The Interview: Arch Shugs

Sunlight streams through the floor to ceiling windows, falling upon the newly appointed Archangel of Justice, ṠḧṳḠṠ (shugaaa.rhapsody). Standing by the window, appearing lost in her thoughts, she doesn’t notice me at first. An Archangel would easily notice a stray Demon in the vicinity, but I imagine this one has a lot on her mind. Dressed all in white and with long white hair cascading down her back, the Archangel looks every bit the part. Knowing she must have a busy day ahead and grateful to have the opportunity to interview her, I clear my throat and smile as she turns to face me.

“Greetings, Arch Shugs. Would now be a convenient time to interview you for the blog?” I blurt out. “I’ve been excited to finally get to speak with you; I remember you the day you transcended and thought you’d go far.”

Shugs laughs, “Ahhh yes I remember too, when Kassie asked you to transcend me and you refused. Who knew the idea was so bad that you felt you needed to run away and become demon to avoid it ”

Panda thinks back to the days of being an Angel and shudders. Her one regret may just be not transcending this particular Angel, but she is glad to have played a part in her training.

Suggesting we make ourselves comfortable on the sofas, I summon some drinks and take out my parchment and quill.

“If you are ready, we can begin.”

Shugs takes a seat and pulls a cushion closer, “Yes lets begin”

“I guess the first thing I wanted to say is congratulations on becoming an Archangel! Did you have any idea this was going to happen?”

Shugs smiles. “Thank you. I had no idea at all. I was so surprised and shocked! Me, Shugs an Archangel! I thought I must be dreaming to be thought worthy of such an opportunity, but I have pinched myself many times to check and yes I am wide awake.”

Panda smiles. “I can only imagine. It’s the kind of thing you never expect, I guess.” Enjoying chatting with my long time friend, for it really doesn’t feel real yet that Shugs is now Arch Shugs, I move onto the next question.

“How does it feel to take on the extra responsibility of an Arch? Those angels can be a rowdy bunch!” I joke.

(Shugs) “its exciting and there is a lot of new things to learn, but the other Arches are very supportive, plus I’ve never met a rowdy Angel yet, I don’t believe there is such a thing.” Chuckles and grins

Panda coughs violently before composing herself. No. Rowdy. Angels. she notes down. “Hmm, no rowdy angels, interesting, very interesting”

“Could you give our readers some insight into your A&D journey so far . . . how you started in the system and what your role was before becoming an Arch”

Shugs smiles. “Sure, it’s really not a very interesting tale, but I first joined A&D in Sept 2019, I had been curious about the system and visited Heaven a few times for a look around, I joined Aeternam Lux Anima choir after speaking with Kassie who was Cardinal at the time, I enjoy working towards the goals that A&D gives us and learned a lot about skilling in the process, there really is so much to learn and remember, but its fun too, a great community. After a while at ALA I was offered the position of ALA Scribe, making sure Choir are up to date with all A&D news, updates and events, Then Acolyte, supporting Cardinal Ger and Herald Maria and that’s where I remained until the surprise of being offered the Trial Arch position happened”

Panda’s eyes move to the Arch’s, and a shared moment passes between them. Feeling emotional, she continues on:

“Maybe you could tell us a little about what your new role entails. Are there ever times when it’s ok to approach an Arch directly, or should the chain of command always be followed?”

(Shugs) “My new role, hmmmmm well I had to get a task C together, which is now done and ready for anyone needing to do Task C”, smiles, “feels good to have that done. Also there is work around other tasks too, such as receiving tasks to pass on to be ranked and attending task F and helping to resolve any issues” It is okay to approach an Arch directly to request your Tasks, but for any issues you should always follow chain of command

Panda grins on hearing about the roleplay tasks, such a fun part of being an Arch she thinks to herself. Tapping her quill on her knee, she considers what to ask the Archangel next.

“What will you miss the most about being an Acolyte and Aeternam Lux Anima choir, and what do you most look forward to as an Arch?”

(Shugs) It’s going to be a big change going from helping a small close community to helping the entire A&D community, but i’m looking forward to the new responsibilities that come with that .

Panda nods

“And what, if anything, are you most apprehensive about?”

(Shugs) pulls the throw pillow next to her, up onto her lap and leans into it whiles she thinks about the question “apprehensive isn’t really the word i’d use, I think with some things I may be a little hesitant and feel i should check with one of the other Arches beforehand

Panda mumbles “just don’t check with Arch Guy about cutting Diamonds, he’ll say you never have to do them!”

“Do you have any advice to give to our readers at all, Arch Shugs?”

(Shugs) Know the rules of A&D, also know the chain of command, once you have that in place, have fun and enjoy everything that A&D has to offer

“Now, as you’ll no doubt be very busy with your new role, how do you plan to balance the demands of being an Archangel and the need for a personal life? What do you enjoy doing in your free time?”

(Shugs) “Free time?” laughs “what is this thing you speak of?”
“I spend most of my time skilling, you’ll mostly find me by a rock or tree, but the lure of a shopping event is real” smiles

Panda remembers the gifts Arch Shugs has sent her before: a dancing Granny, a safety welding helmet for mining and many more she blocked out the trauma of. “Maybe stick to the rocks and trees from now on” she grins.

“Do you have any experiences, or lessons you have learnt, that will help you in your new role at all?”

(Shugs) Mostly that every day is an education, never assume that you know all there is to know

At this point, I take a sip of water and glance down at the remaining questions before me. As my eyes skim the list, one question, in particular, begs to be asked. With a smile, I look back to the Archangel and ask:

“Who or what is your inspiration?” before adding “and please don’t say Arch Guy!” Laughing, I wait to hear her answer.

A deafening silence ensues. Realising it probably IS Arch Guy, with a sigh, I move on.

“If you were sent by the sators on a mission, which arch would you take with you and why?”

(Shugs) “How could I choose? Each one is amazing, maybe we’d have to draw names from a hat to see” laughs

Panda laughs. “Very smart, Arch Shugs”

“I think that just about covers it, but before I leave, I have a few more questions to ask that are more personal in nature, if that’s ok?”

(Shugs) Yea thats fine

“Ok, so first of all, describe yourself in three words”

(Shugs) Quiet, genuine, helpful

“And what are your favourite three things about Angels & Demons?”

(Shugs) The community, the achievements and surprisingly the rp tasks

“What are you most proud of and why?”

I feel a little pride in myself every time I get an achievement, even if it was just R1, it’s a start, I’m also very proud of myself for actually doing the Tasks A to E, it took a lot of pushing from a certain someone, looks directly at the interviewer and pulls a face, but once I got started I couldn’t wait to move on to the next one, so Thank you for that push, smiles and chuckles, but most proud, that has to be the reason I am sat here with you now, I still think it might all be a dream, me Trial Arch, who would of thought it, smiles

Panda grins, remembering how much effort it took to get the Arch started with roleplay, an Arch who swore she’d never do them. “You maybe were a little hesitant, but I have always believed in you and it’s been a pleasure to help you through them. You’ve made me proud Arch Shugs and I’m sure Cardinal Ger and Herald Maria feel the same”.

With that, as I know Arch Shugs has a hectic day ahead of her, I thank her for her time.

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