The Village of Eskiyurt

Angel Sentinel

Eskiyurt itself was a vibrant and beautiful little town.  With the coming of the great evil, the War of Sacrilege, the lush outskirts of the village masked the true horror that had befallen the now decimated village. If not for the stench that filled the air, you could be forgiven for being woefully unaware of the brutal massacre that had taken place not too far away.

The Guardian

The Village of Eskiyurt may have been lost. Yet, a mysterious presence remained. The lost soul, as the hosts of angels and hordes of demons knew him, offered insight to those who would help him on his mission to retrieve his body. The lost soul was drawn to a curious statue, and once he entered its confines – a mysterious voice put both Angel and Demon to the test. Once they’d successfully completed the challenge, the lost soul was allowed to merge with the body the statue contained. Once the lost soul and body had merged; the Guardian of Eskiyurt was revealed.

Ruined Temple

Bodies littered the temple. The charred remains emitted the foul stench of death. It would have been too much for any mere mortal to stand, had any survived. It was in this temple that the devout of Eskiyurt had tried to seek refuge. They were only met with their demise before they could set foot into it’s consecrated halls.

The Fallen Star

A great calamity had fallen upon the remote and once unknown Village of Eskiyurt. If you listened closely you could hear the desperate pleading cries, of those long dead, still echoing across the land. They begged for mercy. They begged for deliverance. Neither would come. Only death and war.

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