to be with my own past so I am here to serve the Sators as well as my fellow Arches, and mostly I am here to help serve as a guide to you, the players.”

“Is there any advice you’d give to your younger self? Have you learned any lessons that have helped you along the way?”

“GIRL DON’T DO IT! thats all I would tell myself,” Bunnie shakes her head, “no, with all seriousness here I would give myself a long list of things to stop instantly, but then again if I didn’t follow my own path and meet the special people I have I don’t believe that I would be here now.”

A shimmer in Bunnies eye can be seen at this moment, “I really want to thank my old Chieftain Princess for being the Queen of Notecards and rules. She was one of the few that molded me into the person that I stand before you now. Without her I don’t believe I would of changed at all, it was her that took a chance on me at my lowest point, both Princess & Arch Raicheal who molded me.” She adjusts herself slightly, “I also cannot forget Karma who gave me a home as well. Its with their strong leadership that I was able to change and remain ‘reformed’ as I am today.”

“If you are in trouble, reach out to an arch or to your overlord/mentor, be honest if you did wrong, try not to be the cause of issues or drama, do what makes YOUR game enjoyable, and most of all do the things that make you a better person.” Bunnie flicks a piece of fabric on the armrest, she eyes it and goes into a deep thought, she clears her throat and looks up at Panda, “You see I have had to atone for a lot deeds bothmy own doing and not my own, it’s not until you fear losing everything you’ve worked hard for that you appreciate what you do have.”

“That’s great advice. Can you describe yourself as an Archdemoness in three words?”

Forgiving, Firm, Friendly

“And can I ask, who or what inspires you?”

“Wow this is a loaded question! Just pass me the shotgun why don’t you!!” Bunnie chuckles nervously and shifts in her chair again. “Well first off I have a list of those who inspire me and I fear if I go down that list off the top of my head I will forget someone.”

“I was inspired by quite a few players from the top to the bottom. I get inspired by people who reach out and offer help to other players. That gets me in my heart box the most!!”

I begin to read out my next question: “If you had to choose one Sator to save, which Sator would it . . . umm, moving on!”. I give a nervous laugh and hope the Archdemoness isn’t about to answer that question! Wondering how that ended up in with the others, I carry on by attempting to ask a much safer question instead:

“We have a great team of Arches, so, who is your favorite and why?” I say, before hastily clearing my throat and, frowning at the parchment in my hand, continuing with “I mean, of course, it’d be far too difficult to choose just one”

Deciding to move to something much safer to talk about, I decide to ask a few general questions about anything but Sators and Arches.

“I’d like to ask a few questions that allow our readers to get an insight into who you are as a person if that’s ok?”

Bunnie nods nervously, “I don’t know if I am ok with this,” smirking she throws a wink, “I mean if tell you things I might have to Arch Rage you.”

“But, but, I’m 13!!” I splutter. “Besides, you wouldn’t want to risk banishing me before I finish writing about you, would you, Arch Bunnie?”

Almost afraid to ask, in case the answer involves Arch Raging kids, I continue with my questioning

“What do you get up to in your spare time, when Arch duties aren’t calling?”

“You can always find me on my land either AFK, working, skilling, or having a silly time with my friends” Bunnie pushes a strand of loose hair from her face, “I love shopping, so you may find me out on the grid doing that, and I have to say it will be HARD to contain myself if I’m out and I see an Angel not in invulnerable.”

“Ok, ok, maybe not so much fight talk, let’s move onto something else”

“What do you most enjoy about Angels & Demons?”

“This is going to be such a long answer because there is so much of this game I do enjoy.” Bunnie pulls out a piece of paper from her pants pocket, “good thing I came with this,” a grin grows as Bunnie unfolds the paper several times to expose a large list of things. “Hmmm,” the soft humming sound escapes as she thumbs through, “I will save you time and just give you the top favorites.”

“First this game is FREE to play, which means ANYONE and EVERYONE has the same ability to join and grow with hard work and discipline. I have to say this is the biggest factor about why I’ve played this game for 4 years 5 months at this point,” she said smiling.

Bunnie half smiling she continued, “I would have to say the next up would most likely be the players, there are so many different players within the system you can go to Heaven, Hell, or the Gardens and meet someone new everyday for the next 20 years.”

“Third but not least, there is always something you can do to help your Choir/Horde grow. Donations, Skilling, Quests, Raids, Land Dominion, Hunting, and so on. You can always find something to do within this system and that for me is one of the reasons why I’ve been here almost every single day of my SLife.”

Feeling the passion the Archdemoness has for the game, Panda smiles. She feels exactly the same way and is still as excited as the day she descended. Stretching her back and redipping her quill into the ink, she decides to ask a little more about Arch Bunnie’s personal life.

“Can you tell me a fun fact about you that most people wouldn’t know?”

“I am a giant kid and I live to make people laugh. I love having fun random conversations and being so silly people break into belly laughs.” Bunnie pauses for a moment and looks Panda in the eyes, “Even though some may feel I can be over the top at times, I can agree with that statement, but how can a ball of energy not be?”

“What are you most proud of and why?”

Bunnie exhales loudly, “What a loaded question!” she exclaims “I would have to say the thing I am most proud of (besides myself because well.. you might be tired of reading about me by now) my demons that followed me through the thick of it.”

She leans forward in her chair and folds her hands on her lap, “All jokes aside those demons knew exactly what they were getting into and still stood by my side through all my ups and my downs. Those are the people I am proud of, their accomplishments and growth within themselves and as players.”

“Ok, I think that almost concludes our interview” I smirk. Thinking to myself that I really do need something a little more juicy, and I’m probably going to be Arch Raged anyway, I decide to ask just a couple more things.

As someone who is known for fighting, do you most enjoy raids, grid or arena fights?

Bunnie scratches her chin as she ponders this, “Well that’s a little hard to say only because when I started out fighting I was 100% Grid with zero arena. As time progressed I leaned more towards more fair fights in the arena with the 1v1 setup.”

“I guess it is all about what you prefer, there was a time where I didn’t do any fighting and just skilled/stayed alive. That was until someone caught me with my hud off.” Bunnie chuckles at this memory and continues, “so now if I see anyone out without their hud I gently remind them of my mistake years ago.”

“Finally, when preparing to interview you, I noticed you have completed roleplay tasks to Task F, and are ranked as Duke. That’s very impressive! Which was your favorite task to do and what advice would you give to anyone thinking of having a go?

Bunnie perks up, “Oh that will have to hands down be Task F! I have to say that I worked hard to get that meeting with Prime Evil and his task was one of my favorites so far. The more creative you get the more you will end up enjoying the task stories you create. It’s all about what you put in to the game that will give your story more value.”

“Thank you for your time Arch Bunnie, you’ve been a pleasure to interview and I wish you the best of luck as you begin your journey as an Arch”

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